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Friday, May 1, 2020

FRIDAY #4145

One Of My Very Own





A tornado ripped through my neighborhood when I was a kid and I will never forget a stop sign whose metal post had been twisted like DNA.
But the sign itself was erect but at about two feet off the ground.

Reading girl, By Franz Eybl (1806-1880) 1850 Oil on canvas 53 × 41 cm Belvedere Vienna


My house was once broken into. The thief took a large screwdriver to the hinge side and simply pried off the door frame. That kind of door would have stopped that. 

Mammatus Clouds


My father lived on the lake for years. He used to sit out and watch people fish and such. Directly across the cove was a boat launch and he used to watch vehicles back down too far and end up just like the one above. 

This person has never build a building bef.ore...apparently

And probably will never get the chance to try again.




It is a truly amazing food. And cheap! 

"This is a unique pet project of mine, one that took much, much longer than some of my previous images, and required learning new tricks to align and blend these images. The Lunar Terminator is where the shadow meets the light side of the moon and is where shadows are longest so craters and mountains are seen in the most detail. However, I can't line up perfect shots from previous nights, because the moon wobbles in its orbit, making a perfect alignment impossible. So this was created by mapping images to a 3d sphere, which was then adjusted to compensate for the wobble, and then rendered and blended with the image, rinse and repeat. Not sure if this was worth the effort, but the image is certainly unique." 

And they always split right at the end of the slit right where the tip of the guy's middle finger is above.

I'm going to put this signage in my puzzle section because it makes no sense to me. 

One picture to illustrate a word perfectly.
That word is incompetence. 

I had a friend who hired a bricklayer to enclose he carport. For whatever reason, he hired the guy to work by the hour instead of by the job. Well, the guy predictably worked slowly and my friend fired the guy and tried to finish the job himself. His work looked very much like that above.

Luggage latch sprang open in midair
I've never seen a wing-mounted luggage pod like that. 

This photograph is Art with a capital A.
You can easily notice the repeating the vertical rectangles, but then there are the five major diagonals that are at the same angle.

View from the bridge of the USS San Francisco nuclear submarine.

Me: I'm in a dark place right now.

Wife helping me git my sweatshirt off: It has a zipper.



It's still called fishing and it still counts as a catch.




Unknown creatures swimming around?
Sea Hares - about a foot long.
And you can buy one for $22.



Wouldn't you love to know what he is thinking?

Won't let go of your head until you give my fish back.



Does the Dalai Lama wear underwear?





Don't we all, Sparky. Don't we all. 










#1 DAD mugs must become really controversial in a same-sex marriage.




The pound cake survived the tornado and the dishes are still in the cabinets!


Would somebody explain that to me, please? 

Remember this smug bastard?

What are the odds?


Come get your luggage - expert level...


Let's talk about this classic...
 I went to the frames that clearly shows the spike sticking out of her hand.
 Of course, it could still be fake, but I don't know for sure. 











Anonymous said...

In reference to ^^D4^^ if you look closely the truck is on a jack and the guy pushes the truck off of the jack.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle Time: Street Art by Octavi Serra.

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