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Monday, May 25, 2020

MONDAY #4170

One Of My Very Own










"Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?"

"No, have you?"





Today my grocery delivery guy mistakenly bought me plantains instead of bananas. After arduously explaining to him the difference between the two, we laughed to ourselves. A delicious faux pas and a classic mixup.

Anyway, he’s dead now.



As I understand it, Wahlberg and Damon get confused for one another so often that they agreed not to correct the fans.

 I do it to make burglars think twice.



It learned that watching my wife dance. 


It doesn't look overloaded. Probably metal fatigue. 

I posted this several days ago and asked if anybody could explain it.
 Well, an alert viewer did, in fact, explain it. 
It's an art installation from this person:

I would add two legs if it's not human...think chicken, duck, and turkey. 

Somebody forgot to tighten the hopper on the corn train.

Yeah, this is my wife's method of choice...

Could that be something besides a spider web and he's just fucking with us? 

What must they be thinking? 

Notice the tail.


– My dentist, to his trainee hygienist, who keeps passing him the wrong implements.



NASA Spacecraft Just Dove 75 Meters Above an Asteroid's Surface

 I'm assuming it's breaking the sound barrier.
Periodically F-104s would take off from my AF base in Germany.
If I'm not mistaken it is (or was) the only plane with more thrust than bodyweight so when it lifted off the runway it would go straight up. And it was a sight to see.

Look carefully and try to determine what is happening.
An anti-tank missile hits a bird. What are the fucking chances?
Or was it two missiles hitting their target at damn near the exact time?

What must the future wrought?

I didn't know it could be demagnetized so easily. 

Roller screed
 That is amazing!
But why was it designed to have this poor guy bend over all day?
Why not make it taller or better yet adjustable? 


Look how much taller the crop on the right is. I wonder why that is.

A visit to the underwater dental hygienist...

Didn't I read that they have to keep moving so their gills can keep them oxygenated?

That is rather soothing, but is there any problem-solving happening?


I’ve never seen a single Star Wars movie and I plan on keeping it that way simply because, the reaction I get when telling someone I’ve never seen them, is far more enjoyable than any movie I’ve ever seen.



Last Meals of Innocent Men

Did you notice that all the trays are identical? Does that mean that all the men were executed in the same prison?

You know how grown people pose themselves mimicking a photo from their childhood?
 Well, this is what this guy did.


 Gives new meaning to the phrase "work your ass off."

Phosphorous airburst artillery shells.
Nasty shit. 

The struggle is real...




 Get it?

 That makes as much sense as some of the other bullshit.






weaponoffishdestruction@gmail.com said...

it will spell toyota

Anonymous said...

Weapon - which five matches do you move? I can see it probably spells "Toyota", but cant figure out the five moves.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind. So obvious. Sorry I asked.

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