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Tuesday, May 26, 2020


One Of My Very Own





That makes me queasy. Strange for a man who painted murals for a living.

When I was in college single girls did this all the time.
Threat assessment and situational awareness hadn't been invented yet.

I am very observant and would have spent an hour with this had I stumbled upon it.


I used to rent these for parties. Of course, I owned two bars so...


I would love to do this. I would probably concentrate on something else and it wouldn't work. 

I can't even remember the last time I shut down my computer.  

I was in Europe only 20 years after WWII and I saw hundreds of windows that looked like these...
Those are bullet holes. 

Remember car sex? Boy, I do.
We used to fuck at the drive-in with other people two feet away on both sides. Good times.  

I am a huge proponent of nuclear power. 

With so many people hungry, food waste sickens me. 

I simply could not live on that street. 

Spitfire about to tip the wing of a V1 Rocket in order to unbalance its gyroscope.
I had enough history credits to teach history. I think that's one of the reasons I get very angry when I watch our governments ignoring all the lessons we should have learned from the 1918 pandemic.  

I spend a lot of time trying to figure out the physics behind scenes like this.
Most people will look at this and notice a shitload of ducks...
I look at it and wonder how the hell he paddles a boat with just a stick.

If you’re feeling sorry for yourself for having to homeschool, spare a thought for your kids.

You’re now their prom date!





Speaking of...

"What you lookin' at?"  


This took me way too long...



The little cyclist looks like his scar.  

Remember that time Robocop shot that guy in the dick?


I don't know where he is but he does not want to be there.  


Michael Jordan fucking around with his defender.


She makes it look so easy...

[Day 1 of school at home]
8:32 am: Kids ate breakfast; school work started; this is easy

8:38 am - 2 kids yelling at each other; 1 kid in tears; shortage of looseleaf paper discovered; dog whining; online passwords not working; the house on fire; zombies in the backyard; meteors falling...




I bet that's a real trip. 

Back in 2018, a guy found these gold Roman coins in his backyard.

I sure would like to know if he got to keep any of them.

Shower Curtain for Digital Devices

5,000-Year-Old Energy Bar

There is one meal that a man can eat twice a day for three hundred and sixty-five days in a year and have the last mouthful taste as good as the first. It's called pemmican, a blend of rendered fat and powdered, dried meat that fueled exploration and expansion of ancient man. Archaeological evidence suggests that as early as 2800 BC humans hunted the bison that roamed North America’s Great Plains and blended their meat, fat, and marrow into energy-dense patties with a serious shelf-life. A single pound of pemmican lasted for years and might’ve packed as many as 3,500 calories.



I have one of those within reach right now.  

The caption read:

"Don’t slap that bee! Give ‘em time to work free!"




Let me count the ways...
 ...one man can screw up at one corner.








Anonymous said...

The guy in green who has the tag on his shirt.

Anonymous said...

The lady w/ 2 purses.

Kranky Old Guy said...

The lady in blue has a stolen pair of sunglasses on top of her head.

Also, the small kid has things stuffed under his shirt

Oh, and as stated earlier, the guy with the green shirt and price tag still on it.

Plus the lady in red with two handbags.

So... they're ALL shoplifters!

Ralph Henry said...


Wrekreation said...

A3. Do you stare at it out of fascination, or desire to own/dig up.

Anonymous said...

re the puzzle: I agree with Kranky Old Guy.
Other favorites:
*Windows w/ bullet holes :(
*Dog with hanging turd
*Volcano snails!!!!!
*WTF w/ the digital shower curtain??? (
*C7-Paper chandeliers???

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