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Wednesday, May 20, 2020


One Of My Very Own

That was below even my low standards. Allow me to atone.





[verification received]
From an astute viewer:
"You need a new scale. Attached. This too will soon be obsolete.
South Carolina currently holds the record for hottest pepper.

Grown by Ed Currie at Pockerbutt Pepper company, Fort Mill, SC."



I'm thinking it looks more like a rim job.





Japanese Textbook for the English Languages Describes a Sociopathic Wife


The Karenest



When I was 19 I worked at Staples. They showed us an anti-union video during training. That was the day I realized it’s okay to steal from work.




"Come on, I won't hit you hard."

She was one bad-ass mama-jamma!
Lee Miller soaks in Adolf Hitler’s bathtub. The only female combat photographer in Europe during World War Two. She is pictured in Hitler’s Munich apartment on April 30, 1945.
Before she was a photojournalist traveling through war-torn countries, Lee Miller was a successful fashion model living in New York City. During a stay in pre-war Paris, she worked with surrealists like Cocteau and Man Ray before she decided to change her profession and hop onto the other side of the camera.
Miller attached herself to the 83rd Infantry Division of the US Army which brought her to Germany where she photographed the atrocities of Dachau before going to Hitler’s apartment in Munich. In the photo, Miller’s boots are covered in the mud of the Dachau concentration camp, which turns the whole thing for a surreal image to a big F You to the leader of the Third Reich.
After her time as a war correspondent, she retired to her farm in Sussex, England where she languished in obscurity while hanging out with the likes of Pablo Picasso while preparing surreal meals like blue spaghetti and green chicken.

They were not so much protesting the war as they were protesting the draft. They simply didn't want to go. They took away the draft and all war protests ceased.



Both of those women think that made them more attractive.

When my wife wants makeup sex but I'm still mad...




Think of all the physics that the baby has to understand to react like that.

“Why is millennial humor so weird?”

"It’s called a resurgence of neo-dadaism, you uncultured filth. Take an art class and get depressed."



 My grandson needed one of those so I ordered it for him.


It's a sundial of sorts.

 When I was growing up every kid had a gyroscope. We also had a lot of magnets and when our moms dropped a thermometer she would give us the mercury to play with. We liked to rub it on a dime to make it very shiny.
When I was not much older than this girl I owned a WWI helmet and an Enfield just like these...
I bought the rifle at Woolworth's for $5 without my parents.

An Agave plant being cut down to make Tequila.
I had no idea it was that large.

At first, I didn't think it was going to fit.

Scores of warships assembled in HMNB Portsmouth for the 200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar, and the death of Lord Nelson.

How they railroad in Russia...

There are no tracks. It's a runaway.


Ah yes, let me just fashion a mask out of a bandana. First I’ll head over to the bandana drawer in my dresser, where I keep my myriad bandanas.



A true winter wonderland...


This always fascinates me...



 ^^D 2-12^^

Wives everywhere: Good news! You have time to do all those projects you promised.

Husbands: We have a cure.



Superdog to the rescue...

Now, this is a horse...

Often used crossword answer also. 

We called them inchworms and there used to be a lot of them but haven't seen one in years.
 It is the most often imitated worm in the world...



A very rare black kangaroo.

When mom has had enough...

Bamboozled by a cat...

Backoff, bitch!

monkey riding a bike tries to kidnap a baby. No, really.










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