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Monday, June 1, 2020

MONDAY #4177

One Of My Very Own





You're trying to optimize for toilet paper last week, and this week everyone wants to buy puzzles or gym equipment.


Drone Flamethrower Clears Debris From Powerline

The first time I posted that I wondered about burning the rubber insulation from the wire, but high power lines like that don't have rubber covering.


English Electric Lightning

 Those two huge motors meant it could climb more or less straight up.


Overhead shot of Santiago, Chile, and the Andes mountains


Eger, Czechoslovakia, 2 October 1938
Three women raise their right arms to salute the German army as it enters the Sudentenland, the ethnically German western fringe of Czechoslovakia, ceded to Hitler under the Munich agreement of three days earlier. The betrayal of the Czechs marked the nadir of the Anglo-French policy of appeasement intended to forestall war with the fascist powers of Germany and Italy. The ensuing U-turn by London and Paris came too late to save the rest of Czechoslovakia and Poland from Hitler.

Lodz, Poland, circa 1940-45

Ghetto workers employed to clean up feces. An assignment as a “fecal worker" was usually a death sentence, as workers soon contracted typhus. Henryk Ross was a Polish Jew who worked for the Jewish Council in the quasi-autonomous Lodz ghetto and took thousands of photographs of life under the Nazis. In 1944, when it became clear that the ghetto was to be liquidated, Ross buried his 6,000 negatives, returning after the war to reclaim them. Explaining why he had cataloged life in the ghetto, he said in 1987, four years before he died: “I was anticipating the total destruction of Polish Jewry, and wanted to leave a historical record of our martyrdom.”

Cookie Monster has forward-facing eyes mounted high on his head. This suggests that Cookie Monster is a submerged ambush predator. Just something to consider.




We simply can not - must not get rid of the Post Office.

This couple was abducted by aliens but escaped their restraints and begin to skulk around the spaceship. As they enter one corridor they hear a noise and the man yells out...
Who writes that - a sixth-grader?

Think of the gains we have made with aids for the handicapped. 

 Elon Musk is now considered Space Karen...

"I demand that you take me to your leader." -Space Karen 


How did that philosophy work out for you, Mr. Bourdain? 


At some point, I worry that self-driving cars will go a route just to ensure I see certain stores or billboards. The real-world equivalent of a pop-up ad.


Imagine if Neil Armstrong had said that instead of One Small Step.



I have a thing about displays of great power.


What kind of witchcraft is this?

Knock knock
 Dude in the wheelchair is gonna be PISSED that he can’t get out.

Ah yes, we have two genders. Pizza, and pizza with arms.

I'm thinking it has to do with women having free hands when they pee but men have to hold their dick.

Speaking of hands...

Something horrible happened here.


Innovation is strong with this one...


This looks like it means something...

Next time you go to a restaurant and the server asks you how much cheese you want, just say "as much as you think I deserve," and don't you dare break eye contact in silence that follows.




Please don't tell me that was faked.


Have you ever been this drunk?


When you laugh at your own joke.


Some people don't think fuck ups are funny. I think fuck ups are hilarious...


That is really not all that dangerous. I mean, he's only three feet off the ground.


It’s like being a teenager again. Gas is cheap and I’m grounded.




“Hey, honey can you take out the trash?” 
“Woman do you remember when...?”






 Yeah, I was expecting it to fail also. But not only did that pallet not fall off they loaded TWO MORE PALLETS!

Holy cow, Batman! 

It's gonna be a bumpy ride...

Situational awareness.
I would be the driver of that lone white car by running away on foot immediately.

Then there's this Yahoo...
One more foot and off into the abyss.





 You can't prove my Flying Spaghetti Monster isn't real.


will need sound on most of these especially the football game





Robin said...

Your poster for the Passion of the Spaghetti Monsters made me ponder the deeper religious significance of this Lady and the Tramp scene. Are we to see it as an allegory for the sufferings of mankind endured by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or is it perhaps... (... a further two hours of pretentious waffle)!


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time...
assuming the upper-right matchstick is the face, couldn't you just rotate that 180 degrees and make the face look the other direction?

Stephen Hait said...

E4 - Watched repeatedly. I didn't get old. Thanks!

Scott James said...

Puzzle time: take the left-most match (back leg), and place it horizontaly on tbe bottom so tbat it touches the bottom (foot) of tbe front leg.
The front leg then becomes the back, and the back becomes the front leg.

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