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Tuesday, June 2, 2020


One Of My Very Own




I painted the sign on the awning.
My crew and I were painting a mural in a town nearby and this was a great place to each and drink. One day the owner asked me to paint him a sign and I reflexively said, "I don't paint signs." My crew chief whispered that it was supposed to rain the next day. So I told the guy that we would paint the sign for the barter of all the beer we could drink and all the food we could eat for the next day. He agreed.
So the next day it was indeed raining so we backed the truck up to the awning, draped a blue tarp over the awning, and after drying the awning, and I painted the sign. Total time - 30 minutes. Then we drank more beer than you can imagine and ate steaks, seafood dinners, appetizers, desserts, etc ALL FUCKING DAY AND HALF THE NIGHT.
That sign must have cost the man $500 at least.


Capetown to Magadan, the longest walk on earth according to Google maps:

I've seen photos of it with spray-painted Grafitti all over it including many peace signs. 

That's true.

I came across this clever hanging table for a small balcony but it wouldn't have made the cut to post until...
 I came upon this image of one of the plants.
When my friend fills his star dollar box...
I will be decorated the next one with a star I have just like the one in the pot.

I don't call that all that funny. 

There you have it... Mars...


A good place to be a sign painter.


*waking up hogtied in the trunk of a car*
*goes back to sleep*



How serendipitous.

A swimming crab.
I'm not sure I've ever seen that before.

Every time I see any bread I think of Australia.
I moved to a new high school in Oklahoma in the 11th grade. In the first days in PE class, we had to swim from one end of an Olympic pool to the other underwater. I watch many of those boys really struggling, but I had worked as a lifeguard at a lake for the past two summers and we played around after closing in a game that required we spend A LOT of time underwater.
So, I dove off one end, swam to the other end, flipped around, swam back to starting end, flipped again, and made it halfway back before I surfaced. I got beat by one of their star swimmers but he had a real struggle.
Anyway, there was an Australian guy in that class and he really liked bread.


A huge Alaskan mosquito would have had no problem with that challenge. It sucks blood through moose hide.

Ever wondered how they took a picture of the black hole?

Alfred Hitchcock? 

Curiosity after more than 7 years on Mars



X-ray of a horse skull.
It looks like the teeth keep growing like elephants' teeth. Eating straw and shit really grinds them down. But you can clearly see the void in which rests the bit of a bridle.

The pond is silent. No one has come to feed us bread in a week. Slowly we gather our nerve and begin to wander from the pond. The world is quiet. Empty. We waddle through the streets, unhindered, unchallenged.

Duck World – coming to Netflix this summer.







"It won't reach."

1. Stupid.
2. A bald tire.
3. Socks with flip-flops.

I would have liked to have seen that.


I live in a college town and I can attest that not one of them wants to be different in any way. 


Did that one kid get run over by the boat's motor? 

There's a runaway tire. What Happens Next?

A. It misses her.
B. It hits her.
C. It missed and hits her.
D. All of the above.
A., B., C., and D. 

The perfect segue.


Every history textbook chapter should start with “everyone was just minding their own business, and THEN...”



Those people care about craftsmanship.

Glass workers are called glazers.

 Law enforcement has very special demands...

But cops meet many interesting people...

And cops and get revenge without consequence...

And finally, cops get neat tools...

Bartenders meet many interesting people. This is my favorite bartender...

No matter what you do work smarter not harder...
No matter what you do use technology to make your job easier.



Do you think he carries that board and rock with him? 








Scott James said...

Puzzle time: i wrote an entire equation for this problem. It had so many asssumptions that I decided to delete it.
There is no correct answer.

Anonymous said...

B7: Every January/February we are invaded by those birds (grackles) here in Texas. The numbers are truly amazing. I have included a Youtube clip that gives a better sense of the numbers.

Ralph Henry said...

I'm assuming they are migrating. But why cars and a parking lot instead of a forest where there is food available?

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:
The answer is 3 raised to the zero power then divided by 2, or, -3/2.

Anonymous said...

puzzle time = 2
2 trees

Anonymous said...

Food. Lots of space. No hiding places for predators. Trees to see predators.

They are semi- migratory. Meaning they dont travel far.
Interesting fact- the myans raised them for their feathers and it was forbidden to kill one.

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