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Wednesday, June 10, 2020


One Of My Very Own





I wonder if his nickname is Bag?


It may be legit...


DO NOT do an image search of blue waffle!!

How long must we wait? 



I think those grinning bastards knew exactly what they were doing.

Why wouldn't you just shoot him in the mouth?




Mike Tyson's?



Backstory...we demand a backstory!

Directions: Allow food to sit and cool for five minutes before eating.

Me: No.

One of my favorites...



*laughs in Newton*
I think the driver did that on purpose. I would have.

"You've come to the wrong beach, motherfucker."
- Duck probably

Is it just me?

How very true. 


I'll just use the other door...


A demon that writes messages in blood on your mirror but they are useful messages like "Remember you have a dental appointment tomorrow at 11am."






"I saw them do this at the gas station."

Laying down a canvas mat to avoid wheeled vehicles being bogged down on soft sand during an amphibious landing.

How very clever.

Brother crow urges brother hedgehog to cross the road faster.

Strange shell on that turtle.


Modern problems require modern solutions...

Her son helped her solve the glare problem.

A friend in need...



A priest, a minister, and a rabbit walk into a blood bank. The rabbit says, "I think I might be a typo."


Physics for dummies...




The Goodyear "Inflatoplane" prototype in the late 1950s

Virgin Lee vs Chad Panther
I don't know what that caption means. I assume those are the names of the tanks. Never heard of them. 

My first job after graduating from college allowed me to buy my first home. It had no air conditioning so I bought a huge 4' industrial fan and put it in my attic. I then built housing around it to channel air up through a hole I cut by removing the ceiling of a hall closet that I had removed the door. Anyway when I turn it on the curtains looked like in the picture above.

Bowling ball hail in Burkburnett, Texas
Could that be true? But I do like the sports ball comparison.

I don't think that's the first time that has happened.

On the edge of the clouds.
That took me a minute or two but now I think the fog is level with the top of the cliff...maybe White Cliffs of Dover.

A Jumping Spider moving its retina...

Portia Woodman hits 19.9mph at the USA Women's 7s

Jimi Hendrix in London 1967
I can almost smell the reefer.

That's one way to do it. And if it is balanced enough it wouldn't require much power. 

Intense Microburst











Scott James said...

Puzzle time: the correct lower case g is right here "g"

Scott James said...

Odd - While I write "g", right here and right now, it looks just like #1. When it shows up in the post it is a totally different font. Thought I was being clever, but it didn't work out.

Unknown said...

Either I don't get the irony, or this picture "Physics for dummies" (https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Bksbn3HPKog/Xsk2QjYKogI/AAAAAAAFw3c/EotfmUV4VrEhLXk-g4n0B7Hxtt9VZ_hugCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/Screen%2BShot%2B2020-05-22%2Bat%2B5.09.59%2BPM.png) depicts what is NOT happening in reality.

Imagine jumping up while in a moving train or airplane: do you feel like you've been shifted back, while the rest of the train/airplane moved forward. Now imagine you have a swimming pool inside a moving train -- what is the difference?
That is why they have swimming pools on moving cruise ships and it never happened that somebody would miss the swimming pool while jumping into it due to ship movement.

BTW this is how Newtonian and Relativistic mechanics differ: the light behaves in some sense similarly to the man on the picture.

Ralph Henry said...

So if you were on the roof of a speeding van and you toss up a ball it would just go up and come down in your hand?

Unknown said...

If you were on the roof of a speeding (accelerating) van, then the ball would fall somewhere else, of course. =) But if the van was moving with a constant speed (say 50 miles/hour) then the ball would lend right into your hand.

And I guess I'm having problems distinguishing images of accelerating vehicles from the images of vehicles moving with the constant speed.

But I will get there some day. =D

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