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Friday, July 24, 2020

FRIDAY #4230

One Of My Very Own



I have never gotten into social media platforms. 

Time Capsule

"Well, black-faced doll goes right back in."

 Just shut the fuck up. It is a species imperative!

An actress isn’t actually who they are portraying?!




This was the greatest of cartoons. It had multiple storylines, jokes, history, etc. 


China mystery: Strange noise causes thousands to flee their village over huge earthquake fears.

You really, really need to listen to this shit:

If you don’t post proof of my bubble bath…did it even actually happen?



I bet that happens often. 

 That's cool and all but I found two hearts of stone.

I can't help it.

A brilliant solution to the problem. 

It keeps the beer cool. 

The truth behind the loading bar...


Guess what this is...
 The foot of a mosquito


It was 1943, and the city of Harvard in Clay County, Nebraska, decided to dispose of unused plots of land by selling them at $1.50 apiece. Upon seeing this great offer, a 16-year-old man named Robert Pinckney decided that he wanted some for himself so that he can build victory gardens in summer. But upon seeing the list of plots on sale, Robert saw that the plot of land in which the jailhouse stands was also one of the properties on sale so he bought it. 


 I have heard that an adult hog will do the same thing.

My wife and I decided to be more honest with each other. In related news, I've been sleeping on the couch.




Here is the very special moment the French ex-prime minister visited a school and won a game of dominoes.


 Ichiro opens the "basket" on the second ball and puts in the first ball he just threw at that moment. 

Notice guns to head. 



Take a guess...
She is having freckles removed. 

Florida Man catches huge tarpon in Rainbow Unicorn blow-up.

Mrs. Lemon: Hi honey. Good day at work?
Mr. Lemon: Awful. Care for some homemade lemonade?
Mrs. Lemon: Where… where are the kids?


Cats need not apply


They are always glad to see you...


You can dress them up...

You can fuck with them and they won't get mad...


The patience of Job...

And you can always find a dog that matches your personality...

You can make athletes out of dogs...

You can teach them to work for you...

They are often goofy as hell...

 She finds out that not all dogs are friendly...

It was a sea lion.

There are other kinds of pets, of course...

Ducks are candidates...
"IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!", she screams manically.











Anonymous said...

Puzzle:...Probably playing chess with Kate

Duh said...

Playing chess with Kate.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: assuming the five sisters are the only people in the room, the fith sister is playing chess.

Anonymous said...

The fifth sister is playing Chess with Kate.

Anonymous said...

The fifth sister is fucking Ralph and there is a mysterious woman named Debbie filming the entire debacle while Lawrence Welk plays softly in the background.

weaponoffishdestruction@gmail.com said...

She must be playing chess with Kate?

Anonymous said...

playing chess

Anonymous said...

the fifth sister is playing chess with Kate

Stephen Hait said...

Puzzle Time - 5th sister is also playing chess.

Anonymous said...

playing chess with Kate.
Hell I'm as smart as trump!

Anonymous said...

The other sister is also playing chess.

Ploddy said...

Puzzle answer - could the 5th sister also be playing chess with Kate?

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