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Friday, July 31, 2020

FRIDAY #4237

One Of My Very Own



That style drain ought to be banned.


I once saw a sign on the highway that read:
Guns, Ammo, Liquor, Picnic supplies.
I thought it funny.



How southern ladies snark.



A 9-year-old boy from Yemen, who pulled a fox from a well, the depth of which is 3 or 4 floors. Without ropes and insurance, just tying it to yourself.

God: Another epidemic will be unleashed on them for I am not pleased.
Angel 1: A drought?
Angel 2: A famine?
God: Release the Murder Hornets, right now!
A1: During the plague?
A2: Savage AF.




How clever.

That comet as seen from ISS...



PC cooled by mineral oil.

3D printed vent


I'm sure this is being done by a woman.
Here's why:
1. Men understand the physics going on.
2. A man wouldn't know where to find a vacuum cleaner.
3. Men have stuck their dick in one of those and know its power.

They were successfully able to recreate the voice of a long-dead Egyptian mummy.
After a cat scan, they reproduced his vocal cords with a 3D printer and reproduced his voice.
I found that sound hilarious.

I guess for if you realize you are on the wrong road.

Ok, I’ll bite, what’s a shower?








Cop apprehends flasher









Wait for it...
This guy has gone ultra-viral so you have probably seen it. Come to find out he was trying to get rid of a nest of roaches...or so I'm told.

But where's its mother?



That just ain't right, Y'all.

He shat himself when his supervisor showed him this film.





 Do you think that guy has ever gotten laid?







 You know the drill.


Anonymous said...


weaponoffishdestruction@gmail.com said...

Puzzle time - nice butterfly.

Anonymous said...

Flutterby the butterfly.

Anonymous said...

Good read and I so needed to laugh and go ahhhh!

Unknown said...

Puzzle time: Causing Hurricanes on the other side of the planet! hahaha (Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists will blame the Government for promoting Butterflies and thus, Hurricanes!) hahah
B3: I never got to see Neowise but I remember Hale Bopp in '97 and that was Fantastic and lasted WEEKS! :)
'Women Younger Than My Wife' : Ladies with Strong legs drive me crazy and she's STUNNING! :)

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