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Thursday, July 30, 2020


One Of My Very Own



The Rebuttal


How Charlie Chaplin did the famous "Lean Scene"...

Don't piss this girl off. 

What a little cutey. 

And Taco bell is just a Mexican McDonald's. 


Americans are so very stupid. 


Looks like a swarm scouting a new home. 

One night my 3-year-old screamed “DON’T TAKE MY BANDAID OFF! I DO IT!” in her sleep, in case you were wondering what toddlers have nightmares about.





Many of these are from National Geographic









Storm over Denver


Yunnan, China

My belly popped the button off my pants today so don’t tell me my quarantine-cation was uneventful.




An honest man is rare indeed. 





Making a commericial...


Greater Kudu




I almost missed that. 

I  once spilled a beer on my keyboard and lost the letter R. I never thought about copy/pasting it.






Stigmata, Marc Burckhardt

2 ships collide head-on while traveling through a canal in Canada

"Who chewed the headset?"

Most beautiful! 





 Remember this delightful lady?





Dear god! 


 A viewer sent me this:


Scott James said...

Puzzle time: Pie

Anonymous said...

Minimum Wage:

Just as there are different price levels for products, there are different price levels for jobs. Should the person who washes the windows in a building be paid the same amount as the person who designs and installs a computer network for that building. Minimum wage is not a life goal, it is a place to start, learn and move on to better things. Support a family? Why would you want to increase your family size if you know you can't possibly support them?

Kranky Old Guy said...

The concept of a Minimum Wage is an American value. The concept of a Living Wage is NOT an American value, it's a European value. If you want a living wage for minimum or no skills, move to Europe.

Ralph Henry said...

Wow, Kranky, I've haven't heard that shit since the 70s. America love it or leave it! That's bullshit. America is not, has never been, and will never be perfect. And it is my duty to point out its flaws. It's called Being an American. Look it up.

Unknown said...

C23: I've seen a lot of Youtube videos showing dogs supposedly 'denying' chewing things and being destructive but I know from having Several Family Dogs over the years that nearly EVERY Dog, will feel guilty and behave so if it's owner makes it feel they did wrong.If they didn't film the said 'Doggy crime', then I say "Bullshit!". The amount of Loyalty, Affection and sheer Joy that Dog's have given US Morons over the millennia, is breathtaking. Dogs are The,,,, err,,,,,, "Dog's BOLLOCKS!" hahah :)

Unknown said...

WOMEN YOUNGER THAN MY WIFE: We used to play a game as kids called 'Feet off London', where you were'n't allowed to touch the floor! Fuck knows how we decided the winner But I'm Pretty sure this young lady would have won by a MILE! Ladies continue to show us how useless we are and yet we assume the opposite! Feet off London for the Next President! hahaha

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