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Tuesday, July 21, 2020


One Of My Very Own






Here's an example...


 Poor bastard just wanted to declare his love for Doris.


[Honest banana advertisement]
Bananas: You’re gonna buy too many.



How a crane grows.


Great Wuling Mountain Fanjing, China.


Fire Suppression Malfunction at a Quincy, MA Gas Station.
Well, I'm impressed! 
Now check out this system.


Why it do dat? 


Holy shit! I wonder how long he was in the air.

A guy restored this. 
I don't think I've ever seen one like it.
 Come to find out one just like it was used as Patton's hearse.

See anything odd?
Ronald Lacey who played the Gestapo Agent Arnold Toht isn't in this shot.
 He was simply replaced by a hat and an empty coat. 

Remember this scene from Independence Day?
Why didn't go back and retrieve that spaceship?

I love shit like that.

1947 french film predicts the smartphone and how people would use it.
Could that be true? 

Falcon 9’s thrusters pulsing as the booster is guided back to Earth.

Yeah, well I tried to read it.


The only preserved head and skin tissue of the Dodo bird kept at the Oxford Museum


Australian road train - somewhere around 250 Tonnes, 60 meters, and 1000HP


I admire goats because I also eat garbage and scream at people.







Mom introducing her pup to the greatest ball the world has ever known...
Pup not impressed.


[verification needed] 








I case it doesn't load properly: CLICK HERE












Fardygardy said...

^^ B6 ^^.
Never understood the banning of "single use" plastic products. They banned plastic grocery bags in my town, which pissed me off, because I use these bags for many things (not the least of which is pet poop scooping). Now I have to buy some other plastic bag. Sounds to me like the plastic grocery bags are multi-use, and the "Hefty kitchen trash bags" are true single-use. Makes no sense to me.

Ralph Henry said...

Many years ago I posted the problems with cloth shopping bags. From the growing or manufacturing of the thread to the bleaching to the germs it came up sorely lacking.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: Streets and Avenues running perpendicular to each other?

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