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Friday, August 14, 2020

FRIDAY #4251

One Of My Very Own




 ^^A 1-12^^


Regardless of your political views, we should all see that the success of New Zealand should be a lesson to us all. They weren’t tied up in politics and stayed locked down until the infected numbers were under control and followed the best guidance by science. They have done an amazing job ridding this scourge. To my fellow Americans, we have really failed to follow just basic health practices and have continued our needless suffering and have pretty much ensured this will never go away.

The first photo was taken 40 years ago. 
Those are not the same shirts, but that would be terribly petty to point that out.

One time at my daughter’s 4-year checkup, the doctor said she should be eating a varied diet and to make sure she’s eating a good amount from each food group and I think she said a bit about trying new foods but not sure cause I got distracted wondering if she’d ever actually met a 4yo.



But everybody is not that lucky...
I heard one time that you can't blame the shark anymore than you can blame us if a rotisserie chicken wandered through our living room.

Domino's Australia

The funniest scene in all filmdom...

First time campers are great this time of the year...

"Hey Doc, we have to go back!"


 Tucker Carlson's own lawyers argued in court that he couldn't be sued for libel because everybody knows he lies.

Purgatory, Depressing Paintings by Matt Bollinger


Daily routine: So I’m sitting, minding my own business when *BAM*
Nothing happens.






All things Ralph...


I don't get it. Anybody?

And then the bed starts creaking harder. 



Let me know how that works out for you. 


Hello Darkness my old friend.
Darkness (under his breath): Oh God, it’s him again.



Chicken Kiev
The only way I will eat chicken breast.

I want more of this all over the world.

The Fish with a Face


Plasma Cannon

Supercar del 2050 a Milano


Castel del Monte, Apulia, Italy
It was built in 1240. But how do you inflict injury upon the attackers? There aren't any portals from which to shoot.

Laser scar removal before and after pictures...

 What the fuck kind of machinery must he have become entangled?!?

It occurred to me that with enough skill and careful measurement the pyramid stones wouldn't have to be dressed very much.

 I have an idea. You leave your empty boxes where your packages are dropped off. Amazon then takes them away with them for reuse. I'm not so concerned about saving Amazon money as I am keeping our landfills from filling.

Please don't touch it.




There is a place on Earth where these beauties run wild.

This is the last entry. Take the time to watch it carefully. I learned a lot.


 [verification needed]

Face Plant #1 


 There are people who actually believe that.

 Face Plant #2





Wrekreation said...

C5 - I'm surprised. As a self-proclaimed militant anti-theist, and gambler, you aren't on-board with changing the name of the San Diego Padres? P.S. Nice collection of Positive stories today.

Anonymous said...

puzzle time...
history keeps repeating itself?

Anonymous said...

Not so fast on New Zealand's "success".


You cannot determine which policy is best until the end of the epidemic.Some policies just delay outcomes.

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