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Wednesday, September 16, 2020


One Of My Very Own







Every word in that sentence is better than the last. 

We had a kid like that in my neighborhood. His name was Charles Ingram. He had been in prison twice in the four years I was in the military. 


Think of not wearing a mask during a pandemic.


You fucking wish, Sparky. 

That's one of the great benefits of being old. I'm not expected to do anything I don't want to do. Period.

“How many people have you slept with?”
– Someone who wants to hear a lie
A woman will lower the number and a guy will inflate the number. Except for me. I just tell the truth and watch jaws drop.



“The New American Gothic” by Criselda Vasquez, Oil on canvas, 2017
I've always found it strange that the very people who hate Mexicans love Mexican food. What's up with that?

This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called Politicians discussing global warming.”
After the recent display of situational suicide by so many anti-mask Americans, I have just about given up all hope that we will address the approaching climate crisis with anything other than ignorance and thoughts of conspiracy. 

The plane that could change everything.

 RED A03 V12 piston engine. It functions as a dual-bank and can operate on only 6 cylinders in the unlikely event of failure.
 This is the Celera 500L prototype from Otto Aviation. Though it's been in testing for several months now, it was officially unveiled yesterday. This plane has the potential to change commercial aviation as we know it. The unique shape of the fuselage increases laminar flow around the aircraft compared to conventional aircraft. Some specs:
-Seats 6 passengers in a 'first-class' configuration
-The passenger cabin has 6' 2" ceiling
-cruise speed of 450+ mph (projected)
-the proposed range of 4000+ nautical miles
-Fuel consumption: 18-25 MPG (similar to a modern luxury sedan)
-V-12 Diesel piston engine can run on Jet-A or BioDiesel.
-Estimated operating cost: $328/hr
-32 successful prototype test flights, the majority of which were flaps up, wheels up
-capable of take-off and landing at most municipal and regional airports
-comparably priced with other light jets
What all this means: This plane uses 1/10th the fuel of a comparable medium-light jet without sacrificing speed, with a greater range. It can fly between nearly any 2 cities in the continental US without refueling. It is cheap enough to operate that it would be feasible for charter/on-demand flights that would cost the same as current airline seat prices. It could also be used for cargo, making same-day/next-day shipping to more remote areas possible and economically viable.
This is not a flash-in-the-pan idea waiting for some venture capitalist to help with development. The tooling for mass production has already been designed and proven and could be ready for delivery by late 2025.



Work smarter, not harder.

Somebody has been thinking again...

Said to be the Dead Sea - the saltiest place on Earth. 
Pillars of Salt?

Sure, if you want to do it the easy way. 

I remember watching my nephew, Jim, fish all day long at that age. 


Young people call a beast like that a real "Unit".

He shot dead two people but he once cleaned graffiti so I guess he's even.

An artist with Alzheimer's creates a portrait of himself until he can't.

 Corporations are ravaging the planet but why should you care - your pension plan and IRA are coming along nicely.

Oh, look, more greed now...
Do you realize that with that kind of money he could get anyone elected he so chooses? 

That's not as hard to do as it looks. 

Turkey: A 2-year-old child is safe after falling on a cafe customer from the 2nd floor of a building.

What if all this is just because the great game developer in the sky put us on autoplay?



Eye of a diving Sandworm? 



[verification needed] 

I've seen signs like this and always assumed they were all staged.

A guy showed off his handiwork on the internet.
 But it's not right...
 I hate to be picky but I would criticize my own work just as severely.
The parts that should be parallel are not in fact parallel...

Aircraft carrier aircraft



That happens more often than I would have thought possible.


Magician? I hope she doesn't give up her day job. 

Thailand traffic is like watching Mission Impossible...

Do you think the film was speeded up? 

Anybody know the trick?
How about he can see through the mask?





You really need to listen to this.
"On the devil let’s stomp" - sound on:






 German body-painting artist Jörg Düsterwald is a master of camouflage, taking nude female models and using body paint to conceal them in various environments. Looking at one of Jörg Düsterwald’s signature camouflage pieces is like trying to solve a Where’s Wally’s puzzle, with some of the models blending so well into the background that you actually have to struggle to spot them. Düsterwald has been producing body art projects for the last 25 years, showcasing his body-painting skills in creative projects, including advertising and TV marketing campaigns, but it was his camouflage series that really made him internationally famous.

Expect to see several of these in the next few days. Some are much harder than others. Enjoy.
 PS: I haven't found her either.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: just right of center. She is facing right so it is a profile.

Anonymous said...

looking to the right. Head is about 60% of the way up and 3/4 of the way across (from left to right). Looking at the top of the foliage (starting from R) there will be two tall stalks, then a bent left stalk, then another tall stalk. She is below the bent stalk

weaponoffishdestruction@gmail.com said...

3/4 from left and almost 1/2 way down from top, you can just barely make out the face. Still in all, very cool.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: From the right side move in about two inches right in the middle of the picture. A woman standing sideways.

Anonymous said...

Right side of image,she is facing to the right. Took less than a minute.

Anonymous said...

That parrot in the grab bag section is some quality content.

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