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Friday, May 21, 2021

FRIDAY #4531

 One Of My Very Own


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I spent most of the afternoon sanding. Only fucked up in once but that was on the lid. I added corner braces because I'm giving this to a little boy and god only knows the ways he will think up to abuse this box.

I also added a center brace to help decrease the damage done by him jumping up and down on the lid.

Because of the dust, I wore a mask and laughed every time I tried to blow dust off something through the mask.



I'm sick and tired of clicking the "I am not a robot" box on internet sites. It should be changed to "I am a robot" so that only robots need to bother with it saving humans valuable time. It's why we built the bloody things after all.



A monk with an assault weapon. Gotta be America.


*Farted on by humans.


I wonder how many people recognize the man in the inset.




I for one find such illogic hilarious - giving him ALL the credit for the good stuff but NONE of the blame for the bad.



"Are you glad to see me or is that just a banana in you pocket?"



My pants would have been off before I took a single step.


Looks kind of like Scotty from Star Trek.

BTW - From what I've learned about sinkholes I would not stand in that hole.



I almost missed that one also.


A dear friend said the state made everyone come back to their offices but still used zoom for meetings even though the guy was in the next office.


I detest leftovers. I did eat leftover pot roast, corned beef, and chicken sandwiches when staythefuckathome first kicked in but no more. I did my part and now I want to be spoiled.


I find it astounding the number of people who had to missed that error.


I hated group projects. I didn't maintain a stellar GPA by sharing the workload.



Maybe it will be childhood leukemia this time...because, you know, he loves us.


But it's not zero.




Somebody sat at a desk and wrote that scene. I commend them.




I missed that the first two or three times I watched it.



The adjective for metal is metallic, but not so for iron, which is ironic.



I smiled when a Biden ad called on a bunch of workers to aid in his infrastructure efforts and they mentioned boilermakers. I thought that was so outdated.

Then I remembered that nuclear-powered warships are just steam-powered with uranium fuel and they all need boilers.


This was the title:

NASA Astronaut Re-Learns to walk after Space flight.

Here is a comment:

He's walking heel-toe with his eyes closed. He's not "re-learning to walk," this is a post-spaceflight equilibrium test.

And I think that has to do with what happens to the inner ear in low gravity.

This is called the Vomit Comet because when the fluid inside the pieces of your inner ear can't help you with what's up and what's down it makes many people very dizzy and very nauseous.

As a Meniere's Disease survivor trust me on this one.


"Are you scared?"

"What - like I'm going to get paralyzed again?!"


That looks so very fragile.


I know you've seen this before but I just noticed that some people brought their children. They have no idea what's going to blow out of that fissure.


A fellow artist used to buy old kid's lunchboxes. This is one of them.

He would drill holes in it and then place a lightbulb in it. He gave us this one as a wedding present.



This is an old birdcage a guy found at a yard sale. Back then people understood that the eye needed entertainment.

Nowadays we have stripped every iota of decoration from our homes.


I feel her concern.


Be like John.





309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, The Bone Yard

The money spent could have ended world hunger. I want a strong defense but overkill is overkill.


What do you think happens to the contents of this can?


There wasn't much left.


This anti-mask bitch...


Many of my peak childhood memories include my dog.

 I have had two dogs that looked very much like this one and both were the smartest dogs you will ever meet.


But a signalman with a pistol could shoot him nine times before he touched down and he wouldn't be able to shoot back.




Road guard out!

The military has a guy designated to do just that when men are marching through an intersection.


That never ceases to amaze me.



The only thing smaller than a gnat's pecker is the hole at the end of it.





It's always funnier when it happens to one of the pretty ones.




Lesson learned.






Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:
Jingle bells
Santa Claus
Sleigh ride

Burgervan said...

A10: From what I've learned of Scotty, the actor was a complete CUNT! google it.

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