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Thursday, May 20, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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I couldn't help it. I HAD to see what the books would look like in place. The box is far from finished and the books are just propped in place, but it's looking pretty damn good even if I say so myself.


It was my bartender's birthday so I paid a rare visit on a weekday. Gambled on horse races. Bought Nick a shot. But I discovered that my conversation skilled have waned to the point I'm damn near incoherent. Bummer that.







I ran ruses like that past my kids from birth to hone their Crap Detector. Too many Americans today simply don't have one. Think Qanon.




I'm thinking #645 has to be in Alaska and they are just too fucking lazy for the long drive.





How clever.









When I was growing up my father always told me, "Never steal unless you are absolutely sure you can get away with it."



Fuck the CCP.


Thurant Castle, Germany

I was confused by the roof design on the far left but after enlarging it made sense.


Breastplate Armor of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, 1549

Did he invent Starbucks?


When I saw this it made me start thinking about all the time, labor, and money this lawn requires.

Then I recalled how peaceful and calm we feel in the wilderness.

So I concluded that we should all allow our lawns to go nature.

I'm almost there with my lawn.

I use this tree as a handrail for climbing the stairs.

It was a bush when I bought the house and all I did was to stop trimming it.

And please don't write and tell me about providing your son with a field to play sports upon or for yourself to practice your chip shots. If you have a reason for such a lawn I understand.

But don't do it just because you are too intellectually challenged to think outside the box.


All benches were removed to prevent the homeless from sleeping on them.


[verification needed]


This is oddly mesmerizing...


So, you think reincarnation is stupid? Imagine what they think about you going to live in a mansion on a street of gold when you die.


As I understand it the government will soon release all the information they have pertaining to UFOs. I predict that there will be page after page of "We don't know what it was" and even though the letters stand for UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object there will be many people who will take that as proof that aliens have visited us.


Every boy needs a dog.


I used to develop this film myself and take it all the way through the enlargement and printing process. Computers make that much faster and easier and yet I take fewer photographs now.


And a lady wrote a short story about it.


Been there, done that.


Just another reason to love ducks...

They're comedians.



The next time you catch yourself judging someone for their clothing, hobbies, or interests ask yourself "What does it matter to me?" The more you train yourself to not care about the personal preferences of other people the more relaxed you become and you just might become a nicer person.



I did a lot of sitting around when it first started.


Many parents spent much more time with their kids.

I asked a server how she fared during staythefuckathome and she said that for two years she worked two jobs and had very few days off. Then she had to stay at home with her kids and it was great. I was like a whole year of catch up." Then she added, "And I learned I have two wonderful children."


But that's not to say parenting is not without its travails.




I've had many people say to me, "I've always wanted to write." I explain that there's no big mystery - you just start writing.

By the way, did you know Hemmingway wrote everything longhand and had his secretary type them up?


Then there are the people determined to help us get through a difficult time...


It was suicidal...literally.


Although at times it was difficult, the wife and I managed not to piss the other one-off too much.


We have all learned that we could dress anyhow we damn well pleased.


We have all learned just how incredibly stupid the average American is.


Seasonal flu disappeared.


This guy practiced his backhoe skills...


Why the hell not?


I was afraid many people would turn into alcoholics and drug addicts. But as I understand it - because of the bars being closed they did not.


I ran out of movies to watch on TV, Netflix, and Prime.

That is one of my favorite movies. Did you recognize the villain in black?


My wife worked on her dance routine also.








"It's not for us to know."

- The foundation of all religions




A young woman not devoid of talent.




Wrekreation said...

Yes! The Toy Box is looking great! Thanks for posting the pictures, please keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:
I had to look it up to even know what it meant

Anonymous said...

A4: it can't be Alaska. Because Alaska doesn't have a cracker barrel. Nor do Hawaii, Vermont, Wyoming, or Washington State.

Burgervan said...

B11: It's a Calculator. Lol

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: WTH is hogmanay and what makes it topical?

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