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Tuesday, May 25, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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If you perform "at your best" all the time then it would not be your best it would be your norm.



An avid viewer sent me this...

So he decided to add the bong...

How wonderful.


I love silliness like this...

Especially after the criticism that the prince didn't have permission for the kiss.



And guilty...


Don't be a stupid bastard on purpose. Please.


I have to admit that I don't relate to live human beings like I used to...but I'm working on it.


I was a little proud of myself that I knew the speed of light like it's some privileged information on the unlighted knew. But I looked it up anyway and I was right - 186,000 miles/sec.

But on the site where I found that it had this statement: "Light from a stationary source."

I thought it traveled at a constant speed no matter what. And further, where are you going to find a stationary source if the whole universe is in constant motion. Stationary to what?


I admit I make a hell of a mess when I work...or cook...or write...or blog.



I don't actually go to therapy but I did go to a marriage counselor one time. After a thousand questions from her I asked her, "What is your success rate with couples coming to you for help?" She said, "Less than 10% but that's because most couples are too far gone by the time they come to me for help."

I find that a condemnation of her skill.


Photo of Teddy Roosevelt hunting one of the last known stegosauruses. Circa 1904.



That reminds me of me trying to blow the dust out of corners of the Toy Box with a dust mask on.


Then, gentlemen, that's when you help her plug in her little helper.


I once had a man say to me, "You're the smartest man I know who smoked."

Smoking is the dumbest thing I have ever done.


When she slaps you, you stay slapped.




When I got the vaccine they asked me how I was feeling. When I said I felt kind of updog they put the needle back in my arm and removed my vaccine.


In a universe far, far away...




You don't get any more British than that.


The way the Chevy Vega was shipped in 1971

Think of all the advantages: Faster loading and unloading and cars are protected against dings and dust.


Krystal Burger

I know they don't look like much but they have a unique flavor that I'm addicted to. The whole corporation moving out of South Carolina was a blow I have yet to recover from. Prior to their betrayal, I ate one or two a day Monday through Friday. They were a quarter at the time.



If I lived in a place that had big ass black bears roaming about I would look around every time I rounded a corner or walked out a door.


I'm thinking many pilot sightings of UFO is the result of reflections in their windows similar to this.


That's why you pay extra for insurance.


After all the work I've done making art out of currency I even find images like this attractive.

Plus I have a thing about $2 bills.


During one of our roadtrips, I found myself in a large motel with dozens of those on trailers in the parking lot. Each wheel pivots and is powered independently...thus making maneuvers like the one above possible.


This guy's stone chessboard arrived broken.

When life gives you lemons... make kintsugi.

I would be tempted to break all the pieces and repair them similarly.

That has been my advice to everyone whose sidewalk or driveway is marred by animal prints. Grout in the depression and create a conversation piece.

In looking for that image I learned now they sell kits so you can fake it.

I don't like faking anything.


By the fifth century, Constantinople's citizens were getting their water through the Aqueduct of Valens that could have exceeded 500 kilometers (310 miles) in its prime. Today, scientists have finally identified a clever trick used to keep this mighty piece of infrastructure clean.

And everything you need to know is in the image above.


Have another look at an aerial view of North and South Korea at night.



A major debate during the pandemic, and in infectious disease research more broadly, is why infected people die. No virus "wants" to kill anyone, as an epidemiologist once said to me. Like any other form of life, a virus's goal is only to survive and reproduce.

Your Immune System Could Be Hurting You as a Way of Signalling to Others to Stay Away From You.



Being vaccinated does not mean you can invite your friend over for a bottle of Tequila while secretly planning to entomb him within your basement in revenge for a perceived slight.



This is a famous photograph of Danuta Danielsson, hitting a marching Neo-Nazi with a handbag during a small demonstration of The Nordic Realm Party supporters on 13 April 1985.

They erected a statue to that fine woman.

Be like Danuta.



Find the motivation where you can.


Happy 82nd Birthday to American actor-producer Harvey Keitel. Born in Brooklyn, he joined the Marines at age 16 and then became a court reporter.

How many of his movies can you name?


So relevant today:


I look for Aliens on Netflix, Prime, and TV every fucking night. 


I don't know enough about that to comment, but I thought a Jew was a Jew no matter what.

Those poor bastards are probably thinking they cut off part of their dick for nothing.


Wedding Barn Transformation

(Or why you need to buy a power washer)













Anonymous said...

B3: this was actually a revolutionary way of shipping cars. The problem is that no one told the engineers they were going to be shipped on their nose and also full of fluids. They had to go back and make several changes to enable this to happen.
This included wedges between the engine and transmission to protect the motor mounts.
Engineers had to design an engine oil baffle to prevent oil from entering the No. 1 cylinder; Batteries had filler caps located high up on the rear edge of the battery case to prevent acid spilling; the carburetor float bowl had a tube that drained gasoline into the vapor canister during shipment, and the windshield washer bottle stood at a 45 degree angle.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: you've asked this one previously. Has to do with the sum of Roman numerals.

Steve said...

Puzzle: 601 (sum all the Roman numberals in the name)

David said...

C6 -if you go to imdb and look up a movie it will tell you what platform you can watch it on. Aliens is on prime

Inchworm said...

B11 - There is an entire Oriental (Japanese?) art form dedicated to repairing broken porcelain using gold in the cracks.

Ralph Henry said...

Inchworm, Kintsugi...as stated.

Anonymous said...

C5: Right on, Brother!

Dr. WeTodd said...

A1 meth pipe

Dr. WeTodd said...

(C2) Dad joke: Nazis bred genetically enhanced war wolves for war, "They were this BIG!" Says lady on the left

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