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Friday, June 18, 2021

FRIDAY #4559

 One Of My Very Own


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I once worked with someone who told customers 'Sorry, it's my first day' any time they messed up...for three years.





I surely did.


I'm that way about conspiracy theories I hear spouted in a bar. I wait for just the right moment to bet them my $1,000 to their $100 that whatever they just said won't happen. I have NEVER had one of the bullshitters take me up on the bet. One guy even explained that he didn't want to take my money.



That is such a lame effort at humor. Let me try.

What do you think?











I spend a whole lot of time going back to find something I neglected to save.




My favorite part of the day is playing the "shit what did my wife buy now" game when I see the Amazon guy walking down my driveway.



And medical history. I have asked multiple times why they couldn't print me a copy of my last history to guide me. My doctor told me that if I have to think about each question anew it might spur my memory. I let her know that I disagreed.

And if you don't lie on your resume then you don't understand how the game is played.


In the military, there is a song sung to young men who re-up for another four years. It's sung to the tune of Colonel Bogey's March from Bridge over the River Kwai.

🎶Re-up and buy a brand new car...
Re-up and buy a brand new car.🎶

And I've seen dozens of young men do it...re-up and the next day buy a brand new car with the $16,000 signing bonus they give to nuke technicians.


This is what communing with nature is all about.


I clicked on this because I wasn't sure what a "pop-up car tent" was.

But look at how she opts to commune with nature.


And then there's this guy...


What a wonderfully difficult question. How would you respond?


This is what we are capable of when the nations of the world work together.

And I dare add the invention of a brand new covid vaccine.


This guy makes art that looks like deteriorated billboards.

I would not have posted it except he had this and I love the glove...


This person's collages grabbed my interest.


The ultra-rich pay almost nothing in federal income tax

I'm thinking of getting into the pitchfork business.


I looked this up and it's TRUE!


*I would really like to know how she - a woman - thinks she got the right to work and vote.


He really confused me. The Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of working with the Democrats. 

And nobody seems to understand that both Dems and Reps have bypassed the filibuster when the need arose. I even hear a Senator say that the filibuster was in the constitution which is pure fabrication.

Then a very wise and most loyal viewer sent me this provocatively interesting article:

"Is the US Senate Necessary?"




Everyone is an atheist until they clog the toilet at someone else's house.



That took me a moment.


Can you imagine telling somebody that 20 years ago?



I like to think of myself as a bit of a rule-breaker, but you have to choose your battles carefully.



His pride and joy...


How do you not see a full-grown cow in the middle of the road?


I'm not saying she was right, I'm just saying I get it.



That reminds me of the wonderfully pertinent series "Bite".


That seems like a lot of work when you realize that he could have just brought along a small folding stool.


I've never seen anyone hold their hands so close together when shooting a rifle. This is my position of choice:


I know I rag on and on about this but somebody sat at a desk and wrote that scene then other people arranged the set and the actor followed the writer's instructions.


But the question remains - what/why is that device? Is it some sort of thrill ride?










Now that is a well-trained dog!




I once had to remove linoleum that was laid on a hardwood floor in my kitchen. I didn't have one of these.

After I chiseled it up, I found a thick layer of black adhesive. I poured a puddle of every liquid I owned including paint thinner, bleach, ammonia, vinegar, water, and a few others I can't remember. Anyway, it was only the water that dissolved it.

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