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Thursday, June 17, 2021


 One Of My Very Own

*I apologize for that tripe. Here's another:


EMAIL: ralh.henry.at.folio.olio@gmail.com




Do you recognize those as lines from a movie?



[verification needed]


I'm assuming they faked the damage to the wall.


With the same man? Or mix it up to combine genes like a Build-a-Bear?












I accidentally dropped my swear jar and about 900 motherfuckers escaped.



I ran an experiment on my font size setting and Google Blogger fucked it up again.

Note that one line stretches from the period to the f while the other from the 'r' to the 'u'.

I set it at the bottom one and my blog platform sent it out like the top.


Four big dogs discover a snake in their yard. What do they do?

They wait for the little fearless motherfucker to come and chew it to pieces in a matter of seconds.


I never knew they were so fast.


A drop of water covered in aerogel powder on a hot pan.


[verification needed]


So did the giraffe gnaw off huge chunks of her?!


See anything...odd?

There are no leaves on the top.


Either the film was reversed or he had the worse gas I have ever seen.


But what about this guy?


That kid has seen some shit.


When my wife and I are discussing spending money one option is the Blue Book. That's a hollowed-out book where we keep the money we acquired...shadily.


He knows a watch is the measure of a true man.



Forgetting a mask for a few seconds so embarrassing. I'm terrified someone will think I'm a Trump supporter.



How to hilariously get around copyright violations...

It just kept on giving.



There is always one to ruin the family name.





Need evidence of pathetic cognitive dissonance?


People always want artists to do free stuff for "exposure". I only fell for it once.


Yes, I've done shit like that.


And the Catholic Church never officially apologized for all that needless suffering. Because I think, it would prove the Pope is not infallible.


But wait there's more...

That problem is so very easily solved by moving the wheelbarrow a couple of feet.


The most stupid thing I do is still smoking. I am so very ready to quit.



It's amazing how badly we are screwing up an apocalypse on the "easy" setting. We are clearly not ready for zombies or aliens.



I wonder how often they have to realign the valves. I would guess often what with all the vibrations.


I wish I was good at Photoshop.


I really like finding images to juxtapose with one another. It took me almost an hour of searching to find these two clips.


Even though there are machines to assist you in making those it still impresses the shit out of me.


Speaking of machines...

I'm the guy on the right. I get paid by the hour.

The guy on the left is the owner's nephew who will inherit the restaurant one day.







I would have put all my cash in the atheist bowl just because.







The upstairs apartment my friends and I rented in Germany shared a common hall with the family that owned the house. They didn't always keep their doors closed.

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Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: we just did that one recently.

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