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Saturday, June 19, 2021


One Of My Very Own


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"The demonization of differences". I have been searching for that phrase for decades. I'm one of the ones who realize that we need all the diversity as it can get.


*Imagine knowing your educational system is so fucked up that child exploitation is the solution.



And the good news...


I haven't voiced my concerns about Hong Kong, Ukraine, and other trouble spots lately. The reason is that my own country is in great peril and requires all my attention.

If you look back in history, step one for the dictatorial rule was convincing people that their votes don't matter. Does that sound familiar. I just don't think most people realize how fragile our form of government is. And it is under attack.


I have never understood how an average American worker can vote for a party who seems to do everything in their power to keep from making the citizens' lives better.

And please remember that I used to vote Republican. But that Republican Party is unrecognizable to me now. I didn't change - it did.


*Do not Google the images of the burns this lady suffered. Just don't.


Remember when Jonas Salk gave all rights to his polio vaccine away? We all remember his name. Nobody is going to remember Vounatsos' name.


Homophobia is another example of the demonization of differences.



Alcohol increases the size of the 'send' button by 89%.




That's fucking hilarious!


More Bean...





Very stupid people actually believe that poppycock.


You gotta love that guy.




Think My Wife:



I wanted to name my daughter Gotham so when my wife woke me up she could have said, "Wake up, Gotham needs you."




Can I assume that is more or less how they put pictures on cakes? I'm also assuming they just use edible ink.


This thing looks demonic...

Like a living organism.


Bathtubs that meet my approval...

And my favorite...

But do people even take baths in a bathtub anymore?


Down the Up Drawbridge


Ganymede's dark side - Our Solar System's Largest Moon


Panhard EBR is a French Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle designed in the 1950s for the French Army and later used across the globe. 

It had 4 wheels, but the middle two were kept up for high-speed travel and lowered for additional traction.

*I like its low profile.



The people who can't wait to return to the office are the reason why everyone else wants to continue working from home.




"Flipping a 57 eggs Spanish tortilla."



Nobody Saw me ...except the CCTV and now the whole world.





Time to go...

Who would even think about arguing with that huge motherfucker?


Watch carefully...

How can she see where to pour it?



"Are you glad to see me or is that a banana in your pocket?"


A nice segue to the next section.



Car keys travel more than the car they belong to.





It looks like one lone pigeon has been sent to negotiate.


The Arnold Schwarzenegger of Kanagroos


When whales look at you, it’s like they’re seeing straight into your soul.

That sure looked fake didn't it?


Speaking of...

🎶Whales just want to have fuh-un.🎶


Their agility is extraordinary.


My all-time favorite cat video...

Fish: 1 - Cat: 0



Lioness and a cheetah just having a scrap up a tree…

I think the cheetah had a carcass up there with him which was the point of the whole exercise.

Bon appetit.


*MNBT = Might Not Be True




The final smirk.

Kid's going far with the ladies.









The West Bank in Paris, 1968

And it looks exactly like that today.

I bought a print of the place the last time I was there and have it on the wall in my office.

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