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Tuesday, June 8, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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Just thought you would like to know.



Me: If you could be any animal wha...

Wife: Rotisserie chicken.




So...he wants a normal hotel room?

And even when money was tight they met his requirements...





Walmart is basically an official outlet for Chinese products so that's another blow to American jobs.





Freshly peeled sheep...

Several condemnations about the visible wounds. But for various reasons modern sheep must be sheared regularly.



Speaking of dysfunctional governance...

Have you ever wondered how Texas is thinking of dealing with its deadly power grid failure last winter?




The future is scary...




What kind of tree must this be?






It must be a dogwood.



A sign of an unhealthy economy is when you tell a whole generation that if they want to buy a house they should sit tight and wait for their parents to die.




I like the plants but dislike the lack of privacy.


In Wales, a calf was born with three eyes.

If it were in India, it would have been declared a God...or so I'm told.


Battle of Stalingrad

I imagine that dog ended up in a stew.



And they had the audacity to tell the world that the wall was built to keep people OUT!


Residents of Hanoi wait in chest-deep sidewalk shelters for the all-clear signal, during an air raid alert. Hanoi, North Vietnam, 1967.

Comments left:

"US: We'll drop more bombs on North Vietnam than used during the entirety of WW2. 

Vietnamese: Yeah, chest-deep should be good enough."


"Buy why chest-deep? I feel like they could have dug like 2 feet deeper and been in full cover."

So it never occurred to them that you could squat down in the hole? Any deeper and you might run into water, sewage, and gas lines.

Let me put it another way:

You are told to get in your bathtub with a tornado due. But no sane person would assume you were supposed to stand up in it.


One person’s weekly post-war time rations allowance in England in 1951.




All those people on the front row trusting the people behind them not to do anything stupid. Terrifying.


DO NOT give up on this too quickly...

Gateway drugs?

And before you think that was a look into the future remember that other countries have the day before the month.



There are literally no rules saying your New Year's resolutions can't be for evil.





His face was hanging on for deer life. 

I guess the buck stopped there.





That guy needs his ass kicked worse than anyone I've ever met.



And a good time was had by all.


I know this is dated by now but I could watch it a thousand times. 

And remember, all the very first baseman had to do was step on first base and the inning is over.



Underwater modeling...


I've never even worked on a farm but I know that grain dust is highly flammable, yet that guy just stands there filming.



Kramer's best scene ever: "Hey, here's to feeling good all the time, huh?"


A "good Samaritan", comes to the "rescue"...



In America that would be called an "Attractive Nuisance" and would lose the ensuing lawsuit.


A reminder that there are decent people everywhere...

Just a re-reminder that there are still decent people out there.













Have you ever wondered what a nuclear weapon test console from the 1960s looks like?

And that's 21 years old me sitting on it. 


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