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Monday, June 14, 2021

MONDAY #4555

 One Of My Very Own


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When I was young, I was poor but after years of hard, honest, and painstaking work I'm no longer young.



How's your crap detector?

If you are like most people you are probably thinking how could any sane person believe that crap. But when your president told you that the pandemic was just a Democratic hoax many of you swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.


Jesus never voiced his opinion one way or the other.



I never thought I would hear thoughts on rebellion in the US...but here we are.

^^A 4-6^^



"Fuck around and find out" is literally the scientific method.


The world is in awe that we made the Melting Pot work so well. But there are those who do everything in their power to make us hate one another.



Such extreme male grooming as ball sack shaving is a totally alien concept to me.




I try to act nonchalant but underneath I am chanting as fuck.



*viewer contribution

I love this guy's stuff. I have even convinced him to sign his work from now on.


Every city in the world has to manage storm drainage. Some do a better job of it than others.


When hippies become red necks...


A hole drilled in Mars.


1954: Marilyn Monroe visits injured US troops in Japan.

*I find that disturbing. Had I been him I would not find it amusing.


I wonder what he's doing now.

He was a commercial loan officer and is worth about $3 million. Thanks, Google.


I think that's backward. Teddy Roosevelt is in Lincoln's personal space.


I guess there is a reason for that. Anybody?


Robert Plant holding a dove that landed on his hand.


1935: Men arrested for homosexuality pose for a photo at Lecumberri prison in Mexico.

*So they cram them into one cell? "Oh, no, don't throw me in the briar patch."


Guess who...

1927: Ronald Reagan serving as a lifeguard at Lowell Park in Dixon, Illinois.

*It looks just like him.


Not sure what shoes to wear?

Might I suggest...




1975: Combat boots litter the road on the outskirts of Saigon, abandoned by ARVN soldiers who shed their uniforms to hide their status. 

*And we left them high and dry.


1951: American veterans from World War 2 at Arlington National Cemetery.

*Two, one, none.


1944: The "Calutron Girls" at the Clinton Engineer Works in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 


May 1945: A US soldier examines a gold statue, part of Hermann Goering's private loot, found by the 7th US Army in a mountainside cave near Schonau am Konigssee, Germany.

*I bet more than a little bit of that made it way out the back door.


Always Remember Tank Man

Hong Kong's Tiananmen Square Vigils


Fuck the CCP.

Think of the gall of maintaining that nothing happened after all these years when billions of people have seen that courageous man stop a column of tanks that were on their way to slaughter their fellow citizens.



Wouldiwas Shookspeared - past tense of William Shakespeare



(Animal and Human)

If girls had a penis for one day...


I like that final kick to get in deeper.



People commented about how to cut this little guy is.

As I understand it, it is in a zoo, and showing every sign that his captivity is driving him insane.


Enjoying his new pasture



I bet he never does this again...

And had he been alone it may have been tragic. Maybe that clip will save a life.


Rule #1:

Don't let the other guy take your sword.


Drama Queens



Well executed touch passes are a marvel to behold.


🎶Come on do the septic slide.🎶





"Hey, hey, hey, just have him step through to the other side."

- The black and white advice dog probably






                                                                                                              *viewer contribution




In the 1960s portions of the Maginot Line still existed. 

Here we are getting ready to descend four stories.

This photo was taken in pitch black darkness as I was being "painted" with a flashlight.

A good time was had by all.


Fardygardy said...

To your comment (Re: North Korean Orphans), "If you are like most people you are probably thinking how could any sane person believe that crap. But when your president told you that the pandemic was just a Democratic hoax many of you swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.", I say this... You gotta stop watching MSNBC as your news channel. Fact is MSNBC (and Kamala, and Joe,....) fed you a line, which YOU followed "hook, line and sinker." Go to this page for clarity: https://www.politifact.com/article/2020/oct/08/ask-politifact-are-you-sure-donald-trump-didnt-cal/

I love your apolitical posts. They (you) are humorous, insightful, artistic, and original. But when you get all "anti-trumpy" you are simply reposting the misleading fake news of others.

You are better than that.

Ralph Henry said...

Dearest Fartygardy, Excellent point.

But how do you explain 600,000 dead Americans?


Dear Fardygardy, I've been telling Ralph for ages that his blog is excellent but spoiled by his gullible acceptance of leftie politics. Rallph, why not try ONE edition without any politics? Mike

David said...

Using the term "fake news" already makes me suspect you. Anti trumpets don't like trump for what he actually said and did, the anti biden people just makes stuff up.

Trump SAID "fake virus, not real,Democrat hoax"

Lemme guess, wearing a mask against your "civil rights"‽

Burgervan said...

PUZZLE TIME: Stick the Monopoly board straight in the Bin and get Drunk!

Anonymous said...

45 was too slow in responding to COVID whereas Biden kicked ass from day 1.
PS: And on a different note, the Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 nabbed new closing highs today. Thanks, Joe!

Anonymous said...

Critical race theory and BLM creates more racism NOT less. "But there are those who do everything in their power to make us hate one another." Like Obama, Biden, the squad, ???

Anonymous said...

The idea that those people who like your blog without your political commentary proves to me that those riding the trump train only want to be entertained and not educated, which could have been his platform.


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