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Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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Staythefuckathome has strained many marriages but for some of us, it has enhanced our relationships. I'm lucky to have the most loving wife. Last night I wake up while she was holding a pillow tightly over my face to protect me from the virus.



My server at a BBQ place the other day was tatted up like this child.

Hers was a beautifully done classic dragon similar to this and I was dying to examine it closer.

I toyed with the idea of asking her for a closer look but feared she would think me some kind of creepy old man.


As a rule, I generally don't bring up the freaks in any organization because there are freaks in any organization. I could bring up this guy and you could counter with what happened in the Boy Scouts, etc.

But the offenses of this organization are in a league of their own.

"AT LEAST 3,677."  Those are the ones they know about with many more too embarrassed to come forward.

The difference is that when the Boy Scouts found out that a troop leader was fucking young boys in the ass they didn't just transfer him to another troop of vulnerable young boys.

^^A 2-3^^

Crossword in ink

I'm asked how I could possibly do crosswords in ink. I tell them that I am always pretty goddamn sure I'm right before filling it in. I do this by confirming at least one of the letters with an intersecting word.

I also do Suduko in ink.


People who want government out of their lives tolerate shit like this.

But we've come a long way, baby...


*Let me get this straight - the creator of everything in the universe (including pork) forbids you to eat pork? And that makes sense to you? It sounds like something Bronze Age people with dirt floors would think up. You know, the ones that thought the Earth was the center of the universe, that snakes talk (sometimes), and that when they die they will float off and live in a mansion in the sky.

But such nonsense does not excuse the cruelty.


I don't mind "contesting". That's legal. I mind encouraging people to storm the Capitol to stop Congress from doing its duty.



One of the most powerful images ever witnessed.

This is what the revolutionaries looked like.


This is me when I get sincere compliments for my work on Folio Olio...

*That is not a plea for strokes...it was just a funny thing for me to think about.



There is no cool way to chase a ping-pong ball.



I don't even know what kind of animal that is.


I like fun signs like this.





Just wait until they find out about this bad boy...

Okay, I did your research...


If you like that you would love what my wife has done to our yard.


It's now so odd seeing him in old dramatic roles.



The Skreenette

A Modesty Device for 1920s Beachgoers!

It was a simple cloth tube held in place by a couple of shoulder straps. So with a little bit of shuffling, a user could change into their bathing suit...without showing too much ankle!


They ought to paint it with hydrophobic paint.


Wine "Closet"


For the lazy man who has everything...


Wrapping tape sticky side out around the ankles seems to work for catching ticks.



How do you cope with depression?


Surf’s up, Jörg Gläscher

He has created many of those.

I like the ones with trees protruding.


And you can buy one for only 20 bucks...


This could be your backyard...

And all you have to do is nothing...ab-so-lute-ly noth-ing.


I was wondering why someone drew a red circle on the photo.


I don't know what this is...

But it reminded me of this piece of my Dollar Art.

My grandson chose this piece for his birthday.


That guy found a squirrel had stashed these acorns away inside a motor compartment of his car.


Life on the Serengeti is rough, especially when you don't pay attention...



There are 2 types of space movies:

1. We're in space and it's terrible.

2. Everything was terrible and we had to go to space where it's great...no, wait it's terrible.



Delivery man using an exoskeleton





Imagine nothing between yourself and Earth while traveling at 17,000 mph.


Have you ever wondered how they teach an infant to swim? This is unbelievable.


Note the chain.


So, kidney failure runs in your family and you decide to give one of yours away?


"Put me in the game, coach."




This kid was arrested for kicking a ball in a forbidden area...

Back to jail.


Why would they gather like this?

Because they get fed like pets.

I don't think that's prudent.

*Said the man with multiple bird feeders.


He eventually balances on top of that ramp.



"Ralph, Ralph, Ralph?"



Don't give up on this too soon...




Neither foot cleared the bar.






Me and my buds at a Nurburgring race.

From that vantage point, we could see 7 curves.

With my trusty ragtop...

That was the first of at least a dozen ragtops I have owned.

BTW to get to the beach in Belgium we had to drive on part of the track which is also a federal highway. This is part of it...

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