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Monday, June 28, 2021

MONDAY #4569

 One Of My Very Own


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My friend asked me how I can support gay marriage and not be gay. I told him the same way I support the Green Bay Packers and don't play football.




She's my hero.




[verification needed]



I've done shit like that to limp myself to a garage but something tells me he's not headed to a garage.





By far the best image to come out of the G7 summit.


Oh, the humanity!








I forgot how expensive the outside was. 



The US is not the only country with infrastructure problems...

Not once but twice!

I imagine its compression strength is high but lateral stress is woefully lacking.


At first, I thought this was making a statement about the dismal job market for graduates.

But I was wrong.


I'm big on living in a stimulating visual environment. I would probably never leave this garden.


The road to Nopeville in Fuckthatshitistan?


Crane operator saved a worker during a fire.


I think repositioning the trailer axel would solve that problem.


I still remember exactly what that smells like.


How the hell do you go about finding something like that?




Russian democracy in one picture...



It's fucked up that your brain knows exactly what chemicals it's supposed to make and still be like "No."




- Political Opinions To Follow -

You Whiny Motherfuckers With Big Sticks Up Your Ass Might Want To Skip It

After reading that I combed the internet for example of "bizarre".






An artist immortalizes and honors Covid nurses.

We called them heroes - grocery store clerks, kitchen staff, delivery personnel, etc, but absolutely refuse to give them a raise. Talk's cheap.



Remember when we all more or less decided that racism was wrong? Well, it is alive and well in America again.



Excellent advice!


Okay, that's not in America but the Catholic Church in the US is equally damned.


They would not allow a sixteen-year-old to adopt a child yet you will demand she birth one?


The absurdity was the Big Lie of a stolen election and the atrocity was the insurrection at the capitol.


Speaking of atrocities...


But Pence is not guilt-free when it came to spreading the lies...

Let's let the numbers speak for themselves...

And conservatives condemn Fauci for flip-flopping on masks when at one time there was a severe shortage of them for health care professionals.



Just to remind you that the rest of the world has governments who care enough about them to provide health insurance. They simply don't understand how it could be that Americans are denied it.


How do you explain a prick like this to a foreign friend who asked you about him?

And remember, the foreigner - like most of the civilized world - had watched him cower in terror as the insurrectionists neared...

Then he disgraced himself by doing this...

That after embarrassing every American on the world stage by displaying his total lack of concern with truth.

And just like the Catholic priests who rape young boys, I don't blame them as much as I blame the Catholic Church for not having them put in prison. I blame the Republican Party for not kicking that prick out on his ass.


This is the exact conversation I had with my wife.

And with all due respect, I don't spend many hours a day just to amuse you.

I implore you to make a list of you principles. Write down what you will or will not tolerate in a politician no matter the party. Then use it as a guide when selecting a party to support. 

If it's okay for your guy to do it but not okay for the other guy to do it then you have no principles and you are the problem with the country. You.


Let's be generous and say that the Republican Party is not racist. The problem is that they do everything a racist party would do.



Got a kid? Do this with an avocado pit.

Better yet, do two - one on the window ledge and one in the interior of a room and let them watch what happens.


How could you not laugh with that wonderful lady?






Hell, my wife used to be able to do that...with a wine glass.




I've done that a thousand times. But there are tricks.

Notice his contact finger keeping his hand at precisely the right distance from the artwork thus the pressure on the brush remains constant. But you also need a very special brush made just for painting stripes.

The fat barrel of the brush holds enough paint for long stripes and depending on the pressure of the brush the stripe can be relatively fat or one or two hairs in thickness. It takes practice...lots and lots of practice.

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