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Sunday, June 27, 2021

SUNDAY #4568

 One Of My Very Own


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Al Franken discussing infrastructure on CNN:

"You know when a bridge collapses, a Mercedes falls just as fast as a Hyundai."

*Clever that.


Meanwhile, in Texas…





I have lived my whole life for moments like this.

I showed him one time how to find the midpoint between two dots with a compass and he duplicated my feat over and over flawlessly.

One explanation of how a level worked and he checked every surface in the studio...again flawlessly.





"This is a visual experiment showing the global surface temperature anomalies situation over the course of ~130 years. Baseline is defined as the 1971 - 2000 average in degrees Celsius. The number 1 comment that got repeated over & over in my post yesterday pertaining to only recent US Data was that people wanted to see a wider data set that spanned more time as well as beyond just the US. I found this which offers a different view but still a harrowing sentiment of where global warming is headed currently."



It's pretty weird to think that the number of people older than you never increases.






This is the Rhino 180 Blind, it’s a real thing, for about 200 USD. The view from the inside of this Ground Blind is unexpectedly amazing.


That's Myrtle Beach. Even God hates it.



I think the rising heat turns the spit.



Buried Easter Island moai statue devoid of weathering shows the detailed carvings.


I bet that looks good on a résumé.


I read that humans don't ride zebras because they are just plain mean. When they bite they won't let go. But when I looked it up there were dozens of pictures of people riding zebras.

Anyway, aside from their evilness, zebras are simply too small to ride. Zebras' backs aren't evolved to allow a human to ride. So, even if zebras were the nicest animals on the planet, we'd just cause them pain by riding them.



My favorite conspiracy theory is that everything is going to be okay.









Where will you be when the 'rooms kick in?


Kitchen fire? Do anything and everything except what they did.


(Sorry for the awful cropping.)


You gotta dodge, duck, dip, dive, and ... dodge.


He just figured out he can't get back.


Oh look, it's a Tornado.

If it's not on the ground it's a funnel cloud and not a tornado...or so I've read.

In Oklahoma, I grew up playing with them like snakes and gators for people in Florida or cousins for people in Alabama.


Next level trolling...

Just a guy trying to get a little sun on his face...





The 'H' in 'global pandemic' stands for 'happiness'.




I think that's a wolf.




The legs are adjustable.


Ask your father.



We all knew she would grow up to be a beautiful woman...

Her not so much...but here we are...



Their dog bit a neighbor... now they must get rid of him.







*That reminds me of heaven being off in space and we've been there and haven't found it.







What's the dumbest thing a customer has ever told you? 

When owned one of my bars the phone rang. A regular yelled, "I ain't here."

"That was your wife," I told him.

"I told you I ain't here!"

"She said she just drove by and saw your car. Says supper is ready."

"Well, I'm going home and if supper's not ready I'm going to raise hell...and if it is I ain't gonna eat it."


Anonymous said...

Actually, your wife's lip gloss is called "F*ck Trump" and she showed it to me!

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: 4
I used "2" three times, "4" two times, "6" two times, and "10" twice.

The instructions were slightly ambiguous to me, as I pondered whether or not I could use the same digit repeated in the same sum of three. I decided that should not be the case.

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