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Tuesday, June 29, 2021


 One Of My Very Own

*Debbie, That looks like Lisa's ex-sleazebag-husband.


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The way I understand it the latest companies who were hit with ransomware were insured for all or part of the ransom. My question is why would any insurer cover a company without proof that cyber safety measures were top-notch? 

I suggest that a better idea is to wrap the insurance into cyber safety measures so that an insurer installs the cybersecurity measures then guarantees the company against any harm.

Does anybody know why this wouldn't work?



NOTE: I got a comment today for an older post that read: "The guy was drunk." There was no indication of what the fuck he/she was referring so I did not post it. Remember that each image is numbered - please use that number for any and all comments...if you expect to have them posted.



                                                              *viewer contribution


*viewer contribution




*viewer contribution



That's what happens when corporations get their way.









If the guy for which you voted for president stared at the sun twice during an eclipse, nobody has to listen to your take on masks and vaccines.




"McGuire’s Irish Pub is a popular restaurant and local landmark in Pensacola, Florida, famous for having an estimated two million dollars in cash hanging from the ceiling. The history of McGuire’s Irish Pub’s unique decoration can be traced back to 1977 when Martin McGuire and his wife, Molly opened the business. He tended the bar while Molly waited tables, and when she made her first $1 tip, she celebrated by writing the date on it and tacking it to the back bar for good luck. Little did she know that this was the start of a longstanding tradition that is still being respected by patrons of the pub. The very next day after that first bill was tacked to the bar, people started adding to the collection, and they’ve been doing it ever since."

*I don't think so. Remember I'm the guy who received every dollar from a bar that was literally covered in them. It wasn't as much money as most people would have thought.



"A painting by David Bowie purchased last summer at a donation center in rural Ontario for $5 is expected to fetch upward of $12,000 at auction this coming week. The semi-abstract portrait by the Changes singer is a small acrylic and computer collage on canvas, dated 1997, with Bowie’s signature on the reverse."


A dried lake. Nice photo.


As I recall the federal government set standards for the trailer's bumper to keep rear-ending cars from going completely underneath the trailer thus decapitating the occupants. It is that red and white section looped around the post.


The magic unfolds...pun intended...



Did you notice the people around it?


I almost missed the dog.


I think that hole is a penis portal.

At least it would be if I owned one.


Ever wonder what satellite reentry is like?

The ESA/DLR LK3 Plasma Wind Tunnel testing a Solar Array Drive Mechanism's burnup characteristics to improve future simulation modeling.


Never in my life have a seen a fence like that and thought that it needed cleaning.



Eating is wild. You put food in a cavity where you smash it with 32 bones then a meat tentacle pushes it down into a pool of acid.




China's Zhurong rover on Mars was equipped with a detachable camera that dropped ten meters from where it landed.

One of the fantastic images Zhurong just sent back to Earth is this selfie of the rover and its landing platform.



And here I am taking my working asshole for granted.



I think I know where he learned that trick...



I know I've shown you that before but who wouldn't want to watch that little trooper again?



I completely misunderstood pride month. Who wants to buy 15 lions?




What they forgot is that we have a constitutionally guaranteed right to walk down the street in protest...even in front of rich peoples' houses.


No, I don't think I will.

Ask me why you deserve an immediate psychological evaluation.


That man has two mustaches...one atop the other!


And to think that some people dare to call that fake.


Have you ever wondered what that would look like in real life?


I can only assume that they have been doing that for generations and in all that time no one thought to dig out a ledge.


What... and I cannot stress this enough... the fuck?


Self Defense: A Tutorial

But wait, there's more...


I don't see how all the challenges can be of equal difficulty.







Indeed. Well, I don't want to be right. I want to be rational.







Shrimp Boat - Sulivan's Island

While painting a huge mural in the area I needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks. So I painted this 5x8' mural on the wall inside a beach house and we called it even. The owner's name was Carolyn so that's what I named the boat.


Fardygardy said...

re: ^^B7^^

The ICC bar, as it is officially called, is mandated to protect against cars driving under a suddenly stopped semi, just as you describe. It also has the purpose of being the bar that trailer docks attach to to prevent a trailer from moving or being driven away while loading. Jayne Mansfield, the famous and extremely popular actress from the 50's and early 60's, was killed when she drove under a stopped trailer in dense fog. The bar has been memorialized and the "Mansfield bar" ever since by truckers.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: 7
Subtract the second number from the first number to get the third number.

Subtract the third number from the second number to get the fourth number.

Subtract the fourth number from the third number to get the answer you're looking for.

30868- 21781= 9087

Anonymous said...

09087: The number that replaces the question mark is 7.

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