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Saturday, June 12, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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Let's watch this ignorant cunt in action...

I wasn't as subtle as Fauci. I was more like this lady.

Did you notice the spectators?

This guy got a coin to stick to his arm and then was asked to try it after applying baby powder. And what happened next is EXACTLY what any sane person would expect.




I know how many of you people feel about my political views...

But helping Americans in need should not be political.



Most of you have been brainwashed into thinking that government will botch your healthcare but millions of us love our Medicare. How do you explain that?


See anything...unusual?

That beautiful young woman has decided not to scrape the hair from her underarm. She has rejected the tradition that she had no say in establishing. She thinks for herself. How very unusual.


Last night I heard a powerful preacher say, "Covid 19 was faked just so they could increase the mail-in ballots and thus steal the election."

That man can not be argued with. If you remind him of the 600,000 dead Americans he will just deny the number and use it as more evidence of the conspiracy.

I predict that history will not be kind to him and other like-minded lunatics.


Excellent point.


I would give every employee a half-day off but make them prove that they voted.


*And our legislatures don't do anything about it because that same building is their cash cow.


*I'm an artist AND art collector.




All I'm saying is, at any point during that ride through the desert he could have given the horse a name.



He created his own niche.


I have mentioned the time in graduate school when a man brought thousands of cels for sale at our student center. They were $25 and I was broke at the time.


I could have put that in Puzzle Time.


Well, you can spend that college money you've been saving for him.


Funerals are just another stupid tradition that has long outlived its usefulness.




Watch carefully - there will be a quiz:

Did you notice the bald lady?

Did you see any young men?

How many people did you see with any chance of being alive today?

How about the German spy with his face hidden?


Yes, I've also skipped the instruction manual a few times...


Me being a househusband showing how funny my blog is which took me all day.



I need to quit smoking - my fingers look like I got to third base with Winnie the Pooh.





Underwater armored tank spider with scissors for hands.


While stationed in Germany there were many roads like this. Imagine that one with a two-lane blacktop with a speed limit of 60mph. If your car left the road the trees would most likely kill you.



Another unneeded red circle...


I asked for a pizza with everything on it in a German restaurant and they brought me one with everything including eggs and lettuce.




Who owns whom here?



Tom Cruise has succeeded like 6 times in a row so why do they still think these missions are impossible?



A horse-drawn canal boat has a lot of inertia and no brakes. If a horse towing a boat arrives at a bridge, the supervising humans must bring it to a halt, disconnect the towing rig, move the horse to the other side of the bridge, and then reconnect the tow line. The industrious people of Industrial Era Britain thought of a better solution: the roving or turnover bridge. Whereas some bridges were simply high enough to allow the passage of the tow horse on either side, the roving bridge brought the horse up on ramps facing either direction, turning it completely around as it passed.


I still can't figure out how he gets a full rack every damn time.


And he controls it with his phone!


I'm assuming you have to look at it with your phone. Anybody know differently?


Helmet gun tracking system

Think about target practice with that thing while on the ground.


Is that even legal?



Big Bird Challenge

You know how I hate to send you elsewhere but this lady will show you how to control an attacking ostrich with just one arm.


Work smarter, not harder

Jokes on you, I’ve been doing that with my dick for years. Yeeeeaaaarrrs.






"Photographer and filmmaker Joey Helms ventured to Iceland in order to capture footage of the volcanic eruption there. During a pass over the mouth of the volcano, his DJI FPV was swallowed by lava and lost forever".













The obligatory photo of my first leave home standing in front of my parent's house.


Dr. WeTodd said...

Many years ago you introduced me to James Randi and his debunking of horse shit was one of the funniest things on the internet! His million dollar challenge is still up for grabs and not one person could compete a task of summoning ghost or levitate, Let alone be magnetized. "Tin foil hat" were going to become super human, x men style.

Anonymous said...

D4: it's called augmented reality. You can use your phone or special glasses. They even make wine bottles with talking criminals.

Burgervan said...

A1: She's not Her own person enough to resist having fake tits. lol (Yes. I looked it up. BOY did I look it UP?!?!?!)
D11: They look like Lee Harvey Oswold. hahaha

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