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Friday, June 11, 2021

FRIDAY #4552

One Of My Very Own

*Should I tell her?


EMAIL: ralh.henry.at.folio.olio@gmail.com



I took a nap this afternoon that was so good it will be featured in Naps Monthly and is the running for their prestigious Nap of the Year.


*How very clever.



Let me give you an example of just how bad that is:

A man and his son were driving to California to buy a car. They had the cash in the glove box. The cops stopped them on an unrelated matter then asked if they could search the car. They gave permission. The cops found the money and took it even though the man showed the cop the ad for the car they were going to buy. To get the money back they had to sue and appear in court for a trial to be held in a city far from their home. And in most matters like this, the local police department gets to keep half the money and the other half goes to the federal government.

On a side note:

I always cashed mural checks in the town before coming home. On one occasion I was asked to do more and more murals in the same town and ended up with $16,000 in hundred dollar bills. I unscrewed the trim holding down the rubber floor covering, lifted the covering and spread the bills out evenly before reinstalling everything. I was careful to call my wife to tell her that if I was in an accident she should send someone to retrieve the cash.


In 1821, the American Colonization Society founded the colony of Liberia south of Sierra Leone as a homeland for freed U.S. slaves outside of British jurisdiction. Most Americans of African descent were not enthusiastic to abandon their homes in the United States for the West African coast.

I think most Americans have no idea how fragile democracy is. Just because it has lasted two hundred years doesn't mean it can't be fractured now.

It's as if we are playing from Putin's playbook. 


That is a perfect example of 'prove it' gone terribly right.


Most of us have fallen into this conundrum. Hell, I haven't a clue as to what day of the month it is and often the month itself.




I once obtained a lockable bank bag to store my .22 pistol due to there being two small children living in my house. I moved away and left it on an out-of-the-way shelf in my attic. Two years later I get a call from the local police in that town who wanted me to explain. I did and gave them permission to destroy the cheap weapon. The juxtaposition of a gun and bank bag freaked them out.


You have my email address. I might be able to help.





I think one of the problems is that few people actually know what they pay for health insurance. In your calculations, remember to add in your employer's contribution.



Never buy a car the first model year.

I did and within a week the regulator belt in a power window broke and I had to take it in for repair. The next week another regulator belt broke and I had to take it back to the dealer. After inquiries, the guy said that the belts were defective and I asked why he didn't just replace them all now. He said he wasn't allowed until it failed. I asked him to loan me a screwdriver and I would go break the remaining two. He wouldn't allow that either.


I really like that movie.



I learned a wonderful new word:




*viewer contribution


*viewer contribution


His face speaks volumes.



It's almost impossible not to look at each and every eye.


"Look at me! Look at me!"




I am the world's worst at attempting to hit a golf ball.


When you see it...


This is the Polygone Riviera shopping mall in Cagnes-sur-Mer outside of Nice, in Southern France.

I like it!


I have a dear friend who is still using her old but functioning console TV.



Dated but clever.


I bet he had to shell out a bundle for that.


They really do have a TV on the ISS. I believe they are watching the championship game in which Chelsea won me money.



I want to see the next guy over.


Imagine being the first person to discover that.



Everyone needs a friend they probably shouldn't be allowed to sit next to at a serious function.





That was quite a story.



Most experts think that it is much more likely that a nuclear war would start accidentally rather than actual hostilities.

There should be statues of him all over the world.


They weren't even on their phones.




He did not escape unscathed.


I just don't think she reacts properly.


Now that is a dog lover!


Stupid bastards.


I wonder why the dog is muzzled.


Makes you wonder how he lost his legs doesn't it?




But wait, there's more...





What just happened? Whatever it was the little girl on the left did it wrong.



And she covers her buttcheeks with her hands. Oh, pleeease.




This was my friend, Padilla.

In high school, he had never been in a fight but in Germany, he learned that he was very, very good at it.

I once watched his back while he fought an army guy and after that, he was my protector. Many times we would walk into a bar and he would ask me if there was anybody in there that I wanted him to kick their ass.



Anonymous said...

One good turn deserves another.

Alex said...

the dog is muzzled so he don~t bites his handler. Normally the dog shouldn't because it is well trained, but sometimes the dog can be startled and accidentally bite the own handler.
In normal situation this is okay as the dog handler can calm down the dog immediately and the dog calms down. But when you are hanging on an parachute the dog handler might have other things to take care of.

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