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Sunday, June 20, 2021

SUNDAY #4561

 One Of My Very Own


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I hate when people ask me what I did yesterday. I don't know. I breathed a lot. Probably got mad at something...sighed heavily. The list goes on.



It's in the lower center of the dotted outline above.


I am fascinated by war. We all recognize the importance of the sacrifices of the foot soldiers, but wars are won by the planners.

This illustrates the importance of the supply lines in a Blitzkrieg.

Wedding rings stolen from Jews at Buchenwald

The ultimate in the demonization of differences.

^^A 3-6^^


Another example of the demonization of differences.


More on this later.


*viewer contribution




That is a very, very old joke. I first heard it in March of 1958.


I only missed one. I think you know which it is.


*I have listened to people who talk exactly like that.



How bold of science to only call one of my systems nervous.



At first, I thought they were farming them to eat, but then I noticed that the other stacks don't have any. Do you think it's an infestation?


MyCupCondom, the drink-safe and protected seal that eliminates the risk and dangers of having open-top beverages at parties.




I actually love banjo music. Think bluegrass.


Whitney Wolverine, an ‘Atomic Age’ influenced .22 pistol from the 1950s.

*I think it's a terrible idea to have lethal weapons look like toys.



Working From Home continued:

Hardly anyone wants to go back to the office but you may blame people who fuck with the work-from-home system like the guy above.

Here's another...

Shit like that has got to piss a boss off.


I'm a hot dog guy myself...chili, mustard, and onions like God intended.


Oh, look, somebody's got way too much time on their hands.


This is a cable TV remote. Do you notice the little protrusion on the bottom?

I redesigned the workboard I place across my new black recliner. 

The workboard is slanted and the protrusions on the bottom of the remote keep it from sliding off. How very thoughtful of them.

I drilled a bunch of holes to help cool the laptop's batteries and also to reduce the weight.

I used the last two of the solid brass handles I liberated (preserving artifacts) from that 1920s school that was slated for demolition and they let me use the rooms for art studios. 

I even used brass slot head screws which aren't that easy to find nowadays.



You can say 'please' and 'thank you a million times and your toddler will never repeat it, but if you say 'ass-faced motherfucker' once...



That is my beloved nephew wearing a 'beard mask' over his beard.

He - being a skydiver - would have aced the questionnaire in the first section.


Speaking of masks...

I haven't a clue.


I am a strong proponent of the value of play.



As a teacher of young children, this fine woman was my role model.



Why every teenage boy wants to be in a band...



I love how people just stop and stare at their fuck ups. I do that...often.

The cleverest thing I ever did was drill a hole in the handle of my hammer then tie a loop of cord through it. I put the loop over my wrist while rebuilding my father's dock.


Pregnant lady's cosplay...


Interesting how the Staples sign and her shirt are backward but the Dick's sign is not.




Lady With Emotional Support Cat


Just because you can doesn't mean you should.


"I'm a cleaner at the zoo."

"What do you clean?"



When I was young we called that 'Light in the loafers' but I don't think I should use it now.


But wait there's more...


But wait there's more...

The car guy blocked the farmer's gate and refused to move it...or so I'm told.


I'm betting the guy in red is the kid's father.


Dylan hears mom for 1st time.

Due to having profound hearing loss myself, I find videos like that very emotional.




There's a lot about this chart that I don't understand. You will probably have to enlarge it. 







It's been my experience that once a young woman put her hair in a ponytail, she was preparing to come in for another kind of landing.




I once told you about the ceiling above the ceiling fan in my daughters' bedroom that I painted. 

Here it is:

I have also mentioned that all of my 500+ murals were documented on slide film. Well, a friend of mine gave me a device that converts my slides onto a sim card that I can use to download to my computer.

And I have A LOT of slides...drawer after drawer after drawer of slides.

But please remember that some of the slides are 40+ years old and they were not always stored in conditions conducive to maintain archival quality...some of them are in a bad way. I will do the best I can, but can't promise the highest quality images.


Dr. WeTodd said...

Learned a new word and thought to share it with you

Anonymous said...

C12 - I think the reversal is probably deliberate. She hasn't come away shouting "Dick's have Dicks", so viewed in a certain way, she has it back to front.

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