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Thursday, June 10, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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The wife says we have to eat all the stuff we’ve collected from fast food places tonight. Looks like we’re having Taco Bell hot sauce, a bunch of salt & pepper, and a wet floor sign.



Any of you Brits know what that's about?



Here's the bit I found interesting...

*viewer contribution

"Jell-o?" I thought I was the only one to know about that.


                                                                                   *viewer contribution




Amen, brother!



Mass Burial at sea on USS Intrepid in 1944 following a kamikaze attack.

Those were their close friends.


[verification needed]

Zyklon B is what the Nazis used in their gas chambers.


Put another way - Should employers be allowed to exploit some of society's most vulnerable citizens?


[verification needed]



"Travel-sized Covid cure."

- Trump probably



The Sorting Hat: *Barely touches  my head for half a second*: 




So she dedicated her life to get back at a high school bully?


When you see it...


This three-year-old asked for a birthday cake showing the moment Mufasa dies.

Why? "Because everyone will be too sad to eat the cake and it will all be for me."


A couple of images I just don't get...

The only clue is this title: "Unicorn sighted".

Then there's this...


^^B 4-5^^


That guy just doesn't look like the kind of man to stage a goofy photo.


"Fishing" for water birds...


Mirror image.


As a foot guy myself, that freaks me out also.


I've never seen him not nail his role.


When you're new to a fighting game and don’t know the controls...


Two birds with one stone...


Look closely...

Stowaway lifeforms are a big nono in aviation.


This child is trying to convince her grandmother that the meal is delicious.

...or so I'm told.



Seriously, hear me out:

- A scholastic book fair

- For adults

- At a bar



Lake Cakora, Australia

Identical to the Nile Delta on a smaller scale.


Great Wall of China?

No, it's the Rajgad Trek, India


Spitting Cobra spitting venom


Ants spit spitting acid...

^^C 3-4^^

I never thought of that before.


No fear of humans? That tells me they haven't met many of us.


A perfect piece of evolutionary engineering...


Lightning strike victim.


I wonder who many hooves it took to make that sunken trail.


The artist, Vilnius, has put up a statue that offers a “portal” to the Polish city of Lublin, allowing people to see each other in real time.


Understandably these drawer slides were designed to remain in full view.


Do any of these images raise any questions?

Who is taking the pictures?

^^C 12-14^^

Ladies and gentlemen, I present human ingenuity at its finest...

The tire at the bottom was the genius part.
















That this child - me - was allowed to work on our nuclear arsenal should scare the holy fuck out of you.

I had just started growing my first mustache. It was a requirement in the nuke bay.

The patch on the sleeve is the F102 Delta Dagger - the first Mach 1+ interceptor.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:
Simple numeric substitution
2(b+h)=t , 2*10=20. T=20
2(a+k)=x , 2*12=24. X=24
Blah, blah, blah
2(e+d)=? , 2*9=18. R =18

"R" is missing letter

Burgervan said...

C9: Most Horses have 4. Lol

D'Ascoyne said...


You’ve got that all wrong.

You do realize that conspiracy theorists aren’t just the flat earthers or QAnon, don’t you?

How would you define a conspiracy theorist? Copernicus and Socrates were conspiracy theorists of their time by daring to challenge universal “self-evident” truths.

Today, the ones who suggested that Coronavirus may have been leaked from a Wuhan Lab were labeled as Conspiracy Theorists. And they, too, were censored from the public – in the news and in social media.

Conspiracy Theorists are the ones who pointed out that “Russiagate” was built on innuendo. (In case you don’t know, it was). And they questioned the double standards of MSM news.

Conspiracy Theorists are the ones who predicted that, under Biden, the DNC flagship immigration issue would get swept under the rug, the promise of student loan forgiveness would be forgotten, the minimum wage wouldn’t change, that the economy would slump and the US government, emboldened by the military industrial complex, would once again find a reason to draw us into military conflict.

Conspiracy Theory is comprised of both crackpot allegations as well as plausible propositions. But, all Conspiracy Theories have this in common: they recruit the inquisitive to question the status quo. If anything, that process is borne of critical thinking.

(And thanks again for the daily dose of bewbs.)

James Ölly said...

A1 - https://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/2012/10/the-best-of-london-undergrounds-spoof-signs

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