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Wednesday, June 9, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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Wound up on top: _ _A_

Stress test: _ _ _A_

U.S. city whose name is composed of two state abbreviations: _A_ _

Wind down: _ _A_ _ _

Raw footage: A_ _ _ _   _O_ _ _

Mobster's undoing: _A_ _

Places to take breaks for short: _ _ _

Weighed in: _ _I_ED

First of ten: _ _ _

Load off one's mine: _ _ _

By the way, can you think of two homophones that are direct opposites?


Police arrested 24-year-old Marcus Eriz yesterday in connection with last month's road rage shooting that killed a 6-year-old boy in California

This beautiful child is his girlfriend 23-year-old Wynne Lee and she will forever be labeled a child murderer also.

It's just all so utterly meaningless.




Sad that.


Is that true?



Catchphrases - all they have are catchphrases.

Ask them what they are FOR and they will tell you "Anything the Libs are against."



As far as I can tell that's true.




This pandemic has taught me to hate a whole bunch of very evil ignorant motherfuckers.



I find it wonderful how all food tastes so much better when cooked in the wild.



Nothing brings a group of assholes together faster than something that's none of their fucking business.



My very first girlfriend showed me exactly where it was and what I should do with it...and I never even thanked her.



That's true, you know.



*viewer contribution

Think about actually believing that Democrats drink the blood of children. A few years ago beliefs like that would get you committed to an institution.







People will grab anything when they're on the phone.




When ordering vodka is it 3 shots of Grey Goose or 3 shots of Grey Geese?



Boletus Grandedulis

You are not supposed to capitalize any letter beyond the very first one (e.g. π˜‰π˜°π˜­π˜¦π˜΅π˜Άπ˜΄ 𝘦π˜₯𝘢𝘭π˜ͺ𝘴 var. 𝘨𝘳𝘒𝘯π˜₯𝘦π˜₯𝘢𝘭π˜ͺ𝘴).

It was also stated that they should be cut off not broken off. It is edible by the way...or so I'm told.



Tree grows in an abandoned silo.

It even has crown shyness.


I find that photo breathtakingly beautiful but I fear it was photoshopped like this one.

I'm not exactly certain why it being manipulated would bother me so much. I mean the Mona Lisa was manipulated.


I think Mr. Zebra continued on his way without ever realizing how close he came to death.


I never knew any fish could crush shells like that.


Watch carefully...

It sort of water skis over to where it wants to settle down.



A squirrel would need to fall 4800 miles in order to die because it can survive terminal velocity and 4800 mile would give it time to starve to death.






Before and after the excavation of the Ancient Greek Stadium.


A guy made a photo tutorial on how he built this mailbox.

My interest was drawn to the fastener laying on the ground beside the mailbox.

Hog rings are used to attach identification tags to pigs' ears.

But they can be used for oh so many other tasks.

I have several boxes of differing design rings and I have used them to attach key packets to chainlink fences, twigs, etc.


Snake bridge, UK

This bridge has a very specific function that I will explain in a couple of days. Would you like to figure out why it's necessary?


A friend of mine inherited a pair of his great grandfather's cavalry boots from WWI.

(These are not the actual boots but similar)

What was intriguing about them was that the toes curved inward to better facilitate keeping the boot in the stirrup. He said it took some getting used to but wasn't uncomfortable at all.


1938 Dymaxion car.

A Buckminster Fuller design.

Fins were hot back then.

Think Buck Rogers.


How wonderful.


Egg separator machine

Can we assume the rejected eggs don't survive the process?


That should not be possible. Why not have a quick disconnect on the hose?


How cool is that!


This mover entertains spectators...


Wound up on top: SCAB 

( I initially wanted to put UPDO which I thought more clever)

Stress test: FINAL

U.S. city whose name is composed of two state abbreviations: WACO

(I thought about that a long, long time)

Wind down: SLALOM

Raw footage: ADULT MOVIE

Mobster's undoing: RATS 

(I locked into GATS which is a gangster's pistol)

Places to take breaks for short:


(I put BRS by, of course, misreading 'breaks')

Weighed in: OPINED

First of ten: Tee

(I hate when they pull that cheap trick)

Load off one's mine: ORE

The two homophones that are direct opposites:
Raised and Razed
(I thought of that myself)












When stationed in Germany, that was my roommate, Marques, who married the only child of the owner of one of the nicest hotels in Luxembourg.

After being caught for dropping a transmission out of a parked Corvette the judge gave him a choice between jail and joining the military. He chose wisely.

This is the church in which they were married - 


Suppe said...


That's easy for me because I have a friend who lived on a Narrowboat for several years. You need no clock: the exact hour of the day is meaningless, not to mention minutes. The boats are so slow that you can easily outpace them on foot, walking in front to prepare the next lock. The canals take you through beautiful backcountry areas. Really very nice, relaxed and scenic. A very fond memory for me.
The ramps were used for the horses towing the barges back when the boats had no engines. The path seems to change to the other bank of the canal for some reason here.


Anonymous said...

D5: it's so farm animals can change sides of the river easily.

Becki said...

Quora: "Can all the neurons in a human brain be active at the same time?"

Colin Gerber, Parkinson's Researcher "No, the closest you can get to this would be a massive seizure.

Think about it this way, there are neural pathways responsible for making you walk and neural pathways responsible for making you sit down. Your body cannot do both at the same time.

Pacemaker neurons having to be firing at certain intervals to keep your heart pumping and your body breathing.

Some neurons are responsible for causing your body too fall asleep, others for making you enter REM sleep, others for you waking up, and still others for keeping you awake. All of these systems cannot be active at the same time.

The regulation of the division of activity is very complicated. It involves neurons exciting and inhibiting each other, neurons responding to external and internal stimuli, hundreds of different types of hormones being released, hundreds of different neurotransmitters and peptides being released, and much more."

Unknown said...

for the homophone did you consider cleave.

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