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Wednesday, June 16, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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Man invents seat warmer.


Attempted insurance fraud caught on tape...

Where do you think he learned to do that?


Do beavers even have a plan or do they just see flowing water and think 'absolutely not'?





If you haven't cried in a walk-in cooler I don't really care what you have to say about food service workers.


Indeed. History should not be just pats on the back to the victors.



And yet Nestle' is still gobbling it up like normal.

*He probably just used one of the thousands of images from the last drought.


That is a most unusual movie. It was written and directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert - two men I would like to meet.


Speaking of...

I found this movie fun as shit. Nicholson nailed all of his roles.




This drove me up the wall for two decades.

Design guy, you don't have to be perfect but you must be competent. He more or less promised me that the letters would alternate in front of and behind and then he LIED!

They recently fixed it.

While I was watching the game to get a screenshot of the hat I noticed that this guy has a white circle around his ear.

Why wouldn't that area tan as much as the rest of his face and neck? 


The accompanying article: 

"It is June 18, 2019, Mihriay, a brilliant student researcher at the prestigious Nara Institute in Japan, is about to take the plane to return to see her family in China. She is fully aware of the risks.  But his mother begged him. By text message from the airport, she wrote to her uncle Abduweli Ayup, a renowned linguist living in Norway: “Each of us will die alone.  The love of God, our smile, and our fear are with us. " Once there, she learns that her father is in prison for "inciting terrorism". Aware of the trap closing in on her, she takes refuge in a hospital. Informed by the surveillance system designed to track down the Uighurs, the Chinese police disembark. In February 2020, she was sent to the Yanbulak concentration camp, near Kashgar.

 On December 20, 2020, she died there.  Like so many others.  Without knowing exactly how and what.  Swallowed by the night of a concentration camp system without image or light. According to @libe, three people attend his funeral, under surveillance.  The police ordered them to keep the secret or else they could be "jailed for revealing state secrets" and "defaming the police".  No one will have the right to come and flower his grave. Her uncle: “I started to denounce what is happening in Xinjiang in 2016. My best friend was sentenced.  Then my brother, my sister, my cousins, even my cousins ​​by marriage.  And I lost Mihriay whom I loved so much.  I couldn't save anyone.  How do you look me in the face?"

 How many Mihriay Erkin?  How many Mihriay Erkin will it take for our leaders to act?  For her, for the millions of persecuted and deported Uyghurs, let us continue the struggle.  Without respite or relaxation.  Let’s be the voices here of those who are gagged over there."


The moment the Israeli occupation authorities in Jerusalem arrested Al-Jazeera reporter Guevara Al Budairi and brutally assaulted her in the process.

And it's not like they couldn't identify her as press...

Many American Rightwing Radicals hate Jews but support Israel. Could somebody explain that to me?


I once had a brother-in-law tell a group of us that he shot Big Foot. He said he burned the body to keep the scientists and press from fucking up his hunting area.



Yeah, well my mother told me Jesus had to come down to Earth and die to save us from the original sin caused by a woman taking advice from a talking snake.



[ Schrodinger's Funeral ]

Everyone: *suspicious*




*I'm pretty sure I didn't really want to get so drunk that I slept outside in a wheelbarrow all night that weekend my wife was out of town.


Imagine the amount of insurance a place like that would require. Whatever the premiums were they are about to go up.


Teacher's "I don't get paid enough for this shit" moment:


Make a rap video with a loaded weapon in your Mom’s house? WCGW?

With the hilarious sound of the mother going Medieval on his ass:


With the sound of the male boaters' laughter:


Hell, I'm just going to go home.




Oh, wait, I work there.


I've never seen one this bad before.

And even after showing you dozens of eerily similar steel mill mishaps I have never understood why there is not an immediate shutdown switch.


Did you notice his trunks coming off?

More twists and turns than the Tour de France.

Would someone explain what is going on? But take it real slow like you are talking to a child.



"What motivated you to get vaccinated?"

"It's too risky to get sick in a country where healthcare isn't a human right."



Crystal clear water of Sardinia, Italy


Towers Of Bologna, Italy. Built-In The 12th Century. Over Time They Were Demolished And Others Collapsed. Only 2 Remain Today

It was stated they were built for defensive purposes but I'm not sure I understand that.


Medieval Town Of Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany. Once One Of The Most Picturesque And Pristine Late Medieval Towns In Europe. Destroyed On March 22nd, 1945, One Month Before The War's End


St. Nikolai Church / Hamburg (Germany), Gothic Revival, Tallest Construction In The World Until 1877, Bombed In Summer 1943 By Royal Air Force


The Late 3rd Century Tetrapylon Of Ancient Palmyra, Syria. Deliberately Destroyed By Isis, 2017


After the last series of historical images, I made some alterations...


My grandson needs one of those.

So I bought him one.


But with two wheels every time you stop you have to put a foot on the ground. How does he do that?


A capybara running underwater

I had no idea they could do that.


For 2,000 years, the waters of the Euphrates have washed over these magnificent Roman mosaics in Turkey, Zeugma.

For all my mosaics I backed it with a concrete drywall type board made especially for tile. This artist used actual concrete which seems to have worked just fine. Further, the tiles themselves are inert and will remain unchanged...forever.


I bet he is the life of many a party.


A technique used by firefighters for people that can't move on their own.

Standing a 40' ladder by yourself is just like that only reversed. The feet go against the building and you just walk in under it. But - not to brag - it takes a real man.


Well, now "Outswim it" is now off my 'How to escape an alligator attack' survival guide.


I bet the trip back from the store is a real bitch.


There is a lot of that going around...


Yes, I've tossed crackers to seagulls but I'm not so sure it's the same thing when it's a raptor.



That is exactly how I was taught to do it as a short-order cook.








*Remember that these come from England.



I used to take photographs out of the windows of European hotel rooms in which I stayed.

And then I would make drawings of them.


Anonymous said...

D16 "WTF" - Fish probably.



Inchworm said...

B5 - headphones rather than earbuds.

Inchworm said...

D8 - Notice the side pods, those contain wheels that extend when the speedometer drops below a threshold value in order to hold the vehicle upright.

Anonymous said...

D8-If you look closely on the sides, you can see that it has retractable wheels that also help stabilize on slow turns.


Anonymous said...

C5: Dude shooting gun in video is the dude singing the song in the video. Nathan Fouts. Crafty marketing.

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