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Friday, July 9, 2021

FRIDAY #4580

 One Of My Very Own


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The charcuterie board is Lazy Susan’s even lazier cousin.



The importance of changing perspective



“Nobody is against you, everyone is just for themselves” 

Not anymore.


Let's see what this man of God has to say about it...


Where did he hear something so illogical?

People would rather die than be told what to do.

But wait, there's something even stupider...

That fucking smirk at his brilliant insight.


I am appalled at the number of haters in America. So many people hate black people, Muslims, brown people, Jews, any sexual orientation but straight, etc, etc...Americans all.


I read a study that concluded: "The latest generation is losing all faith in Capitalism." I am very sorry that I didn't keep the source link. But from a 20 or 30-year-old's perspective, this country has fucked them but good. Imagine having to go hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to get a bachelor's degree. The whole fucking system is broken.


And for the average American even their insurance company screws them.


Yes, Switzerland has guns but what they don't have are ghettos. Ghettos where we cram the most desperate people in our society. Places with no jobs, abysmal schools, no hope of advancement, and only desperation. Desperate people do desperate things.



It would be interesting to know what future generations have to fault about our present treatments.


"I didn't go to college and I turned out just fine thank you very much."



That commercial insults my intelligence. Every single auto insurance company has let you pick your own coverage since at least the 1960s.



The first time I threatened to “turn this car around!” we’d just left the park and were heading home. The kids cheered. It was a rookie dad move and I still haven’t fully recovered.



My friend, Newey, has been at it again...



You don't hear the word 'hobo' very much anymore.


How very clever.


I painted something similar one time. It was on triangular wooden strips placed on the wall behind a U-shaped reception desk at a dentist. When you went in you saw one picture and when you came out you saw another.

It was a big hit.

Sorry, but I lost the documentation.


Would you allow the guy with road rage to have one of these? Of course not. So now we have moved the second amendment prohibitions again.


Remember those people who recreated artworks during staythefuckathome?


Yeah, it's supposed to say "heroes" with overlapping flowers.



So that's what her expression meant.


I could play with that for hours.

But I once stayed in a dorm with a clock-like Bill Murray had in Groundhog Day.

In the quiet of the early morning hours that sounds like a book falling off a shelf.


I've shown you this before but I just notice that it looks blindfolded.

And remember, when asked how they moved the statues the inhabitants said that they "walked".


Lamb Kebab

Street food is the best food.


I am a fish lover just about any way you cook it.

Fish cooked in my air fryer is the best.


A great place to hide snacks from your children.

You're welcome.


Can't you just smell that? It smells like the gates of heaven.



Restaurant manager: You’re hired. You start as a server tomorrow.

Me: I can’t wait!

RM: You’re fired.




Eviction Notice!

You have got to watch how this guy ridded his walls of mice!


That doesn't look the least bit funny to me. It looks like torture.



Herman Munster Frankenstein Lurch


Sad that he knows he will never, ever be able to afford one of those.


Anybody wants to explain to me what happened here?


Is that a movie or TV clip?


Back in the good old days. Not one of those people has ever heard of Covid.



A yellow card and a selfie!

But that sort of unprofessional behavior is not a reason not to let women referee a game - but it is a reason not to let THAT woman referee a game.


The kid is color blind and his parents were able to surprise him with @enchroma glasses at a ballgame.






I like to think about thousands of Trump supporters lining up to suck his dick if he asked them to.



Be the plant! Be the plant!






I was hired to commemorate the steamship that used to travel up and down the Saluda River in Columbia, SC. Due to frequent flooding, the wall was covered in a thick layer of mud. The funding source was supposed to power wash it but they did not. I painted right on top of the dirt and after ten years it's still there. Go fucking figure.



Anonymous said...

C11: that was a fun game! I had no problem with the selfie. Nor did any of the players.
It was an exhibition game played in pure fun between Israel and Brazil. It was meant to promote coexistence in Brazil and Israel.

The Shalom Game was played in Haifa to promote coexistence in Israel and the Brazil Legends also committed to other philanthropic work on the eve of the event, visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem and children at the Rambam hospital in Haifa.

After the game, Kaka told reporters: 'The goal is to spread the values of soccer. We know it can unite peoples and even neutralize situations of conflict'.

JimR said...

A5: don't forget about people who hate white people. I work in Atlanta and have been called honkey, cracker, ignored, sneered at, and yelled out for my white privilege by random racists driving by while walking with my wife down the street. I come in contact with a lot of racists and face racism at work every day. This behavior is not ok but is condonded. I'm white. If I speak up I'm 'racist.' I'm pro-Human. Let's get over this!
B3: I once used the word Bindlestiff in an English paper to sound smart. When thesauruses were passed out the next day, the teacher didn't give me one.

Steve said...

Meat --> Meant

Dr. WeTodd said...

Critical race theory is pushed as "white man evil" "dark man still enslaved to an extent" of not allowing any other color prosper because the white man is holding him down. CRT teaches that you're oppressed because of the color of your skin. History should be taught at the fullest extent in all aspects. There are more color wealth here in america than in any other part of the world. CRT is pushing racist agendas. Let people not be indoctrinated, but learn to be good people without a teacher or college professor teaching them that one group is oppressed and the other is the oppressor. We have used our constitution to get thru all this slavery shit. With out our constitution where would we be? Slaves? Good thing there were some smart people early on to figure this out.

Ralph Henry said...

I'm confused. If we teach all students the facts about the Tulsa Massacre, the number of lynchings, the difference in sentencing for crack and powder cocaine, etc, how is that advocating hatred? If I was called in to speak to a class and told them about the bus driver who made an old black woman stand up so my 12-year-old white ass could sit down - would that be racist of me? I don't think CRT tells anyone what they should or should not believe. I think it explains what happened and the students can reach their own conclusions.
As to the racism of others toward you - that does not excuse racism on either side. The "Yeah But They Do It Too" argument is justification for nothing.

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