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Thursday, July 8, 2021


 One Of My Very Own

*I knew kids that would do that.


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In case you don’t watch Crime TV let me just tell you if you’re going to commit a crime don’t take your cell phone with you.



Oh, the stories I could tell.



I will never understand that being considered the way things are supposed to be done. Never. 


"Let's tell our children what we did to black people."

Racists: "Oh, hell no!"


I used to write in locations that resembled scenes in my books.

I read that John Steinbeck once took a cruise with his family in preparation for a book he planned to set on a boat.

It's only natural to write about that which one is familiar.








Seriously, we all would like to know.


And they blurred their faces.




Watch very carefully...

So very many questions.

Keep an eye on this street vendor...

I think this guy's leg fell off...

And why is the grave guy chained to the ground?!?





How the hell did we sit cross-legged all the time as kids?? I just sat cross-legged to play with the dog for a few minutes and I guess I live down here now because there is no coming back from this.



And it worked! The people started eating potatoes BECAUSE they were conned into thinking they were expensive.


Washington to Maine Road Trip

The chronicler rebuilt his own bike for the trip.

Those saddlebags could carry a lot of gear...

And they saw some beautiful scenery...

But most of it must have been boring as shit...

And every one of those states calls themselves beautiful.

The caption on this pic was:

"Good thing my bike is gas-powered"

Was that a gag or is there something I don't know?


They are called "Väktarna" which means "The Guardians"

At a campsite in Näsåker, Sweden, these figures can be seen sitting around a fire (at night a lamp with an orange glow can be seen in the campfire).

I waited and waited for a stone to hit the camera.


Is that even...healthy?





One highly motivated dog...


Let's take another look at a fox catching a mouse under the snow.

Foxes have amazing hearing. They can easily hear small prey 4-5 inches beneath the snow. Once the prey is located, the fox dives in and punches itself through the snow. The mice don't stand a chance. Stupid, delicious mice.




Whoever came up with the phrase “It’s better to regret something you did, rather than something you didn’t do” sure as shit never bought their 4-year-old a whistle.



WWII Victory Gardens

People were instructed to plant corn, squash, and pole beans on the plot of land. The pole beans use the corn stalks to climb and the squash is a great ground cover to keep in the moisture.


I love tools.


I actually need one of these...

It's a Knipex but it cost $50. A little steep for me.


British Museum

*That didn't stop the guy from moving London Bridge to Arizona.


On my first viewing, I thought it was a gas pump, then I noticed this lady crawling out of the rubble...

I am rather disappointed by the total lack of apathy of almost every person in the video.



I want to hear the dentist tell him about how he hasn't been flossing.

I bet he has some stories to tell of how he passed the time...

I looked it up and it's true.


The moment when President Bush was informed about the 9/11 terrorist attack, 2001

Later at Ground Zero:

"Well, I can hear you...and pretty soon the whole world is going to hear from all of us."

I voted for that guy...twice.


12,000-year-old beer brewery

Basically ever since we developed human brains we've been desperately looking for ways to turn them off.


She raped 15-year-old girls. It's rape. She raped them. Rape. Not slept with. Raped.


My wife once complained about hearing yet another news report on Britney Spears. I told her that stories like that thrilled me because it means no plane had crashed, no mass murder had occurred, and no utility had been shut down by hackers. That's glass-is-half-full thinking.


This is old news by now...

The careless prick with a sign who crashed the whole peloton.

If you were a cyclist would you choose to ride right next to the crowd? I think not.



A friend of mine is a poet in NYC. A patron who owned thousands of acres of Vermont wilderness offered the poet one acre of his land for $100. An offer too good to refuse. He spent all one summer with his wife and son camping out looking for just the right acre. He knew he would have to cut a road to his property so he didn't stray too far from the existing roads. Then he found a piece of land with one of the few streams on the property. He marked it off and bought it. 

Every summer he spent building his house with the help of an ancient local retired builder named Ralph. They worked six days a week from first light to dusk - we call that can to can't (see). One day Ralph didn't show up. The next day when he returned they were sitting eating lunch and my poet friend asked him where he had been the day prior. Ralph tersely replied, "Wife died." And that's all that was said about that.


Water is getting sprinkled out by an Amaltas tree.

"This is called ‘Guttation’. It happens because of turgor pressure of the cells in case of excessive intake of groundwater."





"Gimme five!"


[verification needed]







I saw this tag and it brought back many memories of my years as a leather craftsman.

I made this wallet from a kit and my father carried it for 30 years.

As I recalled I made it for a guy named SCOTT then he backed out of the deal and my father bought it at a discount.

I like designing my own projects rather than kits. This is a case for 12 gauge shotgun shells.

My father took one look at it and praised my craftsmanship and work ethic and design skills...just kidding. He laughed and scoffed, "Why would you waste your time on that when they come in a box when you buy them?"

What a sensitive fellow. I was 14 years old.

I also got pretty good at carving miniature knives out of wood.

(Those aren't really mine but similar)

My father took one look at them and asked why I would waste my time on something like that.

It was my mother who let me know that it was okay to be an artist and while she was on her death bed I thanked her for it.


Anonymous said...

^^B5^^ Holy shit!

Anonymous said...

A4: Of the rails again, eh? The “we” you refer to must be you and your ancestors. Shame.
This is what you don’t get. CRT preaches if you white you are racist. There are no exceptions. If you are not racist and because of your heritage everyone keeps calling you a racist, do you think even from your high horse you may start to develop feelings of racism? CRT increases racism. Now try to be honest.

Ralph Henry said...

Dear A4 commenter,
That is not what CRT is at all.
Guilty white guy

Anonymous said...

to anonymous in regard to his/her comment on A4: I really don't think you get what CRT is all about. Where did you get this bullshit?

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