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Saturday, July 10, 2021


One Of My Very Own

I now think there should be a question mark after her comment.

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MY DOG: (sitting at the dining room table, doing his homework): 

"What does anthropomorphize mean?"




Well, if that building collapse in Miami is any indication all that praying didn't do shit - or put another way - God said no.





We are eyewitnesses to humankind fucking itself right in the ass.

Does that look like a normal climate cycle to anybody?







Hell, I lived in Oklahoma through high school and never heard of the Tulsa Massacre.


And that from one of the most conservative jurors.


*No, they are saying you're unpleasant to be around unless they are under the influence of drugs.


[verification needed]





– What do we want?

– To smoke weed!

– When do we want it?

– When do we want what?



A streetcar driver was driving along his route in Turkey when suddenly noticed someone in need...a poor turtle is trapped in the tracks...



*viewer contribution


My wife ordered me some of those. I do love my Cheetos.


The Dwarkadish Temple, India...Built in 400 BC




Speaking of...

Turtleville thrill ride?


Fractal vice for irregular shapes

I don't even need it and I want it.



Irishman Brian Boylan has an interesting huge hobby.

My favorite...



I once had a very good dog named Oreo. This is the only other one I've read about.




These guys are amazing.


There has to be a reason the propeller is on such a long shaft. Anybody?


So salty he won't sink.



When I was growing up with had a door just like that one. At night my mother would yell for us to "Pull the string" which would essentially lock the door.

Ours had an angled guide in the latch plate so if you pushed the door closed the bar would jump up and in the receiver.

The biggest problem was stepping out for a few minutes and forgetting to put the string out which means you were locked out. That only happened about twice a fucking week.

I've since made countless gate latches with the same mechanism.



The best thing young people can do early in their careers is to reheat fish in the break room's microwave.



I think that's caused by no one man being in charge. Dozens of technicians could just blame one another.




Caught red-handed...


It was reported that this poor guy fell asleep at the wheel.


Meanwhile in St Petersburg's assisted drinking community...


Got to be more Russians...


I won my first argument with my wife.

The discussion concerned her affinity for bumper stickers.

I asked her if she had the sole responsibility to teach her beloved niece to drive would she:

A. Tell her not to worry about using her side review mirrors? (my wife NEVER uses her side mirrors)

B. Tell her to cover half of her rear and side windows to limit her view?

C. Additionally, has anyone ever changed their minds by looking at a bumper sticker? Anyone? Ever?

D. With the number of road rage atrocities is it prudent to piss every redneck off on purpose?

E. Why don't I use my real name in my blog? That's right - there are too many haters out there and there is no reason to take chances.

F. Then I reminded her that I also drive her car and she is putting me in potential jeopardy?

She gave me permission to scrape them all off.








I blame the cop for tailgating him.





Johnston, SC wanted a mural concerning them having my tons of peaches per capita than any place on Earth. I designed the Internation Peach Exchange.


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