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Monday, July 12, 2021

MONDAY #4583

 One Of My Very Own


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I bet on England.


Okay, I understand having a penalty shot blocked by one of the best goalies in the game, but I DO NOT understand missing the whole fucking goal!





If she can do anything why is there no Money Laundering Barbie?



Why not put signs on the doors and on the websites and let the patrons decide?


The worst "generalled" war in the history of warfare.



It wasn't a "legal technicality". The prosecution lied and got caught and a rapist was released.


Think War Crimes Tribunals.


But wait it ain't over yet...

From the article:

"The controversial trading app was accused Wednesday by the Financial Industrial Regulatory Authority of 'systemic supervisory failures' and hurting investors by giving them 'false or misleading information.'"


These are the kinds of knowledge Critical Race Theory opponents don't think you have a right to know.


Finding the truth is so easy it's like people LIKE being misinformed.



I used to remind friends that "when you grow up you put away childish things". I have changed my mind and now think anyone should do anything to survive with less stress.


And then there is this misinformation factory:


I blame the government for not filling the airwaves with scientists explaining it to the skeptical.




My favorite chops ranked:

5. Chopsticks
4. Muttonchops
3. Karate chops
2. Pork chops
1. Psychopaths



Egyptian Gold Sandals and Toe Caps

How to know you have too much money. Today we have cocaine.


From the article:

"The couple uprooted the trees on their property—just a few miles from Joshua Tree National Park—in preparation to build a house."

*I'm not saying what they did was right, but what are you supposed to do with land covered in those trees? If the government wants them preserved then it ought to buy the land.


I love that.


Birds instead of hands would also work.


I watched "UFOs Declassified Live". I learned a lot most notably were two almost identical film clips of pyramid-shaped craft - one from this year and one from 1968.

BTW they don't call them UFOs anymore preferring UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon)


Homes devoid of any decoration or architectural adornment always depresses me. How did we devolve into beings satisfied with such the bare minimum in visual stimulation?


The South Shiretoko Brown Bear Information Center, a nonprofit organization based in Shibetsu, Japan, is taking photos and accumulating data by installing automatic cameras at two locations on animal trails that brown bears use, and is accumulating data. However, taking photos from the front has proven unexpectedly difficult, and the organization has succeeded in taking only about 20 photos that can be used to recognize the bears' faces.


Here's the way I control them:


I asked a couple of Ph.D. Electrical Engineers how I should store the books I wrote to ensure longevity. They both said hard copies.



I have asked if anyone knew if there would be any effect on the car's occupants and never got a reply so I looked it up:

"If you're caught in a storm while driving, you are safest in an enclosed, metal vehicle. (This means hard-topped cars with all of the windows shut.) If your car is struck by lightning, the current will flow through the metal body of the vehicle to the ground. ... Do not touch anything metal inside of your car."

*But that does not tell me what the occupants experience.


Robot camel racing

They use a remote-controlled drill motor to whip the beasts.

The operators ride around the track in cars.

They switched to robots when the UAE outlawed kidnapping Asian children to be used as unpaid jockeys. True.


"That's what she said."


That they only used 34 test subjects in their research gives me pause.


I'm beginning to understand why the UK is the way it is.


If you didn't smile look at it again.


Well, there's your problem right there.


I had forgotten the ending to this...watch until the end...


Falcon shares a meal.




An alternate Batman origin story where Bruce’s parents have slowly pushed off a ledge by Catwoman.



I haven't a clue.






His majesty the king of Sweden...

I bet that one lady doesn't vote for him again. Oh, yeah, I forgot...no votes are needed cause he was BORN INTO IT!


The depth of such breathtaking ignorance makes me a little queasy.


"I want a haircut to look like this."




Is that legal?



I find women with tats exceedingly beautiful.


And you people who have made it worse need to man up and tell them the truth.


As he calmly hands over the cart we all knew the coughing asshole was fucked.








Remove the decades of inculcation and they are all silly.


That should have probably gone in the dark section.



Practice makes perfect.




*MNBT = Might Not Be True

This is a ho-hum mural I painted in my hometown. But I want to talk about the sign on the roof.

He asked if I could paint the sign and I told him I would do it for $1000 worth of antiques. He agreed. But after I completed the sign he said, "I've been thinking." My eyebrows rose as I inquired, "About what." He said that he didn't think the sign was worth $1000." I said that it wouldn't cost him a thousand dollars since I was taking my money in trade so his price would be about $500." He shook his head and said, "I'm thinking more of a trade for $500." I said, "So, your costs for a 30x10' sign would be about $250 with your markup?" He said, "Take it or leave it."

I smiled and since I was standing in the middle of his store I said, "I want you to keep my $1000 and all I ask is that you never talk to me again." He opened his mouth to reply and I pointed at his face, "Not one fucking word. And if I ever see you outside your store I'm going to kick your ass."

15 or so years later my wife and I walked into a party and as I looked around I locked eyes with that prick standing next to the sliding glass doors across the room. I never broke eye contact as I handed my drink to my wife and headed through the crowd. Immediately he grabbed his wife's arm, dashed out the sliding glass door, and trotted around the house on the way to their car.

After all this time I will say the look of terror on that prick's face was worth $1000. 

I have named many of the villains in my books some variation of his name.


Anonymous said...

puzzle time:
the answer is 7 raised to the third power...343

1 cubed
2 squared
3 cubed
4 squared
5 cubed
6 squared
7 cubed

Anonymous said...

B6: I am one of those people who have absolutely no decorations inside my house. It's not because I don't like decorations. It's because I can't bring myself to put a hole in the wall to hang it.

I don't like holes. Just a thought of hammering a nail into my sheetrock causes anxiety.

Anonymous said...

B11:. So How Am I supposed to anticipate the lightning strike, so I know when not to touch anything metal in the car?
"If your car is struck by lightning, the current will flow through the metal body of the vehicle to the ground. ... Do not touch anything metal inside of your car."

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:
Cube the odd numbers. Square the even numbers.

1 * 1 *1= 1
2 * 2 = 4
3 * 3 * 3 = 27
4 * 4 = 16
5 * 5 * 5 = 125
6 * 6 = 36
7 * 7 * 7 = 343

Anonymous said...

A7: CRT You don’t understand how CRT is being applied in the schools. Here is some knowledge you apparently don’t have.
The party that freed the slaves and passed civil rights is being called “racist” the party that owned slaves, founded the KKK, and opposed civil rights.
The first slaves shipped to the american colonies in 1619 were white children from Ireland.
All ancestors took slaves, sold slaves, or were slaves. Black people owned and sold slaves. Everyones ancestors participated in slavery, it wasn’t exclusive to white people.
White slaves were being bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire, decades after blacks were freed in the US.
So they tear down monuments that remind you of slavery and then create a holiday to remember slavery. Anyway, Juneteenth is a good idea. Everyone should be reminded how democrats owned slaves and republicans freed them. BTW Lincoln was a republican and was assassinated by a democrat.

Ralph Henry said...

So your best argument is bringing up the Ottoman Empire???
I want my kid to know what happened to or by my grandfather and father to my great-great-great-great grandfather.
Sir, I am afraid you are an apologist for the worst America has to offer.

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Hole In the Wall Guy,
Try putting picture molding at the top of the wall and just hang the art from there. Stain it and it looks great.

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