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Tuesday, July 13, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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I think the secret is to find someone to share your life with. She will let you know very quickly that you are not the center of the universe. Then when you have children you will discover that you are the center of the universe...at least to them.


I know that's a little thing but it bugs the shit out of me. Why wouldn't a cell company solve that problem then advertise it to lure customers?


And just like the choir boy raping the church knew about and the church did nothing.


I say we put the vaccine in cheese or peanut butter like we do for dogs.


This is what happens when two conspiracy theories join forces.


Would you let that insane bitch watch your children?


Whatever it is it's a national embarrassment.


Speaking of...



Does it bother you that 52 full-sized teeth are hiding in the baby’s skull? Well, it does me.


*I got caught reading the book 'One Minute Manager' on a secluded beach in Mexico. The lady thought it hilarious.

Anyway, in the book a CEO explains how it's his job to makes sure all his employees work not sit in meetings. He walks around and briefs each person individually in about one minute each.



(some dark)






How to fuck with conspiracy theorists...


Then there's Wendy...


That means the cavalry is on the way.


Could you read the shirt?


I altered that myself!

Later: I made tear-off fliers to post around town.

Just waiting for a color printer.


“Throwin ya ass out in the sky.”

If you want a laugh you have got to listen to this guy!

I could only think of this...



Zombie movies are fun because you get to see dead bodies find joggers for once.



If the bottom of the tub already looks like pubes we will save so much money cleaning up pubes.




A hybrid species of wild boar and domestic pigs are marauding around Fukushima, Japan, which scientists have discovered by surprise after investigating the effects of radiation on animals.

A genetic study found that wild boar cross-bred with domestic pigs escaped from local farms in areas deserted by humans after a tsunami and an earthquake triggered the 2011 crisis at the Fukushima power plant and displaced 160,000 people.

For years, hunters have been tracking down radioactive boar, which number in their hundreds and registered levels of the radioactive element cesium-137 300 times higher than is safe.

Scientists at Fukushima University used genetic testing to track the impact of the radiation on wildlife in a regional DNA investigation.


I used to tell people that I had four brothers and sisters and we were so poor we only had one shoe...and we had to take turns wearing it.


What a wonderful photograph.



Even the King has to bow every now and then.

"Discretion is the better part of valor."

*Reminds me of seeing that prick who cheated me out of money at that party.


Absolutely amazing clouds in Florida.



I hate when I’m hanging up my clothes and I find an unused treadmill from 1981.



On this day: For the first time in history, the U.S. Navy promoted a woman, Adm. Michelle J. Howard—also the first African-American—to become a four-star admiral.

*That was from 2014 but I like to be reminded from time to time.


I think some people just take great pleasure in alarming other people. If you are one of those people then study up on climate change because it will scare the shit out of them.


I watched a movie where a team of assassins went behind enemy lines and took up position around a landing strip. Then the plane landed and Hitler stepped off. One assassin said he had Hitler in his sights and the leader told him that Hitler wasn't the target. The target was the very capable general Hitler came to meet. He explained that the reason they didn't kill Hitler was that he was so stupid he was losing the war almost single-handedly.

I think of Trump cultists every time I remember that.


And he managed to hold on to the baitfish.


*Yeah, well I did the same thing in Sex Ed in high school.


"You call that a punch?...


I've about seen enough of those.


A man with an opinion:

On human stupidity...non-political.


For you people who think the perfect tattoo doesn't exist...




Of course, I know the difference between right and wrong … wrong is the fun one.



1947 White Streamliner Truck, Labatt Brewing Co.



I once saw a car labeled General Sherman. It was burning donuts around Columbia.




Tool to wind up rubber band (1300 turns) to power a  lightweight aircraft for 30 minutes.


Some like it deep...

Why don't the sides just cave in?




Saving the harvest...

I've always wanted to know if that worked...it did...


Easy Lego sorting...




*Let me know if that works.


Smooth indeed.




I would love to hear him explain that to the ER doctor.



Ladies, if you have 'em float 'em. Throw those bras away!




This mural looks normal enough until you realize that you are looking at it from an extreme angle. The mural was designed to be seen from the intersection of the major highway, otherwise, it looks distorted.

I used slide projectors to enlarge many of my designs.

I used a very special (and very expensive) wide-angle lens.

It was very easy to use in that for every foot I moved the projector away from the wall the image increased by a foot. So if I wanted a thirty-foot mural I knew I had to set my projector up thirty feet away.

I also had an adaptor that would direct the projector straight down when designing on paper.

I also used these heavy sumbitches. I had two and a case of replacement bulbs.

When computers came out and I could print on clear plastic I got one of these. It works great.

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