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Sunday, July 11, 2021

SUNDAY #4582

 One Of My Very Own


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I have voted Republican more times than Democrat. I thought Bush the Elder's Kuwait coalition was one of the greatest diplomatic achievements in our history. But the Republican Party has changed...and it scares me. It's almost like they think pissing off most voters in the country will help them in the next election. 


Remember the Panama Papers? They killed her.

And because liberals want rich people to pay their fair share every redneck in America opposes it.


I have read everything he has ever written - most more than once. He is an American treasure.


If I found out all of Biden's merchandise was made in China it would also anger me. That's called having principles. You ought to try it.


We got a robocall that had highjacked our own number. We have caller ID on our TV and we both looked at our number on the screen, looked at each other, then answered a robocall.


Not a series but Stargate perfectly fits that description.

But I bet these towns (and there are dozens) that have GoT murals now regret it.



Thinking that the ultimate mass murderer is the God of Love is a real stretch. 

All those tens of thousands of babies couldn't have been guilty of anything.

But logic need not apply in religion.


There are functioning human beings who think that is actually going to happen to them...fly off into space naked. Oh, my.




*They storm the US Capitol Building.


*To some, Jeffry Dahmer was a serial killer and human cannibal. To others, he was a spirited chef with an adventurous palate.


And the current insurance we do have fucks most of us every chance it gets.


In the South, we also have the word "Y'anto" - two syllables - which is a contraction of "You want to?"



I’ve never done Russian Roulette, but I have been in a public bathroom stall with a child who knows how to open doors.



Lady truckdriver uses this trick when sleeping in her cab at night...

I hope fire/rescue never has to get her out of that truck.



A tri-wheel in that configuration is supposed to be very stable.

This one not so much...



Remember when we all thought this would be our future. But it turned out to be this...


I named the first bar I owned "The Bank" so customers could tell their wives they were going to stop by the bank on the way home and not be lying.


Notice that the tension on the bottom of the basket causes all the action.



Siberia (2021)

Willem Defoe

I wanted a couple of hours of mindless diversion. This movie is not a mindless diversion.

Unless you call a naked little person in a wheelchair in a cave in the middle of the Siberian wilderness mindless diversion.

But my attention to detail spoiled it from the start. Here are the well-manicured nails of a woman who has spent months surviving in the wilderness.

And then the guy slids off into the uncharted wilderness and there are multiple tracks laid out ahead of him.

It did have one memorable line:

"No small art is it to sleep."

Who goes to the drive-in theater in the daytime?

And I can assure you that the youngsters in the back row didn't come to watch the movie.

Oh, the memories.



If HBO wants me to watch a Game Of Thrones spin-off I want a personal apology for season 8. 12 pt font, double-spaced, no funny business on the margins.




I wish I could still dance. I loved it so.


Bravo, Doctor, bravo.


Something is about to go very, very wrong. Try to imagine what it is before scrolling.


Oh, come on...guess!


Could have been much worse.


A bartender figuring up one of my old bar tabs...



Do you think that would work?


I want to feel smug about it. I want to pull an 'I told you so'. I want to curse what life they have left. But I can't. They have fallen for the lie and ignorance shouldn't be a death sentence.


Real or fake it's still powerful.


This is his daughter finally looking up the warrant.


Might need to look at this more than once.


Remember when we used to celebrate decency?


I wanted to find out what kind of pathetic loser the killer was. His name is Nathan Allen and here's his description:

"He was married, employed, and had a Ph.D. and no criminal history."

What a fucking rarity. An educated racist.


I weep for the future.


People who take an anonymous Facebook comment over their doctor's advice should have their parental rights revoked.

Here's an actual example:

How very needlessly tragic.


And Wimbledon went wild.



We put a lot of faith in those teenagers who control the rides at the State Fair.




Melted siding in Oregon.

Just wait to find out what havoc a damaged climate can evoke.


Oh, here's another example now...

Hail storm in France


Do you think she's teaching them how to dive?


At first, it looked like there was a huge wave on the horizon.





I've seen that happen at one of my bars more than once. And they ALWAYS blame the chair.


I suppose.









They turned an old textile mill into a shopping center. I painted all the windows as if people were still working there.

Each floor is 15' so we were very high off the ground on the upper floor.

We had a homemade handing stage that was hand-cranked similar to this one only ours was 20' wide.

That bastard wore my ass out. It took like a thousand cranks to go up or down a single foot.


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