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Monday, July 26, 2021

MONDAY #4597

 One Of My Very Own





Yes, I despise such voluntary ignorance.





Walmart is a great place to park. But how is it that it's against the law to sleep in your car? What kind of a person would think that is a matter for law enforcement? 


And water extracted from the aquifer can never be replaced.



This is not how a healthy society is supposed to work.


All over the country politicians are taking healthcare out of the hands of healthcare professionals. Let's see how that works out for us.


I knew a guy who stole electricity for 30 years.

Being an electrician he knew not to fuck with the meter. So he adapted the pipe of these.

Inside the attic, he adapted that pipe and spliced in another wire, and connected it to the fuse box bypassing the meter. But he knew not to bypass the meter in the daytime because an electric company employee might notice that the meter wasn't spinning. So he only bypassed the meter in the evening and was careful to put it back on the meter in the morning.

LATER: Oh hell, I spent an hour and a half making this diagram...ENJOY IT!

DISCLAIMER: That guy told me about that 30 years ago. Today the electric company probably knows EXACTLY how much electricity a house with any given square footage should use. And if you fall short they will want to know why.


The nice thing about being on a diet is that when I'm eating less my mind is so much clearer and I can see that all that matters is food.




I will bet money that was done by her older brother.


Precocious ain't she.


If you don't get this ask your son.



Finally - after 13 fucking years!





As soon as all us Boomers are dead I want you guys to change to the metric system...for sanity's sake.



Meanwhile in Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands

But not everyone took it seriously...

Every climate change denier in the world...


This is an MRI accident, which we must avoid at all costs.

It was stated that the magnets are always working. Is that true? And what's up with the lightning inside?



Shit like that happens so frequently that each unit has a modified tank just for getting them out of situations like that.


"A nightmarish moment caught on video shows two women swinging at the edge of a cliff in Russia, "6,300 feet above sea level," when one of the chains of the swing chair snaps. The women, not wearing a safety belt, scream as the seat tilts and they drop out of sight. Fortunately, as terrifying as the video is, the lucky duo fell onto a wooden platform a few feet below and was helped back up with only bruises and scratches."



The drive-thru lady was so rude to me today when she told me they don't have margaritas.



I know I've shown you that before but who wouldn't want to see a half-eaten snake defend itself from a cat?


Sorry to interrupt you.


I bet it does that at every available opportunity.


When every yard of tilled land matters...



Theory of flight, by Edouard Taufenbach & Bastien Pourtout

Lining up the wires is cool.


I feel very fortunate for having lived long enough to see things like that.


Without Steadicams, The Shining wouldn't have been quite so creepy. It was stated that it takes a real toll on your back.


An incredible Feather Mimic Caterpillar from Ecuador.

It even takes steps back periodically to give the appearance of a dropped feather, moving in the breeze.



I like the way she clumsily drops the knife at the end.


The race begins.

It's down to two finalists.

How does it go faster than the treadmill?

I didn't think they are motorized.

Later: Did some research and they race many things that way - even cans.

So, to repeat, how could it possibly go faster than the treadmill?




[verification needed]





Why is he being filmed?






Most of my studio doors had a surprise.

One night I was awakened by cops asking me about the guy in my garage. I explained and a good time was had by all.


Anonymous said...

D12: first thought right off the bat, gravity.

With the treadmill in a declined position, The coefficient of mu (can't find the symbol) would be minimal for things with wheels.

But I'm sure if you made the treadmill go fast enough the vehicles would never reach the front end of the run, but it just the right speed they can appear to go faster than the belt. Keyword is appear.

The car that wins is the car with the straightest tracking capability and also the least amount of drag.

Anonymous said...

^^B4^^ I don't have a son to ask. What's up with this?

Ralph Henry said...

Dear B4, a famous fighter broke his leg. It was big new a couple of weeks ago.

David said...

A2 Minneapolis Minnesota a very Democrat city ( where George Flode was murdered)city council voted not to allow truckers to park and sleep in city limits.

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