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Sunday, July 25, 2021

SUNDAY #4596

 One Of My Very Own








I before E except after C disproved by SCIENCE.



This is the Bowden Spacelander. This was designed by Benjamin Bowden, a British industrial designer, in 1946.

Would this be considered art nouveau, Art Deco, or something else?



I love Turner Classic Movies (TCM).

Before the 1933 King Kong, they explained that ‘Skull Island’ was filmed at San Pedro, near to Los Angeles Harbor, south Los Angeles near Long Beach. With all the equipment and crew collected they decided to film Most Dangerous Game during Fay Wray's downtime. 


I remember being introduced to Christo's work in Art School. I immediately felt the calling to do public art. This was my first introduction to his work.

He even put some installations indoors.

With him and his work in mind, I saw this and thought it was one of his.

I even studied the images for construction techniques.

Then lastly they showed this image called Over Gaza,  by Alexander Ladanivskyy.


"4 in the pink 4 in the stink."

"Imagine the "self-love" with that hand."

Seriously, I wonder if a big toe could be used to create a functioning thumb as has been done in the past.



*That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of. A lethal weapon that looks like a toy. What kind of sick fuck thinks that's a good idea?


Tsunami 'Megaripples' in Central Louisiana Reveal The Devastation From The Chicxulub Asteroid

Interesting read.



It's just an IDEA!


Plasma Hourglass

There are no LEDs, the beads are phosphor-coated and electrified by the plasma, creating a lightning effect.


If I say "Save the Rain Forest" that doesn't mean I don't think other forests matter.

Just imagine if George Floyd was your son and it becomes much easier to be outraged.


Carnage in Durban after warehouse district looted.

The aftermath of one of  Durban’s main warehouse districts being looted during the current unrest in South Africa. This is going to be so bad for supply chain logistics - already long queues forming at shops still open and selling food.



Remember going to a friend's house to a sleepover and being stuck with the scratchy blanket?




[verification needed]


Because he could.


Buffets: A Tutorial

Scooping with a plate is an excellent strategy.


My father said that he dated one of Scarlett O'Hara's sisters while in high school. He didn't say which so I looked it up.

Ann Rutherford was born in Canada in 1917. So she's out.

Evelyn Keyes was born in Texas in 1916 but she could have moved to Alabama where my father went to school.

My father was born in 1914 which makes it age-appropriate. I'm just going to go ahead and take it as fact on that evidence alone.


I wonder if he's ever done that before.


Wait for the elevator...


I screwed mirrors to the walls of the dressing rooms in my wife's stores. When we moved them to another area of the store we found dozens of sales tags tucked down behind the mirror.


Imagine being that young man's father.


Who in their right mind would hang out taking pictures? And don't try to tell me that species isn't aggressive. If the cub were alarmed the mother would attack.


Here's what the sign says:

Can anyone tell me what the eye location has to do with anything?



The ultimate level of reincarnation for me would be to come back as a goat that gets to knock children down at the petting zoo with no repercussions.




How did Rambo's nose get so wide?


A Rubber chicken zip-tied to his suspension.

I once read about a rattle in a brand new Cadilac and after much searching, they found a Coke bottle inside the door put there in the assembly plant.



Seriously, Australia's PR campaigns are so much better than ours.



With a name like that he should have expected the abuse. And by the way, Walken is his real name.


The perks of hiring art students.




How very wonderful.

Question: Can a drone remain that steady?


Just regular Italian hand language...














I painted this mural in a restaurant. It depicts an old photograph of how the town looked in the 1920s. The restaurant is now housed in the store with the yellow awning.

The present owner of the restaurant is shown in the white shirt crossing the street.


Anonymous said...

B10: having the sign above the head helps keep the head back. So if you're looking at that sign your head tends to be back. If the sign were below your chin your head would tend to tilt forward.

Wrekreation said...

I'm enjoying the All Things Ralph segment. thanks

Anonymous said...

Photo a1, might be mid century modern.....

Anonymous said...

B4 ...... Evelyn Louise Keyes was born in Port Arthur, Texas, on November 20, 1916 (for decades she would deceive the public as to her real age). Her father died when she was two, and she and her only brother and three sisters grew up living with her mother and her grandmother in Atlanta, Georgia.

Steve said...

Puzzle: 51

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