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Saturday, July 24, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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Everything I do in constructing a blog takes longer than it used to so that instead of spending four hours a day I now spend close to 8 hours. This is due to site changes in everything I have to do and every change takes longer than it used to.

 I have shit to do and no time left in which to do it. Therefore my normal 40 image post will be cut to a standard 30 items (or so) until further notice.





My reaction when my wife asks me why I masturbate with my left hand even though I'm right-handed...





It's weird how noon and midnight are the only times that get nicknames. Dawn and dusk don't count because they are not a time but a phase.

I think 6 o'clock at night ought to be called Ralph because that's when I get to drink the first of my allotted beers.


Indeed. But as I understand it they are fixing that.



[verification needed]


...you guys are waiting until 2072?

Stupid motherfuckers.

Like most Republicans, this lady thinks she is smarter than all the healthcare experts.

This is the image in the mind of everyone in the civilized world reading about people who refuse a lifesaving vaccine...

*I wonder how many people recognize that guy.

Such incompetence is breathtaking.

They called my father's generation the Greatest Generation. What do you think the historians will call us? The Gullible Freaks? BTW - Democrats DO NOT drink the blood of babies.

^^B 2-7^^

Scottish Pub Reaction to Italy Beating England

And after the racist bullshit of the British fans, I'm glad they lost.


South Africa is not okay.

This is during a supposedly strict Covid lockdown, as infections surge to the highest wave yet. The protests - swiftly turned rioting and looting - are ostensibly in support of a former president being jailed for contempt of court. He has over 700 corruption charges against him but won’t appear in court. 

National roads, train stations, and major malls are being targeted, public transport is grounded, and tribal/ethnic strongholds that match the former presidents have become hotspots for violence.

Even the police are looting...

Is America next? After the insurrection on Jan. 6 I am more fearful than ever.


A line from a movie I watched:

"If you live an ordinary life all you will have is ordinary stories."

I think about that when I think about a dream I had. The dream had dozens of adult students in a huge arena that was packed with every art-making supply you could ever want. Their instruction was to make something that no one had ever seen before. As I walked around I saw people making ashtrays, coin purses, pot holders, etc. I called them over for further explanation and they said, "But if we haven't seen it before how are we supposed to know what to do?" I just gave up and walked out.
It's like in America, original thought must be avoided at all costs.


Today my wife saved $245 by not going to target for toothpaste.


That's exactly how I felt when my Italian girlfriend took me home to meet her father - the Italian Consul to Germany.



Otzi the Iceman's dagger with scabbard, 13 cm long, 3300 BCE

If you or I had to survive in the wild we would arm ourselves with something very similar. I would probably go for a sharpened long staff first.


The Oldest Orbiting Satellite

The Soviet Union launched the first leg of the space race in October of 1957 when the satellite Sputnik 1 became the first manmade object to orbit the earth. It was soon followed by Sputnik 2. The United States made a big deal about its first satellite launch, on December 6, 1957. The rocket that was to deploy the satellite Vanguard 1 rose four feet and then fell back and exploded. In February of 1958, the US launched Explorer 1, its first successful satellite in orbit. But Vanguard got a second chance and went into space a month later.  The Sputnik satellites lasted a few months each, and Explorer 1 remained in orbit for 12 years. But the Vanguard 1 satellite is still orbiting the earth 63 years later!


Since this is intended to be used by panicked, injured, and/or stampeding people, it seems the handrail should extend all the way up so it is impossible to fall off.


How nice...a human plus.


I didn't believe that so I ran an image search and found many hits.

I'm still not convinced.




Polish farmer who refused to sell his land to developers harvests his field surrounded by apartments.

Footage shows Michal Myslowski taking his combine harvester out in a field just meters away from neighboring properties in Lublin, Poland.

The farmer said residents are 'fine' with the bizarre situation and 'understand he has work to do', with one local even complimenting the view. 

Social media users have also reacted to the clip, which recently went viral online, praising Mr. Myslowski and saying: "Good on him."

A comment:

"Honestly, I'm surprised he makes enough for the upkeep on that harvester."

*I think they rent harvesters from a co-op.



Instead of canceling student debt, we should transfer it all to one student. One sacrificial lamb who bares it all for our educational sins.



As I stated previously, you could make an entire child's coat out of that one pelt.

I am assuming that it is the result of years of breeding and that hares like that do not exist in the wild. Anyone?


Alligators can survive during winter in frozen swamps by sticking their nose through the ice to breathe...

Why would he fuck with it?


Cunning little bastard ain't it?




Said to be bees attracted to tamarind.



There has GOT to be a way to do that with a long, long rope! And can I assume the guy with the camera also has a very large gun?


Just like they do it in cartoons.





Thank Jesus and the safety harness.








*And don't deserve a raise.


This mural is on the front of a building that housed an agency that aids children. To cover the wall in children's faces was accepted but they fell short on the fundraising so I drew out all of the faces but only painted three of them. We planned to add faces later so I painted myself painting the faces to connote its unfinishedness.

They never came up with the money to finish it.

PS: That IS NOT a MAGA hat.

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Anonymous said...

A3: Want to try something strange? Go down two blocks and take a left hand.
B9: Did you even notice who is doing all the rioting, looting and arson. Probably not. I was so inspired by the protests and riots of last summer and having all that white privilege, I went out and bought a TV.
B10: “It's like in America, original thought must be avoided at all costs.” Oh so laughable. Here are a few original thoughts: compass, printing press, internal combustion engine, telephone, light bulb, transistor, penicillin, contraceptives, etc., etc. But a few that you could really appreciate include the internet and the two most effective Covid vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer, each with unique with mrna technology. You seem to really dislike America. You should consider Cuba; socialism (communism) at it’s finest. There you can get free health care (bribes required), free education, free this and that, and 1/2 a chicken allotment a month. Not so bad; the chicken is subsidized. Alas, there are few civil liberties but plenty of classic cars. PS nothing is free. Somebody that works is paying for it.

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