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Saturday, July 31, 2021


 One Of My Very Own





And should your doctor have the right to refuse to treat you if you ignore his advice and get covid?

These young women are vaccinated...I checked...

Be like those women.




Bill Cosby is planning a new comedy tour. I bet there's at least a one-drink minimum.



Did you notice they had to enlarge the graph both vertically and horizontally just for the United States?

Makes one think that the American Dream might actually be dead.

^^A 1-2^^


That says a lot about the quality of the Canadian educational system.

What does it say about us as a culture that people would rather die and sicken their loved ones rather than do what a Democrat pleads with them do? What must historians make of that?

Tonight I heard a doctor say that with this Delta variant the "viral load" inside each victim is 1000 times that of the original strain. That means that say, you used to exhale 100 units of the virus, now you exhale 100,000. Further, when discussing plastic separator screens and the like, he warned that the new variant should be considered not like droplets, but smoke.

^^A 4-6^^

CNN regularly has a Republican strategist sit in on discussions. Over and over again they ask Republicans to come on the show and they refuse. How many times does Fox News ask Democrats to come on their shows? Seriously - I don't know.


I remember (but I may be wrong) that much of the gerrymandering done in South Carolina was to ensure more black-majority districts. And it worked! But the problem with it is that the elected Republicans - the majority - didn't have to do shit to earn the black vote - because their districts didn't have enough black voters to matter.


"Socialism" is a scare word used on and by people who have no idea what it means. If you ever encounter an old person who says they hate Socialism ask them how they like their Medicare and Social Security.


Every year it seems to get worse. Welcome to the new normal of climate change.

Orbital imagery showing western wildfires.

Look at the curtain of blazes springing up in Oregon! That's un-fucking-believable.

^^A 10-12^^


Don't ever be sad on a Saturday. Wait until Monday so you can cry on the clock. Don't let Capitalism win.



Bacon off the smoker

I'm having trouble thinking of anything more delicious than bacon cooked on a smoker.


I had a big van with side-opening doors like that. If you open both doors you can pee anywhere. Those doors came in very handy when spending 10 hours on a mural site.


I just saw that very thing on the first Terminator.


The ad read:

Animal print living room set for sale like new. $1400

You might want to look at that again.



Propeller Driven Shower Head



Friend?!? Every time I ask one to hang out it plays dead!


This could be your backyard. Maybe not for you but for your kids or grandkids or whoever inherits your house...if you plant the trees TODAY!


Does the gap between Idaho and Wyoming bother anyone else?


This is from Germany...

And that's why Chinese farmers prefer raising ducks...seriously.



I thought I was in a bad mood but it's been 45 years so I guess this is who I am now.



The very rare three-person wave.


Welp, now she has to go back and earn another degree.



"Don't try this at home" illustrated...


Stone Art by Justin Bateman 

He has a rather interesting story. Because of covid, he found himself strained in a foreign country and did those to busy himself.


Never forget his sacrifice.


In Germany city people charter buses to go help the flood victims.

My wife went to New Orleans to help the Katrina victims. And she worked her ass off for weeks.


The dangers of assumptions...

Street vasectomy?


Butter Slapping in France

I didn't believe there was such a thing and Googled it. There is such a thing and I bet it looks great on a résumé.













I was once asked by a very rich woman to solve an eyesore in her home. Her husband had a poker table that probably cost more than my truck but directly above it in the ceiling was the access door to the attic.

So I made it look exactly like an old safe.

I first painted it a copper color then sprayed it with black. Then I used steel wool to remove some of the black paint around the dial and handle to indicate wear. It looked very realistic.

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