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Sunday, August 1, 2021

SUNDAY #4603

One Of My Very Own 





I used to favor the term "Village Idiot" to describe people who refuse to take the advice of their own doctors and continue to endanger their neighbors. But now I prefer the term "Typhoid Mary". I used to think Mary was an innocent young lady who got sick and passed it on to other people. A tragic story of an innocent woman. But no. As she worked as a cook for wealthy families she did not know she was an asymptomatic carrier of typhoid but after infecting dozens of people the doctors found out and told her that she was a carrier of the disease. The authorities asked her not to cook anymore but Mary refused and infected even more people. Finally, they had to lock her in an asylum but when she was released years later she went right back to cooking and infected even more people. Mary was not innocent. She was a murderer.

That's exactly how I judge people who refuse to get vaccinated.

She is vaccinated.

And so is this young lady even though there was one slight side effect...





Those girls who prefer hanging out with guys because "guys don't start drama" have clearly never picked up a history book.







I blew it when trying to convince my friend because I got angry. I will forever regret that error if he dies.



Well, yes, Kevin, Sweetie, that is literally what a boycott is.




That would be me.


Why were we never properly taught how to fall? I mean I broke my hip with a fall very similar to that. But there must be a way to land that does less damage.


Social Distancing Taken Seriously


"No, I got it."


I bet the senior guy gets to drive that thing.


Just another reason not to do that in a public setting.



If the two wolves inside of you are Virginia Woolf and Beowulf then congratulations you are well-read.



Beach of the Cathedrals - Ribadeo, Galicia, Spain.

If I still had a bucket list that would be on it.


Watson Lake, AZ

(Test for largeness)


Context: "In 1 Year, Akon Did More For Africans Than Most Charities Did In Years: Helping 600 Million People" 



Osaka Yakitori Vendor


Do they mean human sewage or livestock runoff?


Who you would vote for eviction tells a lot about you as a human being.



I read that it is not unusual for an aircraft carrier to lose two planes to accidents on each deployment. My once brother-in-law was one of them.


An assembly line for making bread in Morocco

I never see an assembly line that I don't think of this...


Aluminum alloy plant in China's Henan province explodes due to floodwaters

Did you notice the numerous shock waves?


If you look closely you can see them exploding more or less individually.



If Jesus stood on a river would he stand still or be carried downstream like on a conveyor belt?



I had seen that before and it still got me.


Fill them in with dark grout and have something unique. But why are there lines in the concrete?

I would also recommend using leaves.

But for god's sake don't carefully place them. Just strew them about naturally. Trust me.


"1 owner"



I had a Dalmation once. Dumbest animal I ever allowed in my house.


3D LED Screen


Got a young child? Show them this.





Do. Not. Run. From. Police.


One of my all-time favorites...




NOTE: I'm quickly running out of these. If you run across something dark please send it to me. Thanks.



Even the dog knew that wouldn't end well.






I once got a call from a woman who wanted to hire me and used this sentence: "I want you to paint my whole town." The two important words are "My town" and "Whole town." I told her that I got a $500 a day consultant fee to come to her town and survey the walls and asked how long it would take to drive there. She said she would send her plane to pick me up. Inside my head, all I could hear was the clang of a cash register.
Here is just one wall out of dozens that I painted in the town. It depicts the town-owned train in 1925 when the town changed its name.

The people depicted are the real people who ran the railroad.

I watched as several cars stopped on the street on the left of the photograph thinking a train was about to cross.
Notice that I also painted the end of the building to look like the old depot.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: 50

Jon Crooks said...

A11 When I was young I took a Judo class.
One of the mail things in Judo is being thrown to the ground. We drilled this every class. It has saved me from injury many times over my life


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