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Friday, July 30, 2021

FRIDAY #4601

 One Of My Very Own





By the way, if you want to know what true patriots look like here are four.

Then there's this...

Did you see the testimony? What kind of a person wasn't moved by that?




My wife's Fitbit registered her panic attack as exercise.



I call that "Trailing Edge Thinking" and it has hindered advancement since the dawn of civilization. I have it figured that the people in power have everything they want, so they don't want to change anything no matter how desperate the needy multitude gets.


I've taught quite a few "problem children." After trying everything I could think of to reach this one boy I flat out told him I'm just trying to make a living and he is making it very difficult for me and if he didn't want to do what I offered then please just sit there and don't bother any of the other children. He literally curled his lip in hatred.

Well, this little boy got hit by a car and was killed. His mother asked me to be a pallbearer because her son "loved me so much."

When it was time for me to leave the funeral I told the mother I was sorry for her loss and she beamed, "Loss? Oh, he up in heaven with Jesus now!"


I studied the shit out of that in grad school. Here's the way I understand it: You can't advance until each level is met. For example, you are not concerned with finding a loving mate if you are starving or being chased by a lion.

At the top is Self-Actualization: The realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

But look how to make sure that you are feed and out of danger:


Might I suggest opening up the hemp industry and use it for biodegradable paper products?


My most trusted advisor thinks that deciding that a man could own a piece of the Earth was the beginning of man's downfall.



I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do everything I could to end this insanity of anti-science that is literally killing my fellow Americans.

Get your shots, people. I'm so over this.


A father told his own son that he was marked with the number of the beast doomed to hell because he got the covid19 vaccine.

Yep, I remember when every public school required proof of up-to-date immunization. Heck, they even gave shots at the school.

Conservatives: How dare you imply I'm not perfect and don't know everything!

Virtually every anti-vax nutball Christian got the full round of vaccines as a child. They're just acting like an idiot herd.

- What's next - firing pilots just because they refuse to learn to fly a plane?

- I'll be your mechanic today and I don't believe in changing oil. Once it's in there the oil should stay right where it is. Anyone telling you otherwise is part of a global conspiracy.

- It's bad news for people who want kids to die.

- Be qualified or get fired...what is this a REGULAR JOB?!



My woman's place is in the kitchen so she can smell the fish with olive oil and lemon pepper I'm preparing in the air fryer.



They partied like it’s 1769

Before and after of Altenahr, Germany.

Altenahr is one of the many places that have experienced extreme flooding in recent days. I read that places have flooded that have never flooded before.

I realized the floods were really bad when Merkel said that there is no German word to describe the destruction.


My British photoshopping friend sent me this.

"I don't know about the U.S but in the UK a slang term for cigarette papers is 'Skins'. Problem solved." 


This took me much longer than it should have...


A guy took this under his house...

And turned it into his wonderful home office.


When I first built my studio I was using a lot of slide projection enlargement and needed darkness. Therefore there were no windows. I now regret that.


I watched that a dozen times without understanding. I even took a closeup of the sign and it didn't help. Finally, I read the comments to understand.

This comment: "Smelled something rancid for miles at the beach. Finally saw this lovely sight. I think it's not so fresh" help me find it.


Have you ever wondered why geese are so mean?

Even the fish fuck with them.


Do you think the turtles even realized they were atop a great living being?



That looks like a little stick-woman on a stripper's pole.


How clever.


Robotic jackhammer cleaning old furnace chimney.

A horizontal chimney?


This is one of the greatest things I've ever found on the internet.

When galaxies collide simulations are paused to reveal real images from the Hubble Space Telescope.



Mispronounced words are honorable. It means they read it instead of hearing it.

*My embarrassment at mangling the word "ennui" still haunts me.



I don't really understand that but it must be funny because it was on the internet.


Not that there's anything wrong with that.


My friend, Rupert, used to challenge chefs to make it too hot for him. None could.


I think the kid hit him in the balls.


1-year-old Alondra Torres Arias passed away from pneumonia. Her parents made the most difficult decision to donate her organs in hopes of saving other children's lives.

To pay tribute, hospital staff in Monterrey, Mexico, lines the hallways as the baby girl passed them on her way to surgery.


*That one-sentence caption totally contradicts itself.


In 1913, Sarah Rector, a 10-year-old black girl received a land allotment of 160 acres in Oklahoma. The best farming land was reserved for whites, so she was given a barren plot. Oil was soon discovered there & she became the country's first black millionaire.

In modern-day Montana, there are farmers whose grandparents bought their land for mere dollars an acre. But that did not include mineral rights. When oil was recently discovered the government still owned the mineral rights and got almost all the revenue.


Client Concept Sketch vs Pro Tatoo Artist

I found that fascinating.


I bet that's the highlight of that lizard's day.


Animal sanctuary cows with the man who helped rescue them.


How very wonderful.




Did you know that the little arrow beside the gas pump tells you on which side of the car the gas cap is located?


I just realized that most of these could be used as a Public Service Announcement.



And they didn't learn a thing from that fiasco...




What a wonderful smile!




This is my all-time favorite painting.

And I found the original photo that I used as a model.

To remind you, I had them put on every bit of cold-weather gear they owned. But to capture those facial expressions I had them stand outside in 107-degree heat. My wife at the time didn't have a heavy winter coat so I had her wear my Air Force wool overcoat. And now that I look at her facial expression I would say she took the whole ordeal rather well.


ponder said...

That would be Hannah Barron from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCglTOXlHB-lhPA9_jofiZwQ

Friday, July 30, 2021
FRIDAY #4601

Women Younger Than My Wife
What a wonderful smile!


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: appearances can be deceptive

Alex said...

I reaaly love your all things Raph section. Please keep posting stories.

Did you also paint while you were in Germany?


Anonymous said...

Re: ^^A5^^ and shortly after that one was the one where somebody else decided he could tax the first guy's property. Fun fact: among the first known written records from a couple thousand years ago are tax receipts on beer.

Anonymous said...

Re: ^^C1^^ I believe that's Rep Jim Jrdan on the left. https://www.jordanscandal.com
GOP Rep. Jim Jordan has been accused of knowing, and doing nothing, about the serial sexual assault of students at Ohio State University where he worked as an assistant wrestling coach from 1987 to 1995.

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Alex, I drew mostly...no money for real art supplies. I spent all my money on trying to get beautiful girls to like me enough to show me their titties.

Alex said...


I see you've got your priorities right.


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