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Thursday, July 22, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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Due to staythefuckathome, my wife's new favorite books are all takeout menus. 



He wouldn't need any makeup for the part.


Another one is just for Margaret.

Many people don't realize that many big stars had their start on Twilight Zone.


1932: A prostitute at work in Quartier Italie, Paris. Photo by Brassaï.

On another site, I found this next image and just knew they needed to be wedded.




The cunt went bad on us.


1937: A woman wearing a special mask for fighting depression in a Smile School in Budapest. The school was set up in response to a "suicide craze".

*No word on whether that tactic was successful.


European Honey Buzzard

These things eat the larva of wasps and hornets. 

And it is the only known predator of the Asian hornet.

*You would think the bees would learn to go for the eyes.


How very, very clever.


1955: Betty White was "on" TV.




I thought that it was photoshopped for comedic value but then I saw the whole photo essay.


Tilting at windmills?


Bathroom signs at an Indian restaurant in Madrid.


I love cooking with leeks. They are much tastier than any other onion, especially in an oyster stew.


Every child needs a...you know.


It's called a cowch!


I've found it!


Is the circus in town?

Are the aliens among us?

Or was there some interspecies mating going on?


But I've seen that before...



1997: Nicolas Cage testing the Superman costume for Tim Burton’s canceled movie "Superman Lives".



The best place to be is somewhere else = wanderlust.






July 1925: High school teacher John T. Scopes is brought to trial in Dayton, Tennessee. He was on trial for teaching the theory of evolution, which was prohibited under state law.

*Yeah, let's put Christians in charge.


*Yeah, let's put Christians in charge.




April 1943: Japanese workers producing artillery shells at the Kokura Arsenal in Fukuoka, Japan.

So, in total war do you want to blow up a factory that makes war materials or kill the workers? In total war...both.



1970s: A South Korean soldier forcibly cuts a young man's hair in front of others during a nationwide crackdown on men with long hair and women wearing short skirts in South Korea.


Did you notice the interesting juxtaposition?


He's not even holding the guy's belt.


Another example of kids watching too many serial killer movies.


Scarecrow level = 1000

I'm thinking it scares more than the crows.




People talk about their inner child. I have an inner old man who says inappropriate things, judges everyone, and wants to go to bed at 8pm.




The passivity came from having your rights slowly stripped away, thinking if you just stayed alive one more day it would be over. Still happens.


The mass graves at Canadian Catholic schools:

I'm speechless.




This train had a malfunction and was going five times faster than normal.

Not sure where, and don’t know the outcome.



Watch carefully...

Here's another view...

Fair rides...yeah, sure.


A fuel tank explosion at a gas station.

And here is the one guy demonstrating exactly what I would have done immediately.


How the fuck did something like that happen to so many birds at one time?













I was once given the entire second floor of an unused elementary school building to use as my personal studio. It was the best studio(s) I have ever had. And luckily it was only three blocks from my house. One morning while driving to work I noticed rivers of water gushing down the street. Then I saw that the water originated from the fire department dousing the fire that had completely consumed my studio.

I lost every brush, hammer, tube of paint, and...all of my paintings.

I had recorded every painting on an index card on which I noted the pertinent data plus a slide of it.

The index cards and slides were stored in an oak card catalog drawer from a library.

In the days that followed I rummaged through the ruins and saw what looked like a burned loaf of bread. When I toed it with my boot it separated and there was what was left of the index cards.

The theory was that the drawer was open and the fire hoses simply filled it with water. The index cards were still readable but the water from the fire hoses had completely ruined the slides.

I framed a few of those index cards and have them in my home as a reminder.
My catalog book (that I kept in my home office) had page after page of paintings there were destroyed in the fire.

That fire was one of the reasons I became a muralist. From that day forward I intended to sell my work before I painted them and in such a way it couldn't easily be destroyed.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: The answer is c.
It doesn't fit the six, five, one, two sequence.

Burgervan said...

Notecard One-liners: Stars are Arseholes. they are the main cause of global warming and they go on burning Hydrogen and Helium like there was no tomorrow. That's why there's NO Green stars. 😂

Son of Reep said...

Puzzle time: The answer is C
Opposite sides of a die always add up to seven
The six and the one are not opposite on die “C”

Anonymous said...

Dr. Tony: Don't mask, wear a mask, make that 2 masks, add googles, vaccine let's you get back to normal, but socially distance after vaccine and wear a mask, stay indoors, no wait, go outside, get vaccinated so my vaccine will protect me, the virus came from bats but now i think it could have been a lab in China, NIH never funded "gain of function" but US tax payers did send $ to china for virus research (that not disputed but still pure stupidity then consider how much of our Rx they control)...on and on just guessing and maybe lying. You are too smart to call this science....aren't you?

Ralph open up...claim to look for the truth...give this a listen....CRT is preaching racism and increasing it. This isn't the best on CRT but...
FYI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfUH96yXFiE

D'Ascoyne said...

Why don't workers get the benefit of rising productivity?

Do you mean why they don't get to share the profits?

The workers don't share in the profits because they don't own the business.  They didn't pay for the land, the construction or the equipment.  They didn't figure out the building codes or permits nor did they plan the business model, workflow, marketing or distribution.  They didn't  foot any of the initial capital. 

They also incur none of the risk nor liability.  If the plant were to shut down they would look for a new job.  The owner incurs the loss of his investment as well as being responsible for remaining debt. If the company is sued, the owner is the one who has to fight the civil or criminal lawsuit. The owner is also potentially liable for hazardous work conditions of its employees.The worker doesn't have to worry about any of that.

Let us also not forget that, if a worker wants to share in the profit, they are free to put in their own capital to become shareholders.  Purchasing shares buys you some of the privilege of ownership.

Being an employee means you are paid for your service at a contract rate. Period.  Should an Uber driver have to share his profits with the mechanic that maintains his car?

Ralph Henry said...

So, D', you are cool with the government giving food stamps, Medicaid, and rental assistance to a man or woman working their ass off for 40 hours? Since records have been kept rising productivity meant a rise in pay...until now. The system works EXACTLY like you described it and the system is broken.
We called these same people essential workers - the cashiers and food prep people who worked through the pandemic. Now we continue to pay them a wage that they simply can't live on.

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