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Thursday, July 29, 2021


 One Of My Very Own








They offer you these alternatives:

Go Cheez-its!

*BTW: On Dec. 29, 1972, Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 crashed in the Florida Everglades. My brother-in-law was an Eastern mechanic based in Miami and he, all the baggage handlers, and even ticket counter personnel were taken by bus out into the Everglades to pick up body parts. They were ringed by armed men who kept the alligators at bay.

They fired him several weeks later for taking a half roll of tape home with him.


I turned my Adblock off. 

In composing my blogs I use several sites that only make money from the ads on their site. I do not want to lose access to these sites because they don't have enough money.



My father used to lash us with his belt. I will never forget the sound of the belt cracking as it was yanked through the belt loops. Our biggest transgression that always resulted in punishment was laughing at the dinner table. For that reason, I strongly encouraged my own kids to laugh any time they found something funny.


Before covid, I would have never guessed there were so many ignorant motherfuckers in this country. It's a national embarrassment that will take decades to heal our worldwide reputation.


There is actually a rule that women have to have their butts exposed to play beach volleyball… probably made up by men.

This is what the men's volleyball teams wear.

Here's an idea whose time has come...

It's a goose/gander thing.


It's all about the money...the planet be damned.

And when the shit hits the fan with full fury don't you dare say you didn't know about the dangers of climate change because we ALL KNOW! Some of you just choose to ignore all the evidence.



I always adopt mutts. Trust me when I say they make the most loving pets.


How is it that many people not only vote against their own self-interest but also against the interests of their children and grandchildren?


Nice try, Joe. I blame myself for not having the right words to sway my anti-vaccine friend into getting a vaccine. If he dies I will feel somewhat responsible.



Do any of you smokers ever just sit and think about all the cigarettes you lit backward?






Old Coin Purses

The internet has ruined me.





*Words fail me.



Have you ever been serenading a woman and a naked man came to the window to tell you to shut the fuck up?



5'7" Purdue WR shows off unreal 42.5-inch Vertical.


Who is training whom?


Giant Flying Squirrel

The flasher of the animal kingdom.


The Appalachian Mountains are older than the Atlantic Ocean. Plate tectonics ripped the original chain apart.


Any idea as to why?


1895: Mark Twain, Helen Keller, and friends.

The guy standing - that's how big my mustache looks without my beard. I wore it that way for exactly two weeks.


June 1975: President Gerald Ford and Pele muck around in the Rose Garden. Fun fact: No one in this photo was ever elected President.


July 1955: The Disneyland parking lot on opening day. 


The Cloud Gate (The Bean) in Millennium Park, Chicago

Underneath the Cloud Gate...

I had no idea.



If you have to wear both mask and glasses you may be entitled to condensation.



During World War II we were united to fight Nazis. During Vietnam young men were whisked off against their will to fight in a war they didn't understand. Nowadays many of us refuse to do anything to ensure the collective good.


This happens many more times than I would have thought. I bought a knife with an antler handle and every time I use it I think of those poor bastards with another poor bastard's head on their head.


Hurricane Katrina crosshair

Here's what it means:

Over half of the dead had a functioning automobile in the driveway...but did not evacuate.


One would think that they have done that before. One would also think they could have come up with a safer way to do it.


Using a decoy seal to capture a shark attack

I don't think smacking it with its tail was an accident.


One South African supermarket found a novel way to deal with looters.

(Please excuse the arrow. I have no idea what it's supposed to be pointing at)

Those were bottles of cooking oil spread on the floor.

They might steal something but they won't be running away.


4 shot outside Nationals Park during Nationals-Padres game

The videos in the Source are absolutely chilling.

And we all know what the problem is...bad guys with easy access to guns.

If you were inventing a country from scratch, what would you do to solve that problem?


Hisarak, Afghanistan

I am utterly fascinated by the power and swift onset of flash floods.


Red wine cistern catastrophically ruptures at a Sicilian winery

You would think there would be backups on top of backups on top of backups to keep that from happening.











Read Me



The other day my wife came home and told me she saw some crates on the side of the road in an affluent residential area - she does things like that often. When I drove down there I found two personal property shipping crates for military personnel very much like this one.

The ones I found was about 18"x18"x36" and it was very much distressed but still functional. I discovered pretty quickly that when dismantling them the last piece to be put on had to be the first piece taken off. After very carefully separating it (I only fucked up one board) I made a new toy box for a very special little girl.

It's almost exactly twice the dimensions of the original two except for the length which I couldn't do anything about.

I was careful to place the well-worn exterior face of the crates to the outside of the toy box.

The matching dark-light-dark configuration of the boards on the front and lid was a  total accident...but I like it.

I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I had made a mistake. I was thinking like a grown man but the box would be used by a small child. Now go back and look at the finished box and see if you can detect my error.


The handle should be on the front of the lid - not on the top where she wouldn't be able to reach it once the lid was half-opened.

I left the shipping tags from the original crates' travels around the world.

I want the box to be her first and very personal introduction to the reuse of resources. 

I left the screw holes to reinforce its "crateness".


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: more than meets the eye

ponder said...

You don't have to turn your adblock off, you should be able to selectively whitelist site.

I use uBlock Origin which is available for Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Opera, Firefox.

I turned my Adblock off.
In composing my blogs I use several sites that only make money from the ads on their site. I do not want to lose access to these sites because they don't have enough money.



Anonymous said...

D4: they have done that before. Many times. They are doing it the fun way.

Anonymous said...

C5: I looked at the photos online. They were obviously used as fill.
Whoever did it just used what they had access to.

Anonymous said...

B4: LOL!

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