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Wednesday, July 28, 2021


 One Of My Very Own





These young women are vaccinated.

These women have not been vaccinated...

Don't be stupid...on purpose.




SARGASM: When the urge to make a sarcastic reply is so overwhelming you can only roll your eyes and grunt incoherently.



I don't behoove him for using his money any way he pleases. I do behoove a system that allows him to pay no taxes.

I had a commenter explain that they pay no taxes because their tax returns always show a loss. If that's true then how did Bezos amass more money than anyone in history?

^^A 1-2^^

German politicians: "We don't want to risk our industry with green politics..."



A former homeless encampment in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, has been transformed into a village of tiny homes with enough space to house 200 homeless people.


But look on the bright side...

Do I want anyone to die? No. But if somebody MUST die let it be the dumbest people on the planet.


France taking vaccines seriously...


I solve lots and lots of puzzles and I don't like to be beaten. I solve all my puzzles (of all types) in red ink and if I fuck it up I cross out all my previous answers with red ink then try again in black ink.

But for the first time, a puzzle beat me on my second attempt. So I hauled out the graph paper, copied the original clues, and tried again. This last time I beat it.

I don't like to lose.



History Essay in 2041:

Explain the disastrous results of misinformation and misguided patriotism during the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020.



The one indicator of a superior army is training.

And the American military trains constantly.


If I designed women's clothing...


So, women do this too...


This is not me but I sure wished it was...

I want to live long enough to give my grandson his first shooting lesson.


A tree grows in Brooklyn, Chance DeVille

Who puts graffiti on such a magnificent living thing?


Kilt Overalls


There are two kinds of face decorating...

And what my wife would do...

^^B 7-8^^

Happy 86th Birthday to Donald Sutherland, the Canadian actor known for his roles in films such as The Dirty Dozen, M*A*S*H, Klute, The Hunger Games, and the Academy Award-winning, Ordinary People.

He named his four sons, including actor Kiefer Sutherland, after directors, like Robert Redford, with whom he has worked. (1935)

'Kelly's Heroes' wouldn't have been the same without him, IMHO. Great German politicians:" we don't want to risk our industry with green politics..."

movie but his performance was the icing on the cake.

*I think that Kelly's Heroes is a great movie. Even Don Rickles made his mother proud.


The driver survived with only minor injuries...or so I'm told.



Can you remember waving goodbye to your friends when you got kicked out of a bar?




Another example of 'I'm a printer, not a proofreader'?

I have long advocated flushing toilets with rainwater collected in attics.

^^C 1-3^^

BlueChew offers chewable tablets that can help men get stronger and longer-lasting erections. 


[verification needed]


This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is no lay-up. But if you beat it, you could win $1 million.

Once the puzzle is completed, just snap an image of the QR code with your phone, which will unlock a secret website. Then, you enter the secret code you'll find unassumingly stashed in each box, enter the secret code on the website — and you might win $1 million. No, seriously — $1 million. Someone's gonna win it. And there's no reason it couldn't be you.



Do you see the little face? It kind of looks like this...

...only done with his legs.

This is how they x-ray a parrot... 

^^C 7-9^^

Do you think a home owner's insurance policy would cover that?


Tokyo wakes up to a sky-high floating head staring back at them

It turned out to be a hot air balloon. Created by Me (translated to "eye" in English) – an art collective in Japan that includes three core members – the surreal experience lasted for a few hours before disappearing from the public eye. If only every day could bring such surprise and amusement.



Fuck it. You do what you gotta do.


When women finally get their pants with functional pockets...


It looks like someone who farted in an elevator.


Nice photograph.


Lion-el Messi?













This is a mosaic mural I did at a hotel at the beach.

I used my then-wife and children as models (far right). Note the future rocket scientist reading a book...at the beach...

I like that mural very much.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: wave

Suppe said...

I use dots for the candidates in Sudoku. A dot in the top left corner indicates the 1, top right corner indicates the 3, a 5 would be indicated by a dot in the center, etc.
When I finally fill in, I can still read the number even if there were 5 dots previously.


Steve said...

Might want to double check your sudoku solution. The bottom right section is not quite right. :-)

Anonymous said...

a1-2: Owned stock in Amazon. Won't be taxed until it's sold. Just like your 401k or IRA. You can do the same. Buy some AMZN. When it appreciates don't sell it and make sure you tell your neighbors so they can enjoy your good fortune with you. Oh, and take loans to live on.

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