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Tuesday, July 6, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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One hundred years ago...

And in the better late than never department...




Recipes should include photos of the mess you have to clean up after cooking.



(Or Things I Didn't Know Yesterday)

A Shield for Cavalry Horses

By 1900, when Franz and Konrad Hieke of Philadelphia received their patent, horse-mounted cavalry was fading away as a useful battlefield tool. Horses were far too vulnerable to the volume and accuracy of bullets that modern guns could deliver.

Nonetheless, the Hieke brothers, who were from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, devised a means to extend the life of cavalry horses and their riders. This frame provides a forward-facing shield to deflect bullets, a window to see through, and a sharp spike to encourage enemies to flee.


I would probably do the same thing.


The ruins of the the13th century Castle Coeffin built on the former site of a Viking fortress, located in Scotland.

Think about seeing that during your daily morning commutes.


[verification needed]

I'm proud of those young people who are on strike to improve their quality of life.


On a side note - I bet the stupid bastard isn't vaccinated because, you know, that would give the libs a win and that's what matters most.


I read about that at the time.

It was explained that it was short, easy to remember, and spells the same frontward and backward, i.e. the perfect name.


The Lamborghini Marzal (1967)

Why all-glass doors. Anybody?

They would surely limit the car head on the way home from the club.


Astronauts cannot wash their clothes in space because there is no gravity in that place. And so they just throw away their clothes when they are done with it, and they let it burn up in the atmosphere with the discarded cargo. Now NASA has partnered with P&G, and the latter will send up some detergent that is said to be “custom-made for space” at the end of this year. The enzymes and the other ingredients will then be observed for six months. Stain-removal pens and wipes will also be sent up in May next year.


These are the first fruit from my peach tree.

The squirrels got most of them.


World Nomad Games are an international sports competition dedicated to ethnic sports practiced in Central Asia. The first three World Nomad Games were held in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan; however, Turkey has been announced as the host of the fourth games.


Those are real things.


A follow-up comment said that he didn't want to be loved he just didn't want to be killed.


It's even more amazing (amusing?) that God needed a giant sticky note in the sky to remind himself not to murder everyone again.






This picture was part of a medical nurse's guide released in 1901: "How to fix a patient who has panic fear of injection."


She can take the vaccine and continue work in a field where you interact with sick and immunocompromised people daily, or get the fuck out.



A very wise person did not circumcise her son and will let him make that decision when he turns 18. Brilliant.


So, she never...you know...?


Why Do Baseball Players Wear Stirrups?

In the mid-1800s, ballplayers were prone to wearing uniforms that had pants extending all the way to the top of the shoe. Then, in 1868, the players of the Cincinnati Red Stockings decided to make a fashion statement by hiking their pants up to just under the knees, knickers-style. Other teams followed suit in the belief that a shapely calf might excite female fans attending the game. (Remember, this was the 1800s.)


That Time When A Solar Storm Set Off The Magnetic Sea Mines In Vietnam

August 4, 1972. The naval mines that the United States had planted in the sea off the port of Haiphong, Vietnam, remained undisturbed. The mines were designed to be sensitive to changes in the magnetic field brought by the presence of large iron objects, like the hull of a ship. On this day, the sea was clear, but something unexpected happened; the sea mines went off simultaneously. What could have triggered the explosions? This phenomenon remained a mystery for the public, as this case was classified by the US Navy. Now, the case is declassified, and a group of civilian researchers has finally solved it. The cause was apparently a very powerful solar storm.


Meanwhile, at a Florida petting zoo...

I wouldn't care if that thing's mouth was sewn shut I would not allow my child in the same room.

But wait...there seems to be an epidemic of this clownishness...

This is the nature of the beasts...

What do they usually feed it? Blondes?



My wife told me she bought us some guacamole balls. Avocados. She bought avocados.



What Santa gets up to for the other 364 days of the year...

                                                                                   *viewer contribution

My friend has begun to sign his work.





Did you initially see a naked man?



A dog has doubts about the mime...



I nominate that for the Headline of the Year!


I think "debauchery" is a great word.


Are you glad to see me or...







It was asking for it.


Not many people know this, but LeVar Burton did his own stunt for that scene. He did it for the fans. He did it for us.


Did you notice his socks?


I love it!!


When their wings are too wet to fly, they swim...

Using more or less the same muscles.


Southwest 1587 DEN to STL 6/24/21

I imagine that's what nighttime battlefields look like.


Can we assume the hands are attached to the glass and it's the glass that rotates?


Mark Zuckerberg rides a waterski waving an American flag to the tune of John Denver



The easiest way to find out if a movie is on Netflix is to ask yourself if you want to watch it. If the answer is yes then it's not on Netflix.






Christians are really good about skipping over the shit they don't want to do.


 There's a lot of broken frying pans out there...





And the insurance we do have isn't worth a shit...



I was called in to paint a mural on the side of the only drug store in that town. Then the city wanted a mural concerning their Sheep Festival. Finally, a hardware/furniture/appliance store wanted a mural on their back wall. 

When I sold the city on my idea for the sheep mural I asked where I could go to photograph some sheep. Nobody knew. I asked why they had a sheep festival with no sheep and the mayor said, "That was the only thing not taken."

They used geese for the dogs to herd.

I was in Falmouth a long, long time but returned home with a shit load of hundred-dollar bills. I wrote this weeks ago to describe my drive home:

On a side note:

I always cashed mural checks in the town before coming home. On one occasion I was asked to do more and more murals in the same town and ended up with a shitload of cash. I unscrewed the trim holding down the rubber floor covering, lifted the covering, and spread the bills out evenly before reinstalling everything. I was careful to call my wife to tell her that she should send someone to retrieve the cash if I was in an accident.


Anonymous said...

B22: no, we cannot assume that.
Upon first glance, I would assume the minute hand is attached to the ring gear that encompasses the glass.
It's the easiest explanation. And we all know about the razor dude's theory.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:"U" is the missing letter.
Hint: days of the week

Steve said...

Puzzle: U

The letters are the 2nd letter of each day of the week, starting with Monday.

Anonymous said...

puzzle time
missing letter is U.
The letters correspond to the second letter for each day of the week, beginning with Monday.

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