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Monday, July 5, 2021

MONDAY #4576

 One Of My Very Own


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That movie started off with great potential then ended with an old fashion shoot 'em up just like a million other movies.


I made that exact point a couple of days ago!



I thought we had already proven the working from home did not decrease productivity. Am I wrong?


I once showed up on a mural site at 4am to get ready to paint at first light to beat the summer heat. At 6am a very popular all-night bar closed and dozens of people poured out onto the sidewalk only a half block from my location. I was dreading putting up with the drunks and even crawled to the top of the scaffolding to avoid them. When a group passed under me they were having a lucid discussion of the economy. Come to find out that bar is where bartenders, bouncers, and waitstaff went to socialize after their own bars closed at 1 or 2 o'clock and they weren't drunk at all.





I remember the story of a wounded WWII warrior who went home and was still denied service in a local cafe while that same cafe served German prisoners who were out on supervised work detail.


I had to know how a fish could harm a submarine:

"During the 1970s, several U.S. Navy submarines were forced back to base to repair damage caused by cookiecutter shark bites to the neoprene boots of their AN/BQR-19 sonar domes, which caused the sound-transmitting oil inside to leak and impaired navigation."

Said to be the result of a minor skirmish with one of the vicious little bastards.


We should try turning America off and back on again.


*Maybe I will be called a prick for always taking the moral high ground...again.


During my teaching days, we had a Code Red announced over the intercom. That meant all male employees should go immediately to an area of the school. Once we showed up and a large 12-year-old was barricaded in a small office and threw everything he could get his hands on - including furniture - as we tried to gain access. I later learned that the mother begged the school district to institutionalize her son because she had to lock her bedroom door at night for fear that he would kill her.

I once had that same kid walk around my room and knock other children's supplies off their table then stood at the door and dared me to try and catch him. I refused, opting instead to call for assistance. It took two hours for the safety officer (cop) to corral him.

What I'm trying to say is that I understand the need to handcuff viscous children sometimes.


Sand Viper Concealing Itself For Ambush



The Jetsons takes place in 2062 and George Jetson is 40 years old, which means that somewhere right now George Jetson is being conceived.


*Yeah, that's more or less a grandfather's job.



Questions for you people who own no guns...

How do you threaten your computer when it acts up?


Popcorn from Amazon..... 

Always check the size!


So very silly but I still smiled.


What does it say about the American education system that there's a horoscope in every newspaper in the country?


I love good old-fashioned holey bread until I try and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with it.


Plot Twist: Those aren't her dogs.




The expression on his face.


When I owned bars I never had a person agree with me when I cut them off. Not one.



Vampires always seem to stop counting birthdays at some point. They are like - "I'm 400 years old."

Bitch, you're 497, stop pretending like you weren't at the Persecution of the Huguenots.



How the fuck do you catch a person for doing something like that?


Public bathroom light switch.



Have you been keeping up with this? My alarm bells are ringing.


If she can push a baby stroller she can push a lawnmower...

I once told my first wife...now ex-wife.


Just another reminder to those people who still think they can drive and text at the same time.


Moral: Don't be rude.


She put this glass here to keep the hanging plant from dripping on the floor.


I would put coming and going cameras on every school bus to catch every damn person who does shit like that.



Cop demands guy get on the ground - man falls 3 stories...to the ground.


Maybe they were texting.


Yeah, like we didn't see that coming.



If you wear cowboy clothes are you ranch dressing?



The world is recovering slowly. It’s okay if you do too.

I feel so proud of myself that during staythefuckathome I have never been busier. Of course, not everyone has a beautifully appointed studio that begs for attention every day.


Nice floor.


I am dying to know how that holds up to traffic. I think that's very beautiful.



That's how religious logic works...you just make shit up.


It's been a long time since I posted bathroom signs.


I had a male dog who squatted but that's another story.


I bet that takes some practice. And it looks like you have to pay for it.


Hose care center for pre-soaking, washing, pressure testing, drying, and winding hoses.

Imagine the size of the pencil you'd need to fix that thing.


Many of the peach trees in South Carolina are pruned to be more or less two-dimensional. I think this is to facilitate easy picking of the fruit. You can also plant trees closer together when they are skinny.















An advertising agency hired me to do something with the wall adjacent to the reception area. Behind that wall was the boss's office so I painted windows with him looking out.

I duplicated it beside my studio door to make thieves think somebody is home.


Anonymous said...

^^D3^^ yeah, looks nice, but I'd hate to have to walk or ride a bike or a wheel chair on it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for brightening my day!

Crashsq said...

puzzle time 2 miles north

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