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Monday, August 2, 2021

MONDAY #4604

One Of My Very Own

*The absurd juxtaposition of that caption and that image just works for me.






There are hundreds of stories just like that.

As stated in my brief bio at the beginning of every blog - I am a gambler. I've gambled on just about everything that can be gambled on. Now consider this figure: 99.999%. That is my chance of surviving covid now that I have been vaccinated. I will leave the conclusion to you.


That very special little girl for whom I built a toy box now has a little sister. So I made another toy box for her.

I made hers out of reclaimed wood also.

If you ever contemplate making a toy box for young children I highly recommend the use of this type of closures.

With one of those closures on each side it allows the lid to open with literally one finger and eases the lid down no matter how high or low it is positioned.




The difference between a biography and an autobiography is self-explanatory.



I wonder if that would work.


Please don't.


People fucking with other people...who deserve it.





Accessing the nasopharynx 

"I have no doubt that a lot of the nasopharyngeal sampling being performed around the country is collecting inadequate and potentially misleading material."


Can you imagine donating your body to science...

And then your friends and neighbors come in and say, "Hey, look, that's Harold from the bank!"


At no point in this headline did I know what the next word was going to be.


Nowadays there's probably a computer program to help, but imagine designing this in the old days without a computer.


"As America struggled to recover from a global pandemic, a shattered economy, and record unemployment levels, headlines despaired: “neckties doomed.” Men were “slashing their clothing bills” to retailers’ chagrin. Those who continued to wear ties were downgrading from colorful, expensive silk to plain, cheap cotton."

*I have long advocated scrapping this stupid fashion accessory.


That reminds me of this...

There was a skit on SNL that had New York executives walking into a restaurant and being fitted with huge bibs. Then they were directed to their trough where they stuck their head down and gobbled like pigs.



Not only did I dance like no one is watching, but I also drank as if I didn't have to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn and go to work.



*I couldn't agree more.


*Their masters have told them not to support this. But I do not hold the Democrats blameless.


Well, they voted on that very thing and decided that they in fact did not. I lost a sizable bet on that election and I will never forgive them.


*Peak Capitalism, make money on a product and make money for private prisons and make money from prison labor ($1 for a day's work).


My nephew was trying to get an idea of what the long-term forecasts would be for Austin, TX.

What do you do with information like that?


And they paid $1200 a month for their insurance.

*How could any thinking person think that the system is working? Every other country solved this problem years ago but not the US. Why?



*Not that there's anything wrong with that.


I couldn't take my eyes off that tree growing straight out of the cliff.


I strongly suggest that you fly to Alaska, rent a Winnebago, and drive around for a month or so. Views like the above are common. If you plan a trip please email me and I will give you some very important pointers.

(I'm not absolutely sure that clip is in Alaska)



So you like men and women but you're still single. Guess you're bi-yo self.



When the wind is perfect...

I bet the first time he discovers that he is overjoyed.


Play Is Serious Business for Elephants

Play provides an environment for experimenting with risk.


Armored cricket (real - not a toy)



I wonder why we only have like two kinds in the US.


But what the US has a shitload of is corn...

And what an amazing crop it is. You can eat it, make liquor out of it, make fuel out of it, feed it to livestock, etc.




With a matching one on the bedside table.



I've shown you that before but now I'm thinking the VW would be a little underpowered to pull a trailer. I would want a big ass van to do the same thing.


Look what I found on a site I visit often...

You might enjoy it also...



I'm thinking of this huge white cylinder...

...Fits inside this so the flanges will line up.

Then all they have to do is tighten the bolts...

(I know they are not the same.)







"I got mine from mommy and daddy and they were always right about everything."







That train mural I showed you yesterday was only one wall in the town I was called in to paint. Here's only part of the remaining walls in that small town. Each person depicted actually lived there and was painted from old photographs. As were the structures.

I finally ran out of walls and had to bid my adieu. Then I paid off my mortgage.



ponder said...

Don't know what wood you're using to make the toy boxes but if it's from old pallets be careful as they can be toxic due to the wood treatment they received.

Anonymous said...

ATR...What determines whether or not you paint the shadows? for example, Carter Grocery Co guys with dog vs most others.

Anonymous said...

PS: LOVED seeing your murals!

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Ponder, Excellent point. I have used pallet wood but not this time. When I used pallet wood I was careful to put on numerous coats of clear coat.
Thanks for your concern.

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Shadow Guy, It usually has to do with how far the subject is from the wall. The group of children is all standing next to the wall so they get shadows. But other subjects are not depicted near the wall.

Anonymous said...

34 people died in Chicago this week from covid gunshot wounds. They will be voting by mail.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: monkey, buffalo, porcupine, leopard

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