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Tuesday, August 3, 2021


 One Of My Very Own





She is vaccinated...

She is vaccinated...

She is vaccinated...

She is not vaccinated...






*One of them legs is not a leg.







That reminds me of the dismay I experienced between marriages.


I haven't a clue but it's the perfect segue.



Have you ever heard of Darth Vader's corrupt brother Taxi Vader?





I saw it on the internet so it must be true.


*Viewer contribution

I had no idea she was pilot!


What kind of freak would FEED CHILDREN...FOR FREE?!?


*In that photo accompanying that article - do you think that they realize that she's in the back seat?


Look at that view. That is all.


When you give them free will and they start asking hard questions...

Who designs a game where nearly everyone loses?




Anybody want to explain that to me?







8 months worth of rain in 24 hours. Almost a full years worth over 3 days. Insane.

Meanwhile the other side of the planet is literally on fire. Because climate change is a hoax...?

China, Germany, India...many places are flooding that have never flooded.

In future years there are going to be millions of people telling their grandchildren that they had no idea how bad climate change could get.

Well, I'm telling you now, motherfucker, and you just won't listen. Don't you dare say you weren't warned!

^^B 13-14^^


When little people take drugs do they get medium?



Danes on vacation - your move world.




How much do you trust yourself?

Less than that.


Timgad in Algeria were made by emperor Trajan in 100 CE.

Would have been on my bucket list.


Yes, gentlemen, we are all thinking the exact same thing.


Why popcorn? I mean, I like popcorn...a lot, but why not other foods? I think it's another case of "We've always done it that way."

Further, why don't we put water on cereal? Or orange juice?


I would have tipped him.




The most wonderful feeling in the world.



I don't tell my wife that she missed our exit. I just wait until she passes it, smile, and ask, "Where are we going?"




Baby vs Grown up



I think exotic pets are wonderful as long as they A: Aren't endangered, and B: Could not do harm to the environment if they escape.


Endless Fun



Chimps And Gorillas Seen Going to War in The Wild For The First Time

Chimpanzees and gorillas are not known for violence towards each other, and the two hominid species live peacefully together in certain areas – so it's surprising and saddening that researchers have witnessed lethal fights between them for the first time. Two separate encounters were observed in the Loango National Park in Gabon in 2019. Both times the chimpanzees outnumbered the gorillas and instigated the attacks, and both times an infant gorilla was killed.


Mother rat teaches her babies how to groom their human...


He might as well forget about that agility course award money.














The Atlanta murders of 1979–1981

During these tragic events, I heard Maynard Jackson, the mayor of Atlanta, say that when he was growing up if he did something bad on his way home from school his mother would know about it before he got home because back then people cared about their neighbors and watched out for each other's children. I agreed and wrote his office offering my services to paint a series of murals in the neighborhoods where a child had been abducted.

I was shown the walls available, made my selection and with a small crew painted them off-white.

My "Care...Watch" murals included a face of a black child. I first drew the high-contrast image then used a Sharpie to make an outline. That I photographed with black and white film and mounted the negative in a slide mount. That was used to project onto the wall at night so that the whole face could be drawn in a matter of a few minutes. Then all we had to do was paint it when the sun came up.

We finished a dozen images in one weekend.

At one point a limo pulled up and a half dozen people got out and literally marched up to me. Then a woman said, "How dare you use a picture of my son without my permission!" I had to explain that I had never seen a picture of her son and that all these faces came straight out of my imagination. After studying the picture for several long minutes they got back in the long black car and drove off.

I should tell you that all of these murals were placed in ghetto areas and most of the time mine was the only white face for miles. Once a very angry young black man walked up to me and asked, "How much money you gettin' paid for this?" I explained that I was working for free because I wanted to help. After that, I was brought lemonade, fried chicken, and other goodies.

At one point a delegation from the mayor's office showed up to give me the keys to the city. After this presentation, they told me to stick around a few more minutes because the press were on the way.

Every TV News channel sent vans. There were at least 10 crews offloading gear for an interview with me when very suddenly they literally threw the equipment back in their vehicles and sped away. At that exact minute, they arrested the murderer...rendering my murals obsolete.

I did get in many print media however including News Week Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle Time: "S"
Sequence is (1,2), (1,3), (1,4), (1,5).
"S" is the 5th letter after "N"

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Anonymous said...

Although I have seen these Atlanta mural photos dozens of time they still touch my heart.

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